Slave Traders of Drithis

Slave Traders of Drithis


I will be brief, as my time is limited and quite frankly you are not worth a moment of it. However, we align our interests with Yarik on a matter involving all of you

Now, I see you here, in my prison. I am wondering to myself why oh why would an esteemed member of The Company choose you for such an important task?

Perhaps it is a lack of focus, you are not… taking the matter seriously enough

Perhaps I can give you some focus, yes?

The Earthbreaker was an artifact created to pierce a hole from one plane into the next, it was once held be a certain Keladun [ Brendl Ironfist ] in the Under and then, after an unfortunate accident, by us

For a time, it was with Ra’Ern in The Great Library but it went missing. Not so long after the Caerthians began a campaign against our kin

We have searched for it ever since, we have our suspisions it was one of our own, who else could get access to the library we thought? Well, it seems Ra’Ern may not be such a great arcanist as he thinks. We found an illusionary door on the third floor of the library which led all the way out of Undergate, the Keladun dont care much for illusionary magic, and nor did the druids of Olvasound. We suspect it was an Aerindal

Considering the invasion and the fall of the Aerindal city of Eindel, we believe the Aerindal Enchanter is here somewhere among the Severed Isles, no doubt in hiding in Utra, considering your influence there I imagine this is why Yarik chose you

Now, what to do with you…

I could have you sent to the brothels of course, have you shredded, one by one, by the mistresses of pain

Or I can let you free, and trust Yarik knows what he is doing. Hmm….

Yes, perhaps I will give you one more chance

Once we have dealt with the riots, Drithis is at your disposal, now I must return to the palace

Chat Log (Missing NPC text)

Server BOT 06/02/2020 2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Oh ho ho. Looky who it is! [10:54 PM] 2019:|Ferox_Ragash holds on to the beer, not drinking it [10:54 PM] 2019:|One_Eye continues to stumble [10:54 PM] 2019:|One_Eye shrugs. “maybe yes. Maybe no.” [10:54 PM] 2019:|One_Eye walks toward the inner city, but sort of angles off to the side. [10:55 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: This is good city. Strong. Good beer. [10:57 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Yep, i’ll take some of your hopitity [10:57 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Hop tittie? [10:58 PM] 2019:~Ailin_Darkashe the Deadly Needle: :O )) [10:58 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: Yes I will take some of your tittie [10:58 PM] 2019:~Ailin_Darkashe the Slayer of Tunare: I like more this tbh)) [10:59 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: I’m hungry. [10:59 PM] 2019:|Ailin_Darkashe smiles to the captain and nods “thank you” [10:59 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: Frog meat. [10:59 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: Where’s that sword frog? [11:00 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: Watch out for the butt. Sharp. [11:01 PM] 2019:~Anduriel the Hunter of Kenku: drink the grog jay [11:01 PM] 2019:|One_Eye chomps on the meat happily. [11:01 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: Tasty. Not so much talky now. [11:02 PM] 2019:|One_Eye nods. [11:02 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: Yes, bed. Iz good. [11:02 PM] 2019:|One_Eye shrugs. [11:03 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: Maybe can help. [11:03 PM] 2019:~One_Eye the Honoured Guest: Me good with peepul. [11:03 PM] 2019:~Iron_Dragon: jay how do i get to our base? lol [11:03 PM] 2019:~Anduriel the Hunter of Kenku: nice [11:03 PM] 2019:~Anduriel the Hunter of Kenku: lvl 13 [11:03 PM] 2019:|One_Eye shakes his head no. [11:04 PM] 2019:~Jay_Asmarth the Vipers Bane: I’m lvl 14 [11:04 PM] 2019:~Anduriel the Hunter of Kenku: the cooks over here [11:04 PM] 2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Orctress: Me ok. Would like home [11:04 PM] 2019:~Ailin_Darkashe the Honoured Guest: do you know a good female rogue, she should be a gialon I think [11:04 PM] 2019:~Iron_Dragon: jay? [11:04 PM] 2019:~Estrela: this way, i will take you to the spires [11:05 PM] 2019:~Ailin_Darkashe the Honoured Guest: the city guard knows how to speak orc)) [11:05 PM] 2019:~Estrela: I may be able to help you with that, but first let us see to your journey home [11:05 PM] 2019:|Ailin_Darkashe nods “where can I find them?” [11:05 PM] 2019:~Estrela: I am a member of the Dark Water Blades [11:07 PM] 2019:~Anduriel the Hunter of Kenku: found someone [11:07 PM] 2019:|One_Eye farts one last time. [11:08 PM] 2019:~Estrela: This is where we part ways, however if you need me please speak to an anushi contact we have at the tavern in Tanqara [11:08 PM] 2019:~Estrela: Tell him you are working for Estrela [11:08 PM] 2019:~Estrela: You can find him generally playing poker [11:08 PM] 2019:|Ailin_Darkashe nods [11:08 PM] 2019:|Ferox_Ragash nods carefully [11:08 PM] 2019:|One_Eye nods [11:08 PM] 2019:|Duradae_Olath sighs in relief as he finaly gets out of the caves below the dreadspore village [11:08 PM] 2019:~Estrela: Good luck on your assignment, I will speak to you all again I am sure [11:08 PM] 2019:|Estrela dissapears into a portal [11:10 PM]

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