Murder in the Vale

Murder in the Vale

Murder in the Vale

The Adventurers continue their search for the Earthbreaker

Event Notes

The Aerindal

Strange Aerindal, needed a place to stay, stayed for one week, two nights ago went missing not long after another stranger took a room


A fairy, one of the faded, came to stay two nights ago, never saw either of them again


It looks like there was a struggle

The room is covered in blood and items are thrown about

If the room is searched

a box of dwarvish design appears to be underneith the bed, it is open and has the a symbol with the words Clan Ironfist written in a circle in what looks to be deep tongue

A prayer book to Aer’Aral, two pages are ripped out of the middle, there are scribbles down the left and write of the passages, you do not recognise the tongue


The room is well kept, there are some coins on the dresser but nothing of note


The body is that of a faded, fairy.

If the body is searched:

  • A note, it is very soggy, if words can be made out it seems to have been written by the Lord of the Summit

  • A Faded’s Dagger

Enchanter Yumi

Yes i saw him, but i dont want trouble

He wasnt a fairy, and he wasnt an Aerindal, i know that much. He was… something else

Sir Windstrom

the stranger came to the church yeah, he looked worried, i think he felt some people were after him or something

He stayed for hours and prayed but kept looking over his shoulder, it was weird, that night the weather was like none other id ever seen, we closed the doors when the storm came but he insisted to leave, its like he had prayed for it or something

Arcanist Faerrift

There was a storm, i was closing up when i saw some hooeded man heading east into the heart of it, i thought hes crazy, but he looked adament, he just headed out east god knows where, hope hes ok


You find some tracks, they have dried in the sun and seem to be heading in the direction of east

At the end of hte tracks you find a piece of paper, it is a page from the Prayer Book of Aer’Aral,

it is a tale about a mysterious man who should not be

it talks about a special door that went through and dissapeared forever

there is a crewdly hand drawn map on the back of the page, it seems to be at the other side of the lake


You find a tree with a rectangular shaped burn in it, about the size of a door, it is hot to the touch

Barkeep Shromna

He never drank, kept himself to himself, seemed to always be carrying something

Vocalist Dialmo

I was singing that night lots of people were here but i could hear banging on teh walls, something was happening upstairs, i think a commotion, someone came downstairs, they didnt look so healthy, they were in a rush, not sure where they went

About 30 minutes later someone else came, hooded, they looked to be in a hurry, they went towards the church

