Operation Empty Nest

Operation Empty Nest

Operation Empty Nest

The Adventurers are summoned to a meeting with the Cultists

Chat Log

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: ill blast them if they try anything…. [MEROEI]

[LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: Me no like tree spirits.. [ORC]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: i hope there is more eggs here [ORC]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: you and your egg obsesion lol [MEROEI]

Cultist_Leader says ‘Welcome to the outpost’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: i ran out! [ORC]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: outpost for what exactly? [UNDEAD]

  • Cultist_Leader sighs “There are no eggs here other than those you brought yourselves.”

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: eugh, undead - look i know im a necromancer and everything [ORC]

  • Ferox_Ragash looks confused at the strange language the guards are speaking. “No speak you words.”

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: but i do not speak that dusty tongue [ORC]

  • Fran looks at the group that just arrived {oh, so that’s why he’s here}

  • Cultist_Leader growls at Scinthia.

  • Duradae_Olath laughs ‘hah a necro that doesnt speak undead’

  • Scinthia_NReth scowls

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: i just never got around to it [ORC]

Cultist_Leader says ‘Yes, quite embarassing….’ [Undead]

  • Duradae_Olath laughs so hard he nearly falls out of the tree

  • Scinthia_NReth folds her arms

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: anyway, what exactly is this outpost for? [UNDEAD]

  • Ferox_Ragash peers over the side of the tree, spitting to see how far up they are

Cultist_Leader says ‘Luckily for you the Master has provided me with a spell to forcibly teach you all the tongue of the undead.’ [Undead]

[OMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Queue mixxit to give primers to people that need them?!? :-D

  • Duradae_Olath is happy he learned this language beforhand, whatever the cultist is going to do to forcably teach this language doesnt sound fun

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: same but thanks anyway [MEROEI]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: Oh how strange [UNDEAD]

C>[OMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: the spell forces fluency into your minds for those who use it

[LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Me like orcy better [UNDEAD]

skel_pet29 says ‘Now will you let me go mistress?’ [Undead]

Cultist_Leader says ‘Is that better, o great master of the undead?’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: Quiet you! [UNDEAD]

  • Cultist_Leader Laughs with open disdain.

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: you know, you would think that undead language would be the first thing a necromancer was taught [UNDEAD]

  • Duradae_Olath laughs

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: It’s not that i didn’t dabble with it in my youth [UNDEAD]

Vorndin says ‘“Enough down there. Allow the visitors to come to the conference.”’ [Undead]

  • Hulking_Figure grunts and moves out of the way

C> * Scinthia_NReth ‘I just never found what they had to say that interesting’, she looks away while playing with her hair

C> * Fran continuing looking at the group sighs

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: yea sure…. [UNDEAD]

C> * One_Eye looks up the next branch and begins to ascend

C> * Scinthia_NReth gulps at the hulking figure

  • Duradae_Olath leans back while studying the group

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Dungeon Breaker: oof I have Ailin’s skin xD)) [MEROEI]

C> * Fran follows the group but continue to have her invisibility spell on

[OMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: flaid your own daughter? :O

<32>§rFran fades away.

ke_Vorndin says ‘Welcome, one and all.’ [Undead]

[OMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: XD

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Dungeon Breaker: after I made the post the invisibility nearly ended xD)) [MEROEI]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: well hello there, may i ask why we are here? [UNDEAD]

[OMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: undead see invis right

[OMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: you need invis vs undead? :-)

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Dungeon Breaker: my invisibility is taken from an artifact from rarahat)) [MEROEI]

ke_Vorndin says ‘I have asked you all here for one to offer my thanks for your assistance to this point.’ [Undead]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Dungeon Breaker: [MEROEI]

  • Ferox_Ragash grunts and sits down, watching the strangers

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Your assistance with the Zerzuran trouble was most useful.’ [Undead]

  • Scinthia_NReth nods in agreement

  • Duradae_Olath looks confused

Duke_Vorndin says ‘And secondly I wish to discuss a more permanent arrangement with you all.’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: more permanent as in how exactly….. [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘But first I want to get to know each of you a little bit more.’ [Undead]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Dungeon Breaker: )) [MEROEI]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘I wish to know more about what motivates each of you to … do what you do.’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Let us begin with the orcs, shall we?’ [Undead]

  • One_Eye grunts.

