Raising an Egg

Raising an Egg

Raising an Egg

A mysterious cultist and armed guard requisition Egg Warmers from the city of Zerzura

Chat Text

(1):2019:|Ela smirks at the strangers and slowly shuffles her cards

(3):2019:|Scinthia_NReth folds her arms ‘I think ive seen you lot about causing trouble before’

(5):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Welcome, everyone.

(7):2019:|Scinthia_NReth beckons the dead

(9):2019:|Ela consults the dead in reading her fortune for today

(11):2019:|Scinthia_NReth holds out her hand as a boney arm reaches out from the earth

(13):2019:|Duradae_Olath gazes in awe at the necromancers dark magic

(15):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: They reproduce? I can’t imagine..

(17):2019:|Fran looks at the necromancer {I wonder how he’s faring…} then looks at the cultist

(21):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: And for what?

(25):2019:|Scinthia_NReth notices the hulking figure, ‘Oh my, you are fascinating’

(29):2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: Ela damn, you look sick in that outfit!))

(33):2019:|Ela stares at the giant from the shadows, and wonders what it’s flesh tastes like

(37):2019:|Ela wonders what the cultist is saying, but shrugs and watches the other necromancer

(41):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Must we do this in such a rush?

(45):2019:|Duradae_Olath wishes he learned gialon, then shrugs and decides not to worry about it

(49):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: How many we expect?

(53):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Wonderful

(57):2019:|Scinthia_NReth licks her lips in thought

(61):2019:|Ferox_Ragash wipes her nose on the back of her hand. “Me love surprise.”

(65):2019:|Hulking_Figure appears in full armor and cloaked. It is impossible to see its form under all the concealing items, though it looks massive.

(69):2019:~Duradae_Olath: hi?

(73):2019:|Ela smirks and dashes away

(77):2019:|Duradae_Olath looks confused

(81):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: About the pay…

(85):2019:|Fran looking at the tall figure already has an idea on what race might be, hearing about the pay she suddendly starts looking at the cultis

(89):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: I would prefer the corpses

(93):2019:|Scinthia_NReth smirks

(97):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: The children do look oh so adaptable

(101):2019:|Fran smiles under the mask “really? I’ll wait for this promise of yours”

(105):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders why they’re talking about pay

(109):2019:|Ela passively wonders what all the strange people in strange outfits are talking about in their strange languages

(113):2019:|Duradae_Olath trys to understand what the cultist is talking about, and fails

(117):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: What do with little kenku? or eggs?

(121):2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks down at her wrist, noticing the decay, she looks displeased and impatient

(125):2019:|Hulking_Figure stirs ever so slightly.

(129):2019:|Ferox_Ragash looks shocked at the voice for a moment

(133):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: Why you call me that..

(137):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: Who say you call me that?

(141):2019:|One_Eye goes rigid and completely still. His eyes dart back and forth between the cultist and the hulking undead figure.

(145):2019:|Duradae_Olath backs away from the hulking figure and the cultist slowly

(149):2019:|Ferox_Ragash narrows her eyes, looking over the Cultist carefully. “Me do what me told…”

(153):2019:|Fran looks at both the cultist and the figure

(157):2019:|Hulking_Figure begins to edge forward, but is stopped by an outstretched hand of the cultist.

(161):2019:|Duradae_Olath looks confused

(165):2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks excited at the prospect of the carnage such a massive creature could unleash - she observes with glee

(169):2019:|Duradae_Olath starts worrying about what to do if a fight erupts

(173):2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: {The wandering duke eh, I’ll search information about him later}

(177):2019:|One_Eye rumbles impatiently and begins to slowly lumber toward Zerzura.

(181):2019:|Ferox_Ragash slowly catches up to One Eye, her eyes still narrowed and skeptical

(185):2019:|Fran looks at the party killing a scout {Mindless like the before me}

(189):2019:~Ailin_Darkashe the Deadly Needle: I’m not partecipating))

(193):2019:~Ailin_Darkashe the Deadly Needle: I’m not partecipating))

(197):2019:|Ela frowns at the strange language coming from the mouth of this mortal

(201):2019:~Ela the Nightwalker: Who are you?

