The Caerthian Invasion

The Caerthian Invasion

The Caerthian Invasion

The Caerthian Invasion

Event Date

1234 P-OE (196982 UT) - Time of Crisis


Beginning 196982 UT (1234 P-OE), the Caethian Invasion was one of the fastest and largest land and sea based military campaigns ever witnessed in the lands of Amaria. The final battle saw the death of many important figures, including Emperor Val’Elsir, ruler of the Caerthian Empire

The War

Following the death of Methabeht and the shattering of the Time Line, races found the future and the past merged into some unknown land known as Amaria. Seeing the Aerindal alive once more the Emperor began a grand campaign to crush not only the Keladun and recently escaped Anushi slaves, but the Aerindal for the final time

It was during this campaign that Emperor Val’Elsir took the advice of a mysterious sage known as Shai’Din who gave him the where abouts of a tomb containing a powerful weapon known as Hiran Asura. Using this weapon he launched a final attack on Eindel but was ultimately killed in the process as Shai’Din turned sides with the defenders and led the evacuation of Amaria from the Caerthains

Major Figures

The Caerthian Emperor,

Grand Marshal Karth,

Savril the Golden Blade,

Belara of the Resistance,

Emperor Khodhe,

Queen Echo of Praecentia,

King Johnathon Fox,

Sun Lanchester,










Major Battles

Battle of Morheim,

Battle of Andyr,

Battle of Krosis,

Battle of Iremia,

Battle of Bhava,

Battle of the Ecclesia,

Second Battle of the Ecclesia,

Battle of Undergate,

Battle of Shasun,

Battle of Praecentia,

Battle of Arnar

Specific Event Lore Text

The forces that rule the shores of one of the continent’s great lakes have at last clashed over territory and expansion. Undergate has declared war upon New Genesis, and the city of Rarahat’s devout have accepted. Should you wish to get involved in this event, your character will have to be engaged in the ongoing roleplay between these two cities. You may speak to Johnathon Fox or Arafel if you wish to join either side.


Emperor Val’Elsir was murdered by the lich Shai’Din in the final moments of the Eindel siege during The Caerthian Invasion of Amaria in 1234 P-OE (196982 UT)

Final Outcome

Militarily, the war was a total success with all objectives completed

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