  • Ferox_Ragash looks up to One Eye for a moment, then grunts.

  • One_Eye thinks for a while, then shrugs. “Me lead clan. Me do what good for Blood Eye Clan. For spirits.”

Duke_Vorndin says ‘I see. And the female?’ [Undead]

  • Ferox_Ragash thinks for a moment. “Me want bring honor to clan.”

  • Duke_Vorndin nods. “Very well said. I see you have a necromancer among your number. Tell me about yourself.”

  • Duradae_Olath sighs then sits down

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: What is there to say, I am a child of the Under, looking to see what the surface has to offer? At the moment, mostly materials but in time perhaps more [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Materials for your spells, you mean? For your companions?’ [Undead]

  • Scinthia_NReth nods respectfully

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: I am fascinated with bringing back that which no longer wishes to rest [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Such things I have in abundance. No doubt your own actions will provide you with many more.’ [Undead]

  • Duke_Vorndin Nods in agreement. “I myself study the arts of necromancy. My studies run more along the lines of keeping life within a body indefinitely”

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: So you are a lich? [UNDEAD]

  • Duke_Vorndin Smiles wanly. “Do I look like a lich to you?”

[OMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: roll insight maybe

  • * Scinthia_NReth makes a skill check for insight. They roll: 7+-1(6)/20

[OMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: note that the DUke looks like a Vishim, not like an undead. Though his skin does seem a bit more grey than usual for a Vishim

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: Perhaps only a lich can decide if one would know that about themselves? [UNDEAD]

C>[OMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: you likely do not sense it

Duke_Vorndin says ‘“What is important to you is that I am a powerful ally, should you earn your way into my good graces.”’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: And what would one do to achieve that? [UNDEAD]

[OMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: ok i removed my effect, well, the one other than darkvision nad id didn’t work

Duke_Vorndin says ‘We shall arrive at that point shortly, no doubt. Now to the robed figure that can’t decide if he wishes to sit or stand….’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: what does it matter to you whether i sit or stand? [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘It matters only if you stand with me in the days to come.’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Is this something that might interest you?’ [Undead]

  • Duradae_Olath nods “indeed, however i do not make desisions lightly, i will need more information”

Duke_Vorndin says ‘As you say. And the last of your number. Do you wish to speak or do you prefer to remain hidden? ((That’s assuming he would be able to see through that invis you are using. If not just let me know’ [Undead]

  • * One_Eye makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 18+1(19)/20

[OMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: ok so then 19

[OMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: so ignore that

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Before I continue, I am sure you have many questions. Please, ask.’ [Undead]

  • Fran looks at how he can’t see her

  • Fran chuckles and becomes visible “I have one”

  • Scinthia_NReth looks suprised

  • Scinthia_NReth whispers under her breath to duradae ‘who is this hag?’

  • Duke_Vorndin ’s eyes flick up to Fran with a tiny amount of surprise, though it is well-hidden

  • Duradae_Olath whispers back “dont ask me, no clue”

Duke_Vorndin says ‘“Ask it.”’ [Undead]

§7<46>§rAn_Illusionist begins their ability [Celerity]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Dungeon Breaker: why should we follow you? [MEROEI]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Dungeon Breaker: atleast why should I? [MEROEI]

  • Duradae_Olath frowns for a moment “well actually, she was there when we raided the kenku, but apart from that…” he whispers to scinthia

Duke_Vorndin says ‘This is why my intention was to discover your motivations. So that I could provide sufficient reason for your allegiance, be it temporary or lasting.’ [Undead]

  • Scinthia_NReth nods in recognition ‘oh the hooded one’

  • Ferox_Ragash nods slowly at Fran’s question, wiping some drool from her face

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: you want to know mine, but I wish to know yours first [MEROEI]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘A person after my own … heart. As you wish.’ [Undead]

§7<46>§rAn_Illusionist begins their ability [Greater Shielding]

  • Duradae_Olath looks at the duke with slighty vield interest

Duke_Vorndin says ‘“I am the leader of the undead in this region. Well, I lead those with the intelligence to act on their own at least.”’ [Undead]

  • Fran listens carefully

Duke_Vorndin says ‘We wish to put an end to certain injustices that have long lain dormant against my kind.’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘In order to accomplish this we have been planning and preparing for decades. Our plans, MY plans, are ripe for the plucking.’ [Undead]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: what type of injustices? [MEROEI]

ke_Vorndin says ‘“For one, the injustice of being butchered without restraint or consideration.”’ [Undead]