(205):2019:~Ailin_Darkashe the Deadly Needle: I’m not partecipating))

(209):2019:~Ela the Nightwalker: ahh lol)

(213):2019:~Ela the Nightwalker: rip)

(217):2019:|Duradae_Olath aproches cautiously

(221):2019:|Duradae_Olath attempts to comunicate

(225):2019:|Scinthia_NReth ignores the tender and looks over the eggs

(229):2019:~Duradae_Olath: hello

(233):2019:|Duradae_Olath backs away

(237):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Well are we just going to stand here?

(241):2019:|Duradae_Olath shouts from outside the nest “are you huys friendly?

(245):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: He has asked us to leave

(249):2019:|Duradae_Olath looks at one_eye “what should we do?”

(253):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: What we wait for?

(257):2019:|Duradae_Olath attacks

(261):2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks at her nails

(265):2019:|Scinthia_NReth smiles ‘Oh good’

(269):2019:|Ela is tired from the travel here and reaches out and drains some energy from the nearest living thing

(273):2019:|Duradae_Olath investigates room

(277):2019:|Duradae_Olath walks over to the eggs

(281):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: You find egg warmy thingiez?

(285):2019:|Scinthia_NReth starts sawing at the beaks of one of the kenku

(289):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: We no harm eggs

(293):2019:|Duradae_Olath looks at the rest of the group “what should we do with the eggs?”

(297):2019:|One_Eye looks at Ferox and considers.

(301):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Ferox say no harm. You no harm.

(305):2019:|Scinthia_NReth places the beak in her garb

(309):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: We leave them. Innocent. Not yet born.

(313):2019:|Duradae_Olath sits back and considers

(317):2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks around ‘No sign of those things he was asking for?’

(321):2019:|Ferox_Ragash looks to One Eye for a moment. “Baby innocent..can be taught good.”

(325):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Ferox say no kill. We no kill.

(329):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: We go then.

(333):2019:|Duradae_Olath picks up an egg, looks at it, and decides to put it in his bag for safe keeping

(337):2019:|Ferox_Ragash growls. “Put back now”

(341):2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks a little shocked but tries to hide it ‘I was just admiring it dear’

(345):2019:|Scinthia_NReth places it back into the nest

(349):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: No harm to eggies. NONE

(353):2019:|Scinthia_NReth waves her hand ‘Yes yes, fine’

(357):2019:|Ela smiles widely at the skeleton and fades back up

(361):2019:|Duradae_Olath looks up “hello?”

(365):2019:|One_Eye looks at his bear form and at the ladder

(369):2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks angry, ‘I hate heights’

(373):2019:|Duradae_Olath picks up a kenku egg that fell when the warden died

(377):2019:|Scinthia_NReth steps over the bodies

(381):2019:|Duradae_Olath looks around

(385):2019:|Ferox_Ragash watches over the eggs carefully

(389):2019:|Ferox_Ragash picks up the larger egg, looking over it carefully

(393):2019:|Ela looks at the colored eggs with interest, and wonders what they taste like

(397):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: This no Kenku egg

(401):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: You keep.

(405):2019:|Scinthia_NReth wonders what you found

(409):2019:|Ferox_Ragash nods slowly and holds the egg in the crook of her non weapon arm. “Me keep safe.”

(413):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: More rooms. Come.

(417):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: Go. Me leave last

(421):2019:|Duradae_Olath shifts his bag around, like he is trying to reajust something fragile

(425):2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks ill as her health flows to Ela

(429):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: We go.

(433):2019:|Ela feels exhilarated as life flows into her undead body, and looks for the source

(437):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: Me go last. You leave first. go

(441):2019:|Duradae_Olath decides to check the outside of the nest

(445):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Come. We do more fighty.

(449):2019:|Scinthia_NReth sighs ‘Fine’

(453):2019:|Duradae_Olath sits down for a moment

(457):2019:|Duradae_Olath stands and stretches

(461):2019:|Ferox_Ragash checks each of the nests carefully.