Chat Text

  • Estrela is persiring ‘Eugh, you know how long it took me to find you?’
  • Ailin_Darkashe thinks to herself {maybe I can pull a prank on her} then says “why? Do we know each other?”
  • * Ailin_Darkashe makes a skill check for deception. They roll: 9+2(11)/20
  • One_Eye looks at Estrela, grumbles something in his gutteral bear voice.
  • Estrela sarcastically says ‘Oh no, who could this strange person be?’ - waving her hands in the air
  • One_Eye stands up slowly and stretches while yawning
  • One_Eye shrugs. “Spiritz maybe bring them here”
  • Ferox_Ragash sits on the floor of the hideaway, her hands gently placed on her stomach [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: What brings me here is the Lady [DARKELF]
  • Ailin_Darkashe pouts and puts off her disguise “and here I thought I could get you” [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: She wants a status update [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Was napping…. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Status: nap over [ORC]
  • Ailin_Darkashe chuckles hearing one eye
  • Valdez keeps quietly observing the group to see if there’s any danger at all, ready to run at any moment
  • Estrela sighs ‘I am not returning to Lady Xuul with that, Orc’
  • One_Eye looks around the tree. “Earthbreaker not here.” He shrugs again. [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Did you investigate? [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye nods. “We run around woods shouting for Aerindal to show selves.”
  • Estrela says something under her breath in under tongue [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Me could ask spiritz, but … busy with many things … [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Did you not come to an understanding with Lady Xuul? Your life for this, very high priority task [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye nods. “We been helpy with angry peepul at Durrrthis” [LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: We very popular now [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Oh, that [DARKELF]
  • Ailin_Darkashe nods
  • One_Eye whispers (loudly) to Ailin, “You find Aerindal?” [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Yes I heard something about the refugees [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Good work on calming them down [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: They too tired from worky to be mad [ORC]
  • Ailin_Darkashe shakes her head to one eye “I didn’t, I don’t know how to reach a plane” [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Soooo … maybe we need … more time? … [ORC]
  • Estrela looks over at the orc woman, ‘And you? Anything from the Vale?’ [LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: Calm so far…but me busy [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Foxy have new pet. Iz big. Strong. [ORC]
  • Estrela rolls her eyes ‘Its like herding children’ [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Like very big, very mean piggie [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Right, come on, get your things, I am NOT going back to the Lady with nothing [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye looks disgusted. “We no eat younglings”
  • Ailin_Darkashe follows them
  • Estrela flicks through her spellbook, muttering something [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: miss elf [LIDKIM] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: MMm? What manner of fear beast are you [DARKELF] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: i don’t really know the details of what’s happening, i just happened to pass by when i saw a group here [LIDKIM] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: i’m from far swamps [LIDKIM] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: its a pleasure to meet you miss [LIDKIM]
  • Ferox_Ragash narrows her eyes at the odd language [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: thing is i don’t really got most of what they say [LIDKIM] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: can you give me a brief summary of what was this meeting about? [LIDKIM]
  • One_Eye mutters to himself about how to duplicate that trick with the teaching of a language. You hear him say something about hitting someone over the head with a rock that has orcish writing on it. [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: it is a private matter between Drithis and those involved, what makes you so inquisitive on such matters [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: This one look fresh from swamp. Not learn talky much. [ORC]
  • Ferox_Ragash chuckles to herself about One Eye’s language teaching methods [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: i’m sorry for suddenly eavesdropping on your earlier conversation, i kinda got thrown away for home and they said i should only come back when i was any good as a shaman for my village [LIDKIM] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: so i’ve been venturing while learning magic [LIDKIM] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Dear, i am not sure if you are aware, but I spend my life selling your kind into slavery [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye looks to Valdez at those words and feel suddenly inclined toward the odd fellow. [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: and i thought a dark elf and a dragon could’ve been good teachers [LIDKIM] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: That worked so gud for you when you sell us. [ORC] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: i… [LIDKIM]
  • Estrela glares ‘If i report back to the Lady now i am sure it can be re-arranged orc!’ [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: You no have Lidkim shaman teacher? [LIDKIM] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: no… [LIDKIM]
  • One_Eye chuckles at Estrela’s anger. [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: and, is that true miss? [LIDKIM] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Hmmmmm [LIDKIM] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: This one is me teachy teach. [LIDKIM] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Gah, lidtongue hard…. [LIDKIM] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: i mean, i grew up in a remote place so i wasnt really aware of that [LIDKIM] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: wait, did they actually sent me here to…? [LIDKIM] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: If you do not mind, o wise slave trader, I shall take this one to be my apprentice for the time being. [DARKELF]
  • Estrela chuckles [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: oh… [LIDKIM]
  • One_Eye grabs his head as if struck by a headache. It looks kind of adorable since he is a bear. [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Fine, whatever, you are responsible for him [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Valdez, you now me teachy teach. [LIDKIM] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: If he breathes a word of what we are searching for, on your head be it [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye farts.
  • Estrela flicks through her spellbook aggressively, ‘Right, the Vale’ - she moans at the thought of nature
  • Ailin_Darkashe chuckles
  • Ferox_Ragash chuckles