  • Duradae_Olath frowns slightly

Duke_Vorndin says ‘My people are scattered on the wind thanks in no small part to the rantings of various clergy.’ [Undead]

  • Ferox_Ragash tilts her head for a moment, contimplating the words she was hearing

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Is this sufficient reason for us to be operating here?’ [Undead]

  • Duradae_Olath looks at duke vorndin with curiosity

  • Duke_Vorndin smiles smugly

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: you know, I hav- I had a friend, he was a necromancer too and he seemed nice, but in the end he too did evil things, do you expect that I easily believe your story? [MEROEI]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: for everything that happens in the land there’s always a reason [MEROEI]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: are you saying the kenku did this to you? [UNDEAD]

  • Duke_Vorndin scoffs. “If you are too weak-willed to handle deeds the clergy would call evil, why then can I smell so much blood on your hands?

Duke_Vorndin says ‘The Kenku and the Anushi are equally to blame for the loss of my peoples’ strongholds here.’ [Undead]

  • Fran looks at him “Did I ever call myself a good person?”

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: I just want to know your true reasons [MEROEI]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘I will destroy a hundred continents if it brings security to my people. Do not mistake me, I will not be crossed.’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: looks at vorndin coldly i have a question also. i have slaughtered many of your kind, the undead, however they have always taken it upon themselves to attack me first. tell me this, why should i help those that wish me dead? [UNDEAD]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: well, duradae just yeeted himself into an hell of situation)) [MEROEI]

[OMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: XD yea but thats what duradae is like, he doesnt really trust anyone

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: Some undead are of weak mind, Duradae [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘“I have not made myself clear enough, apparently. I lead those undead capable of independent thought. Or do you think my silent advisors here are slavering, drooling, mindless creatures?”’ [Undead]

An_Illusionist says ‘You would be wrong if you assumed as much.’ [Undead]

  • Dirge_Singer begins tightening the bands around his war drum.

Duke_Vorndin says ‘I have no qualms whatsoever with you sharpening your skills on the mindless undead.’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: Not that it matters to me, but why would the Anushi be such an issue? You speak of priests but they appear to be mostly interested in the spirits [UNDEAD]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i never said that your companions are unintelligent, and im not talking about the idiotic mindless drones that the unintelligent undead are. i have run into many an intelligent undead that wanted to kill me for no reason [UNDEAD]

C> * Duradae_Olath stares calmly at vorndin

Duke_Vorndin says ‘And how many creatures have you slain without provocation, wizard?“’ [Undead]

  • Scinthia_NReth thinks about a certain vampire town and smiles

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: only those that attacked me, or those that i have been hired to kill [UNDEAD]

  • One_Eye clears his throat, “Blackveil no attack you first….”

C> * Duradae_Olath glares at one-eye a little

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: going there was your idea one eye… [UNDEAD]

  • Duke_Vorndin sighs. “I can see that perhaps I will need to look elsewhere for operatives. You may all go.”

  • Ferox_Ragash narrows her eyes at Duradae, watching him carefully

  • Fran sighs hearing them argue “such children”

C> * Duradae_Olath thinks about shocking fran a little

  • Duradae_Olath looks at the duke

  • Duke_Vorndin turns to the illusionist and has already dismissed the adventurers from his mind. He begins speaking with the other undead quietly.

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i just want to make certain im on the right side of this conflict, that is all [UNDEAD]

C> * Duke_Vorndin stops his whispering and turns back to Duradae. “

Duke_Vorndin says ‘The RIGHT side? What on earth does right have to do with any of this?’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: each side has reasons to do what they do, which ever sides intentions are more noble, well, id say thats the right side wouldn’t you agree? [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘More … noble ….’ [Undead]

  • Ferox_Ragash continues to look at Duradae, a bit of drool making its way down her chin

Duke_Vorndin says ‘And how many nobles do you know?’ [Undead]

  • Fran sighs and thinks to herself {because stealing the children of a race is really noble}

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: Sometimes nobility can take second trump to well planned ends, many terrible things have happened but out of the fires have come a better world [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Nobility is leadership. That is why I and my fellow leaders of the Undead have taken the title of Duke . That is why we each seek a stronghold for our people. That is why whichever of the Dukes succeeds will become King of all Undead.’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Is that sufficiently noble for your tastes?’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Well?’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: and i respect you for wanting to take care of your kind, i just want to make it clear that as soon as i think you start going down an evil path against the other inhabitaints of this land i will not hesitate to stop you [UNDEAD]

[OMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: sorry for the slow typing XD

  • Scinthia_NReth waves her hand ‘May I say he is not speaking on behalf of all of us dark elves’

  • Duradae_Olath nods

  • Hulking_Figure head slowly turns toward Duradae and he loosens the sword in its scabbard.