(465):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: did we not hire swords for this laborous melee combat

(469):2019:|One_Eye snorts. “Swords are strong. But not as strong as the spirits.”

(473):2019:|Duradae_Olath pickes up a spell book and decides to keep it for later

(477):2019:|Duradae_Olath glances about

(481):2019:|Duradae_Olath doesn’t see much

(485):2019:|Duradae_Olath rubs his eyes, and looks again

(489):2019:|Ferox_Ragash shifts the egg under her armpit

(493):2019:|Scinthia_NReth rubs hands

(497):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: No harm eggs…

(501):2019:|Duradae_Olath looks disapointed as scinthia finds a special egg

(505):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: lol hi))

(509):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: the skinned prince teamed with the prison guard

(513):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: ))

(517):2019:|Scinthia_NReth makes a highpitch squeel as she realises she gets away with something

(521):2019:|Duradae_Olath shakes his head and laughs a little

(525):2019:|Ela looks at the blood spattered air elemental and smiles.

(529):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: We go.

(533):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: I’m cloaked too like hulky figure xD))

(537):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: I’m inv lol))

(541):2019:|Duradae_Olath thinks about what would happen if he tried necromancy, then cringes and shakes his head

(545):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: do I roll for perception?))

(549):2019:|Duradae_Olath decides to climb up a bit higher and see what he can see

(553):2019:|Ela glares at the undead servant she summoned and commands it to follow er exact orders and to stop running off

(557):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: ok))

(561):2019:|Duradae_Olath gazes over the city

(565):2019:|Duradae_Olath climbes down

(569):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: nice arm bone dear

(573):2019:|Duradae_Olath admires feroxes strength, and wishes he could be as combat strong as an orc

(577):2019:|Ela smiles “Thank you, I harvested it myself

(581):2019:|Duradae_Olath gets slightly creeped out by the skelleton next to him

(585):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: now I’m really mad))

(589):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: and I’m gonna use my strongest weapon))

(593):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: itemlink

(597):2019:|Scinthia_NReth holds the jaw of the skeleton and makes it pretend to talk to him

(601):2019:|Duradae_Olath laughes sarcasticly then smiles

(605):2019:|Fran looks at what she got from the kenkus and mutters “worthless”

(609):2019:|Ela sticks her tongue at the kenku villagers

(613):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders if someone should help Ferox with his inguries

(617):2019:|Ela points her finger at them “Go, skully, kill

(621):2019:|Ela gives the bullywug a big hug, as it squirms and tries to keep punching her. She hugs tighter as she slowly begins sapping the life out of it

(625):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: that was deliciously horrible dear

(629):2019:|Duradae_Olath gets hit unconsious

(633):2019:|Scinthia_NReth points a finger to the air ‘Erm, there may be a frog thing on the way’

(637):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: can I roll perception?

(641):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: ))

(645):2019:|Ela examines her new kenku bone with delight

(649):2019:|Duradae_Olath shakes his head drearily as he wakes up “what happend?”

(653):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: can I roll for perception for the eggs?))

(657):2019:|Scinthia_NReth takes a deep breath of relaxation

(661):2019:|Ela smiles widely as she begins trying to raise one of the kenku into her new friend

(665):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: What a lovely stench

(669):2019:~Fran the Deathdealer: oof))

(673):2019:|Duradae_Olath decides to investigate the egg mother

(677):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: Me no see nest. Why no nest with mother?

(681):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: How many egg thingiez you have everyone?

(685):2019:|Fran shows hers “five”

(689):2019:|Ela laughs as the kenku gets up and lumbers over to her “You will be my new friend. I’ll name you beakbone

(693):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: I have one of these things itemlink

(697):2019:|Scinthia_NReth waves it around

(701):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: Me just have not Kenku egg. Me no know what type of egg

(705):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Come, we go back.

(709):2019:~Duradae_Olath: i have two egg warmeres

(713):2019:|Duradae_Olath shows them

(717):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: do we have to fight anymore peeps?))

(721):2019:|Ela laughs “Come, beakbone, let’s do a blinking contest……………………… awwww I ALWAYS lose….”