  • Valdez sorry, mister orc looks like i’ve put you into some trouble [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: iz ok. Shaman work together [LIDKIM]
  • One_Eye shifts back into his orc form since he is now in an orcish town
  • Valdez waits patiently for the orc [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: So, I have got you this far, Aerindal - last seen heading into this vale. Now its down to you [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye hands valdez a sheaf of papers written in his own hand. It is a sort of training course on how to speak orcish. It mostly deals with insults, swear words, and trading [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: thank you mister [LIDKIM] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: you talk in orcy now [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: yes? [ORC] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: yeah, looks like i do [LIDKIM] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Iz good. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: You big, fancy adventury person…. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: You know thingiez…. [ORC] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: gg xD)) [MEROEI] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: You know lots peepul? [ORC]
  • Ferox_Ragash looks a bit confused since she is only getting half the conversation, but she is listening intently [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: We looky for Airy Doll [ORC]
  • One_Eye perks up with interest.
  • One_Eye shakes his head after a moment. “No. Well. Yes but not now.” [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: We talk again about that tomorrow [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Today we look for Airy Doll named …. uh … Raw Urn … [ORC]
  • Ferox_Ragash furrows her brows, but does not ask any questions
  • Ailin_Darkashe chuckles hearing that and mutters “later eh”
  • One_Eye grins and thinks of that last token he keeps in his pocket. The thing Darlan has been seeking for so long. [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Uh …. this not so good …. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: You talky angry elf talk? [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: What? [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Hes an idiot, i am not talking to him [DARKELF]
  • Estrela folds her arms and looks away
  • Ferox_Ragash perks up, concern growing on her face
  • One_Eye sighs expansively
  • One_Eye braces himself as if expecting some pain and then says …. [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: If you would not mind, good sir. We are a traveling group looking for a lost member of our cohort. We seek an Aerindal named Ra’Ern. Perchance have you come across such an elf in your travels? [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye squeezes his temples in discomfort.
  • One_Eye nods. “Raw Urn. Airy Doll.
  • Estrela sighs [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: gotta love my internet)) [MEROEI]
  • * Ailin_Darkashe makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 13+1(14)/20
  • Estrela whispers to the Orc ‘We are not looking for Raern, we are looking for an Aerindal’ [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: trying to see if he really owns a penny xD)) [MEROEI] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Maybe you know Airy Doll enchanter…. [DARKELF] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: what is that horrible thing?)) [MEROEI]
  • One_Eye looks confused. “A beard?”
  • One_Eye nods. “Uh huh. Yes. Some day. We do that.”
  • One_Eye turns and leaves. [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: No [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: no [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: How many? [ORC] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: ahahahahahahah)) [MEROEI]
  • One_Eye snorts. Me only ever see one. You no talky true.
  • One_Eye considers the idea of ten for a looooooong moment.
  • One_Eye silently turns and walks away.
  • Ailin_Darkashe turns and follow one eye
  • Ferox_Ragash looks more than just confused, but follows [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: Because we know where to find you [MEROEI] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: We go to Rustcap. [ORC] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: welp)) [MEROEI] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: I hope you are liked as much there as he is here [DARKELF] [LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: Why Rustcap? [ORC] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: the disguise doesn’t work on npc so I’ll just get aggroed by the world)) [MEROEI] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Perhaps, we can buy some disguises [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Mr talky talk say he see airy doll go to redcap. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: red. rust. [ORC]
  • Ferox_Ragash nods. “Airy doll hiding?”
  • One_Eye shrugs. “Maybe yes. Maybe no.” [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: one moment [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye looks at ‘the old man’. “You allowed in Rustcap?” He sounds … doubtful
  • Estrela mutters something and goes off looking for the gravedigger [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: HAIL [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: HAIL [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: HAIL [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: HAIL [DARKELF] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: and they actually wanted me dead or sold [ORC]
  • One_Eye scoffs at Valdez. “And what you do then? Just … die?” [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: alright [DARKELF]
  • Ferox_Ragash thumps her chest, then farts in some sort of response [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: i think i have managed to arrange… something [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: just give me a moment [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: HAIL [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: If you die, you die fighting. No give up. Shamans no give up. [ORC]
  • Valdez interrupts what he was about to say to look at the elf [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: give this to the gavedigger, dont ask any questions [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: What if me have question though?…. [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: i really, really dont recommend you do [DARKELF]
  • Ferox_Ragash examines the bag for a moment and thinks
  • One_Eye chuckles. “Me asked question.”
  • Estrela laughs insanely
  • One_Eye walks to the gravedigger [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: Gravedigger, why you always have bones for sell? You job to bury body, not keep body in pocket, right?…. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: HAIL [ORC] [LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: HAIL [ORC] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: HAIL [MEROEI]
  • One_Eye nods in agreement [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Chieftain: How much for fairy face? [ORC]
  • One_Eye farts loudly into the wind.