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i speak only for myself in this case [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘“I can offer you money. I can offer you items of power, I can offer you fellowship with my people once this war has reached a resolution. And you wish to walk the path of the saint?’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: not a saint, no. [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘“Then what makes a Dark Elf so reticent to take action?”’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: If they were to leave, of their own accord, would this please you Duke? Or must the inhabitants be slain? [UNDEAD]

  • Duradae_Olath chuckles

Duke_Vorndin says ‘You may do as you wish. The Kenku, Bullywugs, and Anushi must all leave this forest one way or another.’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘But if your clumsy attempts foil my plans you will face my wrath.’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘No doubt the plans you come up with in a day’s time will be superior to my 30 years of planning’ [Undead]

C> * Scinthia_NReth nods ‘I am willing to go as far as is needed, i am just looking for a diplomatic solution that avoids….’ she looks at the hulking figures semi unsheathed blade ‘unecessary blood on our part’
* * Scinthia_NReth makes a skill check for persuasion. They roll: 1820

  • Duke_Vorndin visibly relaxes after Scinthia’s statement.

C>[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: let me put my proposition this way duke. i will help you, i will kill for you, as long as i think they deserve it. but if you ask me to kill those i am on good terms with then our alience will end. i do not know what the rest of my companions will chose [UNDEAD]

C>[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: but that is my proposition [UNDEAD]

  • Duradae_Olath leans back while studying the duke

  • Scinthia_NReth stamps on durades foot to try to silence him ‘I think the duke is well aware of your opinions’ she points towards the hulking figures unsheathed blade

Duke_Vorndin says ‘“Do not be mistaken. This … is … a war. All those that inhabit this forest must go. If you choose to side with them then you will no longer be welcome amongst my people. Decide for yourselves, but decide soon. Within the next three days.”’ [Undead]

  • Duradae_Olath nods

  • Duradae_Olath looks at scinthia, and rubs his foot

  • Scinthia_NReth shrugs ‘i take no sides, i will go where the bodies are’

  • Duke_Vorndin whispers something to the illusionist with the slightest gesture toward Duradae.

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Bodies there shall be, aplenty.’ [Undead]

  • Duradae_Olath narows his eyes

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Your wizard’s likely among them if he is not careful.’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: he will be careful, duke [UNDEAD]

  • Scinthia_NReth squints at duradae

  • Duradae_Olath looks like he is about to say some thing, then looks at scinthia and falls silent, grumbling under his breath

That is not a valid sub command, see /event

  • Scinthia_NReth looks quite content with herself

Duke_Vorndin says ‘My first task for you is to learn the lay of the land. Its people, their numbers and disposition. I wish my intelligence to be up to date.’ [Undead]

  • Ferox_Ragash nods approvingly at Scinthia, then looks back to the Duke

[LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: ((this is a task that won’t happen during sessions. [UNDEAD]

  • Duradae_Olath glares at scinthia, trys to decide whether or not to strike her with lightning

[LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: ((so basically you just need to know your way around the forest, and know where each point of interest is [UNDEAD]

[OMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: please dont!

[OMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: XD

[OMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: lol

  • Fran hears that and nods

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Soon we act. And if you all play your roles well then you will never be blamed for harming a single soul.’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: why this place, of all the places? [UNDEAD]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: what do you plant to build here? [UNDEAD]

[OMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: plan

  • Duradae_Olath looks at the duke, while thunder rumbles in the distance

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Because the Anushi are restricting access to a place of great necromantic power. I will take it back and build a bastion above it where my people may dwell in peace.’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: And what did the eggs have to do with that? [UNDEAD]

§7<46>§rAn_Illusionist begins their ability [Celerity]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Will you make a habit of questioning all of my directions?’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: My appologies duke, I am quite inquisitive [UNDEAD]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: I should know my place [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘The egg warmers will dramatically slow the birth rate of new Kenku. This will weaken them in any coming conflict.’ [Undead]

  • Ferox_Ragash narrows her eyes for a moment, but stays silent

  • * Fran makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 14+1(15)/20

C> * Duradae_Olath glances at fran, and shakes his head slightly

C> * Fran tries to discern if he’s lying or not

§7<46>§rCultist_Leader begins their ability [Shield of Maelin]

[LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: ((You don’t feel like he is lying, but you think he may be hiding something [UNDEAD]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: damn an half-truth)) [MEROEI]

C>[OFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: what skill should I roll if I want to question his knowledge of kenku eggs…

[OMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: investigation…….?

[OMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: animal handling?

[OMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: oh idk, sure one of those

§7<46>§rA_Spellweaver begins their ability [Shield of Maelin]

[OMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: maybe nature

  • * Ferox_Ragash makes a skill check for animalhandling. They roll: 15+2(17)/20

[LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: ((you think he is probably correct about the slowing of the birth rate, but it doesn’t make sense that it would help in the war since he said the war is coming very soon [UNDEAD]

[OFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: ok thanks

  • Fran tries to think to a reason on why he would use the eggs

[OMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: the duke is staring into my soul e.e

  • * Fran makes a skill check for history. They roll: 8+-2(6)/20

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: oof)) [MEROEI]

  • Ferox_Ragash clears her throat. “I has question for you. Not about your plans. I mean only respect.”

[OMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: D:

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Know that I am not openly hostile to the people here. My plans reflect this. In fact, this approach may be the LEAST harmful as far as death counts go. That might satisfy your innocent little wizard.’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘ask away’ [Undead]

  • Duradae_Olath sighs a bit, and looks at the duke with sligtly veild distrust

[LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: (fran gets no insight on the eggs [UNDEAD]

[LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: If Kenku eggs grow slow in toasty holders…then how that help war you knows about coming? [UNDEAD]

[LFNGIAROG]~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: welp, as a rogue I don’t remember history, I destroy it xD)) [MEROEI]

  • Duke_Vorndin sighs

  • Duradae_Olath thinks about ferox’s question

  • * Duradae_Olath makes a skill check for history. They roll: 10+2(12)/20

Duke_Vorndin says ‘“If you must know, and question every little detail of every little plan, the egg warmers dramatically reduce the amount of adult Kenku required to tend eggs. They will have to pull scores of their people from the front lines to the nests.’ [Undead]

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i must admit duke, that plan is ingenious [UNDEAD]

  • Ferox_Ragash holds up her hands. “Me no mean disrespect. I good with beasties, and want help with you plan.”

Duke_Vorndin says ‘So glad to have your approval.’ [Undead]

  • Ferox_Ragash nods and places her hands in her lap. “Is gud plan.”

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Have you any other ridiculous questions to ask? My time is valuable, despite its abundance.’ [Undead]

  • Fran shakes her head

  • Ferox_Ragash raises her hand again, a bit sheepishly

C>[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: You are sure you have enough men to fight a simulateous war against the kenku and anushi? [UNDEAD]

[LMNDEFNEC]~Scinthia_NReth: Or are there other allies we are to avoid…. injuring… before this time [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘I am quite sure I do not.’ [Undead]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘But my people will not be going to war.’ [Undead]

  • Scinthia_NReth raises an eyebrow

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Why go to war when you can simply arrange for others to go to war with themselves?’ [Undead]

  • Scinthia_NReth lowers her eyebrow and raises the other

  • Duradae_Olath stars at the duke with curiosity

[LMNDEFWIZ]~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i see…… [UNDEAD]

Duke_Vorndin says ‘The She Orc had a question?’ [Undead]

  • Ferox_Ragash nods. “How we get info to you? Where can we find you if we need to talky?”

Duke_Vorndin says ‘One of the Denku guards stationed below Orc Watch is an agent of mine. Get your message to them.’ [Undead]

  • Ferox_Ragash nods. “Thank. I remember to talk to your person.”

Duke_Vorndin says ‘Enough, then. Be on your way. And do not cross me. Crossing a necromancer is a quick way to earn an eternity of punishment.’

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