(725):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: )not unless you start something

(729):2019:|Scinthia_NReth pulls out an blue illuminous dark elf treat - she pops it in her mouth and you hear the cracking and a large pop of something puss filled bursting in her mouth

(733):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: maybe I’ll start something xD))

(737):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: (((feel free

(741):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders what that treat was

(745):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: (if it involves my cultis or Hulking please let me know first in whisper

(749):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: Connesso con MineChat

(753):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: gotta go to eat)) Im using minechat

(757):2019:|Duradae_Olath tries to catch up as fast as he can

(761):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: (kk

(765):2019:|Ferox_Ragash sits down and rests the odd egg in her lap

(769):2019:|Scinthia_NReth comes into distance pulling some old sack full of bodies or bones, you’re not quite sure

(773):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: sorry im here

(777):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders why she needs that bag of corpses

(781):2019:|Fran with her cloak coated in red looks at the cultist

(785):2019:|Scinthia_NReth wipes her forehead

(789):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders what ela is hiding

(793):2019:|Scinthia_NReth bows

(797):2019:|One_Eye lumbers forward. “Me find five.

(801):2019:|Ela touches Fran’s cloak, and licks her finger, loudly smacking at the kenku blood “eww.. too tart”

(805):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: i found one, but its rather nice compared to theirs

(809):2019:|Hulking_Figure picks up the items

(813):2019:|Scinthia_NReth smiles ‘Quality over Quantity dear’

(817):2019:|Fran frowns and look at ela “dont do that again”

(821):2019:|Scinthia_NReth points at the person she gave it to

(825):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: wait))

(829):2019:|Duradae_Olath gives up on trying to understand the cultist

(833):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: i havve 5 ))

(837):2019:|Ferox_Ragash watches the Cultist carefully

(841):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: yup))

(845):2019:|Fran hands over her egg war.ers

(849):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: warmers*

(853):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders if he should give the cultist his egg warmers

(857):2019:|Scinthia_NReth glares at the others

(861):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Im sure we have more

(865):2019:|Scinthia_NReth laughs nervously

(869):2019:|One_Eye rumbles in annoyance.

(873):2019:|Fran looks at the cultist “ I wouldnt do that”

(877):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: You no attack with you guard. We have.

(881):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonder why ela was shooting at the hulking figure, then proceeds to attempt to dodge a barage of arrows

(885):2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: All, give egg thingiez.

(889):2019:|Duradae_Olath hands two egg warmers to the cultist

(893):2019:|Duradae_Olath makes a mental note to learn gialon

(897):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: such a nice round number dont you think?

(901):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: What you do with eggy warmers?

(905):2019:|Hulking_Figure lumbers forward and hands one warmer to Ferox with caution.

(909):2019:|Ela makes a mental note to learn Gialon, then changes her mind as it sounds hard

(913):2019:|Ferox_Ragash takes the warmer carefully, placing the strange egg in it.

(917):2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks at his pet wondering why it is doing things of its own accord, she glares at it then looks back

(921):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders if the scinthia’s skelleton would still move and fight if he pulled of its head

(925):2019:|Ferox_Ragash looks a bit skeptically at the Cultist, but watches in silence

(929):2019:|Ela tugs some life from a nearby stranger and winks at her as she runs away

(933):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: speedrunned dinner xD))

(937):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: who is this duke

(941):2019:|Scinthia_NReth ponders

(945):2019:|Duradae_Olath sits down, tired from the days work

(949):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Revolution over what?

(953):2019:|Ela pulls out a dark red concoction and smiles mischeviously as she takes a sip

(957):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Oh now there are four of them

(961):2019:|Ela perks up at the sound of a revolution

(965):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Well i do hope you will put in a good word for us dear

(969):2019:|Scinthia_NReth wafts away the flies gathering over her bag ‘Maybe one day, he might grant us an audience? Now we have shown how capable we are?’

(973):2019:~Duradae_Olath: hey scinthia, whats this about a revolution?

(977):2019:|Hulking_Figure looks at Ferox and makes a horrible sound. It is the sound of someone breathing out through frayed vocal cords. There are no words. Just a tattered groaning sound.

