Deuzulus is the God of Hate and Jealousy and is the son of Ingorir and Lunarine. He is most known for his lust and eventual murder of Zephyr in cold blood said to spite Ashoka.

Deuzulus gave access to the Plane of Wind to the Oshira which allowed the destruction of Zephyr and his elevation to God of Wind after her destruction

Caerthian Origins

It is believed Lunarine saw something terrible unfolding on Solinia during the Age of Defiance. Deciding to intervene she approached a priest of the sun known as Ingorir. Believing it to be a messenger of Sol’Azul, Ingorir fell to his knees in awe. Lunarine caressed his cheek and smiled..

‘You have a temper that others cannot see, I will see that fire stoked. Do for me just one task and I will offer you a place in permanent servitude to the blazing fires of the sun’.

Glaring in pure admiration at the bright glow of the Goddess he quivered ‘Yes… anything…!’

She kissed his forehead and beckoned him forward, ‘Come - show your love to the Goddess. Our embrace shall bring forth a new order, one that will last for a hundred thousand years’.

The confused priest held her hand and walked onwards into the light. ‘When you awake, you shall be with a gift of our union. You must ensure the Queen takes one bite. With this action you will change everything. In 20 years a journey will open towards the North, you must take it and then everything will be clear’.

The Goddess wrapped her arms around the priest as light shone throughout the Temple of Sol’Azul

’…Then shall we be together once more…’

The bright light subsided and the priest looked upwards, lifting himself up from the floor of the temple he noticed the dragon fruit in his hand. Clasping it shut he headed straight for the palace.

It was not long after that the queen gave birth to Deuzulus Val’Elsir, Prince and heir to the Caerthians Throne. In his youth he became fascinated with the forbidden Aerindal. How different and beautiful he thought they were, he became enamored by Princess Zephyr Vaelan, finding any way he could to get a glimpse of her beyond the northern walls.

It was when he reached the age of 20 that a delegation of the Valderain, Keladun and Aerindal came before the Caerthians. They hoped to travel on a pilgrimage north, to the last refuge of the Dal, and ask why the earth seemed to be tearing itself apart. Seeing Zephyr was a member of the pilgrimage, Deuzulus demanded his inclusion, the Emperor was reluctant however, understanding his tutor Ingorir would be in the party, evenutally agreed.

It was a long journey, frought with dangers, but the delegation finally arrived. The last remaining Dal spoke before the pilgrims and explained all she could about place they stood. The Anchor, was a place that held the past, present and future together. She spoke of an event that was happening, far in the future, that stood to tear everything apart.

The elemental pantheon was waning, they no longer had the worshippers or energy to maintain order in the universe. It was time for a new elemental pantheon to emerge, one that could bring a new order to the world. She spoke of how the Kelderan and Dal had replaced the Prime Elemental Pantheon in the centuries earlier, and now it was time for the new races to take the mantle.

With agreement, they stepped forward into the anchor, and a new Pantheon emerged

Gias of the Keladun - The Goddess of Earth

Ingorir of the Caerthians - The God of Fire

Manandu of the Valderain - The Goddess of Water

Zephyr of the Aerindal - The Goddess of Wind

Watching as Zephyr vanished into the blackness of the anchor, Deuzulus screamed out ‘Zephyr, no! Don’t leave me!’

The old Dal held her hands out to the sun elf, ‘I am sorry child, she is no longer the one you once loved’

‘She has transcended to something far greater, she will never know life as the mortals do. She has a great duty now and so have you’

The elf looked, confusingly at the Dal, ‘What about me?’

‘Everything must be balanced’, she smiled ‘And the partner of Order is Chaos’

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