Zephyr the Blazen was the Goddess of Air before her destruction at the hands of Empress Sl’Vastra, leader of the Oshira which was orchestrated by Deuzulus, the God of Hatred and Jealousy

Zephyr was the lover of Somnus and Ashoka, her death was responsible for Somnus’s plunge into deep depression

Zephyr was an Elemental level deity and it is believed one of the earliest members of the modern day Pantheon


Zephyr met her end in the Lost Age at the hands of Sl’Vastra

Her realm, the Plane of Wind is now ruled over by Sl’Vastra the Ravager who has twisted it to her own image

Origins as a Caerthain

Zephyr was born Zephyr Vaelan, Aerindal and Princess of the Vaelen Dynasty of Eindel. Having lived her youth on Qylia she was a member of a party which made a pilgrimage to The Anchor in the era known as The Age of Defiance. On her arrival, she met with the last of the Dal and was elevated to the Elemental Diety of Wind

Rescue of Zephyr

Following the events of the Time Crisis, an adventurer known as Natalie found a way to travel back in time to the Age of Defiance and rescue Zephyr before her murder at the hands of the Oshira, she was then transported to Amaria where she prevented the destruction of the Aerindal at the hands of Hiran Asura and the Caerthian armies

The battle took a great amount of energy from Zephyr, and her wearabouts are currently unknown, it is believed she travelled north to the Severed Isles with the escapees of the Caerthian Invasion

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