(981):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: Do me know you?

(985):2019:|Scinthia_NReth whispers quitely towards duradae ‘Something he said’ she points at the cultist

(989):2019:|Ferox_Ragash stands and tucks the egg and warmer under her large arm

(993):2019:|Hulking_Figure does not respond because the cultist holds out a hand to stop the figure from doing anything more.

(997):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: just say thanks that I’m mentored down e.e))

(1001):2019:|Duradae_Olath whispers back “i dont understand him tho”, he quietly laughs

(1005):2019:|Ferox_Ragash looks to the Cultist. “You call me orctress..and big person want speak. Let speak…”

(1009):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Something about a duke dear, hes starting a revolution for the undead

(1013):2019:|Ferox_Ragash slowly walks forward to the pair

(1017):2019:~Duradae_Olath: ahhh

(1021):2019:|Duradae_Olath gets intimitated by ferox’s glowing red eyes

(1025):2019:|Hulking_Figure turns his huge head toward the Orctress but makes no sound.

(1029):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: You free to speak to me…if can

(1033):2019:|Hulking_Figure looks at the cultist then back. It lets out another horrible hissing, grating sound that is a terrible immitaion of speech.

(1037):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: You sound in pain

(1041):2019:|Hulking_Figure shakes his head no.

(1045):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: So you no in pain?

(1049):2019:|Hulking_Figure shakes its head no.

(1053):2019:|Scinthia_NReth laughs nervously for her companions

(1057):2019:~Ferox_Ragash the Weary: You happy? You free?

(1061):2019:|Hulking_Figure stares at Ferox unmoving.

(1065):2019:|One_Eye moves to Ferox and puts his hand on her shoulder.

(1069):2019:|One_Eye whispers, “You no look with eyes. You look with spirit.”

(1073):2019:|Duradae_Olath glances between the hulking figure and the orctress nervously

(1077):2019:|One_Eye walks calmly up to the hulking figure and stares it in the face for a time. Then nods and walks away into the forest

(1081):2019:|Ferox_Ragash shakes her head as her eyes tingle as One Eye allows her to look with the spirits.

(1085):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: is everyone looking at ferox and hulking figure?))

(1089):2019:|Ferox_Ragash she grumbles, frustrated and confused

(1093):2019:|Fran becomes invisible

(1097):2019:|Duradae_Olath gets slightly bored, so he looks over his companions and tries to notice anything intreaging

(1101):2019:|Ferox_Ragash looks to the Cultist. “Who say to call me Orctress..”

(1105):2019:|Scinthia_NReth wafts an ever growing amount of flies away from her bag of bodies

(1109):2019:|Fran moves while invisible and looks around to see if someone can see her and notes down the people

(1113):2019:|Duradae_Olath notices a knife in solingkey’s hand, and backs away a little

(1117):2019:|Scinthia_NReth smiles as she pulls the bag by ‘Well, this has been lovely, but i must get these back to my menagerie’

(1121):2019:~Scinthia_NReth: cheerio everyone

(1125):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders about the ratio of flies to bodyparts in scinthias bag

(1129):2019:~Ela the Nightwalker: I have no idea what any of you are saying

(1133):2019:|Duradae_Olath notices father branen off in the distance, and wonders why he now looks like a dark elf…..

(1137):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: does the cultist have see inv?))

(1141):2019:|Ferox_Ragash growls, but backs away slowly, still concerned and frustrated

(1145):2019:|Duradae_Olath decides to jump a zerzura scout that is loitering nearby

(1149):2019:|Duradae_Olath wonders if he should tell anyone what he heard in the good event earlier when he snuck by it, but then remembers that he heard nothing of importance

(1153):2019:|Ela laughs out loud for no apparent reason

(1157):2019:|Duradae_Olath looks at ela, wonders what she laughed about

(1161):2019:|Fran from the shadows looks at the cultist and waits

(1165):2019:|Ela shuffles her cards again and looks for someone to ask the dead about

(1169):2019:|Ferox_Ragash allows her eyes to wander over the group, her eyes only pausing on Fran for a second

(1173):2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: good, I’m following them))

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