  • Ferox_Ragash looks down at the fairy face, shrugging [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: hehehe [ORC]
  • Ailin_Darkashe takes the fairy disguise and hastily puts it on “look I’m a fairy now”
  • Estrela tries to speak through the misplaced fairy mask ‘Well, i believe we are ready’ [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: ME SO PRETTYYYYY [ORC]
  • Ailin_Darkashe chuckles at one eye
  • One_Eye chuckles at his own joke. “Fairys gross” [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Your eye is drooping dear [DARKELF]
  • One_Eye shift the eye back into its socket [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Well, i guess we better follow the trail [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Ok, we go to Rustcap now [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: No fighty unless in uhreenuh. You know rules of town. [ORC] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: dangerous… [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Maybe yes. Maybe no. [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Well, shall we? [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: denkjo is fine [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: oops)) [DARKELF] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: shop [ORC] [LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: HAIL [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: shop [DARKELF] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: HAIL [ORC] [LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: HAIL [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: shop [ORC] [LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: HAIL [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: HAIL [DARKELF] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: You can all speak fairy right? [DARKELF] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: yes [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Study this [DARKELF] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: I really love how before finals I’m seeing videos on how to make a sword xD)) [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: ((nice!! [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Where is the other one? [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Me pretty fairy. Me here visit place I think maybe I want to live. Where house for sale? [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Study this, and be sure to speak it less you give us away [DARKELF] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Hello, me pretty fairy. [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Wait for me dear twin sister! [FAIRY]
  • Ailin_Darkashe chuckles [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: This my sister [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Many sisters [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Yes we are all beautiful fairy sisters [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: We work in harem [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Very expensive [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Our mother was blessed with a bountiful womb [FAIRY]
  • Ailin_Darkashe turns her head around {I can’t not laught at this} [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Or egg? [FAIRY]
  • One_Eye shrugs. “Me no know” [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: hey sis, stop it you’re embarassing me [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Valdez the Vipers Bane: ahem [FAIRY]
  • One_Eye tries to giggle in what he imagines is a Fairy sort of way [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Oh cheer up Petunia [FAIRY]
  • Ferox_Ragash does a very ungraceful spin [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Me Two Lip. That Petunia. [FAIRY]
  • Ailin_Darkashe turns back to look at Estrela and tugs her sleeve “Sister, I’ll remember forever this beautiful day”
  • Ferox_Ragash looks a bit uncomfortable, clarly holding in a fart
  • Estrela smiles ‘Yes, dear’ - she sounds painful ‘we sure will’ [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: The best black mail material ever, we just need something to record this)) [FAIRY]
  • One_Eye shakes his head at Ferox, silently urging her to hold it in [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: You no believe we in harem? Watch. [FAIRY]
  • One_Eye gestures Foxy to make out with the dark elf.
  • Petunia for once actually considers death was a better alternative [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)) [FAIRY]
  • Ferox_Ragash takes a deep breath, and smiles quite largely. “Me..I..pretty fairy lady….” [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: ((I’m dying over here [FAIRY]
  • Ferox_Ragash carefully walks towards Petunia
  • Ferox_Ragash swinging her hips in a failed attempt at a graceful walk
  • Petunia tries to regain composure [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: we’re here in the stead of a noble wealthy fairy who’s hired our business in this town [FAIRY]
  • Estrela pushes her back ‘Ah, dear sister, come we must not waist our time here, we have but lodgings to find!’
  • Estrela aggressively pushes her to the floor [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: ouch [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Oh yes, We look for place to stay. [FAIRY]
  • Estrela plays with her hair but it starts to come out, she tries to hide it [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: We like to stay where … other races stay. We want learn about diver city [FAIRY]
  • Ferox_Ragash picks herself up off the ground, dusting herself off, she coughs to mask the sound of a fart.
  • Rustcap_Guard just stares…. [LMNORCSHM]~One_Eye the Guardian of the Wind: Which way to … place with alcohol? [FAIRY]
  • Rustcap_Guard continues staring with a wide open mouth and points towards the tavern
  • Ailin_Darkashe takes the hand of Estrela “let’s go sister” [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: im coming [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: damn [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: here)) [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: follow me)) [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Estrela: Come petunia! [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Ailin_Darkashe the Shade of the Depraved: Ailin knows every alcohol’s place e.e)) [FAIRY]
  • Estrela Perhaps you should speak to teh Tavern owner, Patricia - she glares evilly at One Eye [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Me Patricia. Me want drink, please. [FAIRY]
  • Ailin_Darkashe smiling looks at Estrela “Elen, as the older sister shouldn’t you speak to the others?” [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: You like smell? Is new fashion in …. Arrr… our travels to other lands …. [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: Oh no, i surely must rest here for a while and let our sister Patricia do the talking. I hope thats ok… KAREN [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty hopes he covered his slipup [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Shade of the Depraved: is the manager here?)) [FAIRY]
  • Ferox_Ragash sits in a nearby chair, ungracefully trying to cross her legs [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: No, no. Me say in aaoooourrrr travels. We pretty Fairies. We no go to orcy town. Orcy … bad … [FAIRY]
