Sl’Vastra was once a mortal Oshira that is said to have been the first being to master the arts of Translocation. Using this she led the Oshira all over Solinia conquering and enslaving all races in her path. Not content with the people of the earth she led her campaign into the Planes of the Gods and killed Zephyr the Blazen Goddess of Wind taking the plane as her own.

This act infuriated the pantheon but allowed Sl’Vastra to be elevated to Demi Goddess of Rage for which she is now known as The Ravager

Itis unknown how Sl’Vastra mastered the arts of Translocation, but some believe Deuzulus had some involvment


After centuries of enslavement of other races Sl’Vastra entered the Plane of Wind in the Lost Age and executed the Goddess Zephyr

Major Events

Elevation to Demi Goddess of Rage



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