  • Karen smiles and nods at Elen [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: Oh do close your legs, prudence, we are ladies [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Ferox_Ragash the Honoured Guest: I [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty hesitates [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Uh… one of everything ….? [FAIRY]
  • Karen chuckles “For me a bottle of wine” [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: Really Karen? Are we going through this again? [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Ragash the Honoured Guest: Me ok with water.. [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: You have grog? [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: something strong? [FAIRY]
  • Karen takes the wine and looks at Elen smiling “why? I’m big enough now” [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Shade of the Depraved: reminder, I’m tall like one block xD)) [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty nods [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: whats the strongest on menu? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty downs the grog in one go, though half of it dribbles down between the face and Patricia’s actual face underneath. [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Me have a question. What sort of drink does Aryan Doll drink? [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower gently sips at her water, careful to not spill
  • Karen just has the wine without drinking any from it [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Shade of the Depraved: she’s the manager! DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE )) [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: (HAHAHAA [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty snorts
  • Patricia_Dainty snorts again and this time tries to make it sound dainty [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: i’ll have that one [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower holds the mead, but does not drink it
  • Karen nods “same here” [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Uh, no. We come from far away. [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: From pretty fairy town..with pretty flowers [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Oh yes, many pretty things in pretty town. [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty perks up. [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Oh yes. Many strangers on road too. [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: You talk to many strangers? [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: best title for this rp)) [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: ((haha oof [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty grows a bit grim. “Lazy Run?”
  • Prudence_Flower looks sadly down at her lap
  • Karen looks pretty sad hearing Lazyrin
  • Patricia_Dainty now just seems depressed. Luckily he/she has a drink readily at hand.
  • Patricia_Dainty shrugs. “Maybe yes. Maybe no. We looky for Aryan Doll. For …. husband ….?”
  • Petunia takes a quiet sip while listening about the city that seems to make patricia sad when hearing about [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Yes, Patricia need gud husband [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Me only like one kind of man. Aryan Doll. Me try to find Aryan Nation but no can find. [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower furrows her brows in anger, but keeps her words to herself
  • Patricia_Dainty perks back up. “Oh?”
  • Karen chuckles hearing Ferox’s remark and her mood improves
  • Prudence_Flower she takes a few deep breaths before she sits up straight in her chair [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Aryan Doll Enchanter, maybe? [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Patricia talk so much, interested in quiet Enchanter [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Yes, me like talk at elf that no talk back. [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Enchanter can … look like whatever me wants … [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: How much to buy his room? [FAIRY]
  • Karen while the other are talking she goes upstairs and looks at the various rooms [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: So he go to South? To city? And maybe come back soon? How much for room next to his? [FAIRY]
  • Karen looks at the blood
  • Karen prepares her weapons ready for anything [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: mix, what do I see in the room?)) [FAIRY]
  • * Karen makes a skill check for investigation. They roll: 1120 [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: mhhhh, blood is made of blood)) [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Come ladies! [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: my… [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: here [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: dear sister [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: This not good [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: another girl had her period here, I’m sure of that [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty sniffs the sheets in a totally creepy way. [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: i dont think fairy periods would be this intense… [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Guardian of the Wind: Me no know. They bleed a lot when I meet them in forest. [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower shakes her head [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: maybe there are blood marks outside too [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Petunia. Your pet Piggy, my pet wolf. Maybe they can track? [FAIRY]
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for investigation. They roll: 1620 [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: i am not able to summon one i’m afraid [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Oh, wrong sister. I mean Prudence. [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: do werewolves get a boost ic?)) [FAIRY]
  • Petunia searches nder the bed
  • * Petunia makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 7+1(8)/20 [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: I can summon, however, my new pet is not so dainty [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: now that name will be forever saved in the database of Solinia)) [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Look around. Two pages missing from book. [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: maybe they’re in the room [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: I come talk to this rustcap lady [FAIRY]
  • Karen starts searching the room
  • Prudence_Flower starts searching as well [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: I already did, so I only see blood lol)) [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Hello fellow fairy lady. I see that you, too are dainty and pretty. [FAIRY]
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for investigation. They roll: 5+2(7)/20
  • Petunia starts searching under the bed again
  • * Petunia makes a skill check for investigation. They roll: 420 [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Me and my sisters. We looky for Air Elf enchanter. This his book and he need his pray book. Know anything about him? [FAIRY]
  • Rustcap_Woman backs to her wall ‘Why are you in my room?’ [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: No need afraid. Me just looking for friend. He stay next room over. [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty backs to just outside the door.
  • Rustcap_Woman pleads ‘Please, just please leave me be’ [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Me can help. Something bad happen. What you know about it? [FAIRY]
  • Karen stops searching the room and goes outside hoping to find some blood marks there
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for persuasion. They roll: 2+-1(1)/20 [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: ((oof, that was to try to calm her [FAIRY]
  • Rustcap_Woman looks fearful and closes her eyes in the hope that you will dissapear, she begins rocking on her bed
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for persuasion. They roll: 13+-1(12)/20
  • Patricia_Dainty casts a Drowsy spell on the poor woman to help her sleep her troubles away.
  • Rustcap_Woman falls asleep [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: She not doing good. We go. [FAIRY]
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for investigation. They roll: 1020
  • Petunia starts investigating the other room to see if there’s anything they’ve missed
  • * Petunia makes a skill check for investigation. They roll: 720 [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: maybe those could be worth something i wonder? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty stalks downstairs muttering something about her Airy Doll husband better not be dead [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: after you, sis [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower gives a clumsy curtsey, then walks down the stairs
  • Patricia_Dainty speaks to the barkeep. “There blood upstiars. Me no pay.”
  • Patricia_Dainty huffs and walks out the door.
  • Prudence_Flower follows Patricia, thinking quietly to herself [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Where Ai…. Karen? [FAIRY]
  • Petunia notices the blood stain ou the inn [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: i think i know where she is [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: look there [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower follows the blood, careful to not step in it
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for athletics. They roll: 7+1(8)/20 [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: maybe i could try it? i might be better underwater [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty comes back and drops the arm on the shore [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: or is the arm enough? [FAIRY]
  • Petunia tries to recover what remain from the corpse
  • * Petunia makes a skill check for athletics. They roll: 9+1(10)/20
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for athletics. They roll: 1+2(3)/20
  • Elen rolls her eyes [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: that thing sure is heavy [FAIRY]
  • Petunia drops the arm in the shore
  • Karen sighs “let me help”
  • * Karen makes a skill check for athletics. They roll: 14+1(15)/20
  • Prudence_Flower struggles to keep her disguise on, dropping the leg in the water [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: is this the hanged man game? I buy a vowel)) [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: I rolled 15)) [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty searches the drawn and quartered corpse
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for investigation. They roll: 1120
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for medicine. They roll: 17+2(19)/20 [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: (nice [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: This a fairy of some sort. But different from the others. [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: How different? [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: don’t look at me)) [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty holds out his hands about a foot apart. “That different” [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Like ugly fairy? [FAIRY]
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for history. They roll: 19+-1(18)/20
  • Patricia_Dainty casts Reincarnate Anew on the corpse [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: This fairy not belong here…belong..south east [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: anything about what could’ve killed it patricia? [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: mix, I have to go now because tommorrow I have an exam; can I buy the items now or do I need to wait for the next session?)) [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Uhhhh, arms and leg cut off and drowned? [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: No glow like fairies supposed to [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: wait, in this rp you go to the plane of trade right?)) [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: i couldn’t find anything like a blade in the other rooms but [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: i still found this [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: He in a fight too [FAIRY]
  • Petunia hands over the dagger sheat [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: I shall complain tommorrow to the school’s manager about the time of my finals e.e [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Good choice [FAIRY] [LFNGIAROG]~Karen the Fairy Stomper: see ya :D)) [FAIRY]
  • * Petunia’s spell fizzles [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: dunno, whatever they want i guess? [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Well, that not work so good [FAIRY]
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 1+1(2)/20
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 18+1(19)/20
  • Prudence_Flower wanders over to the waters edge, and reaches for the glittering
  • Prudence_Flower she turns to the group, holding out the dagger for all to see. “Me find dagger.” [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: maybe it fits in the sheat? [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Stick it in! [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower carefully tries to sheath the dagger [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Try them on! [FAIRY]
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 6+1(7)/20 [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: then maybe, we should search about who was on the room opposite to the bloodstains? [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Me put clothes on. Look pretty. [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower scoops up the fish and releases it back into the water
  • Patricia_Dainty tries to fit on
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 4+1(5)/20 [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: do we really have to do that? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty takes off the clothes and checks the pockets. [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: i mean, that looks gross [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty shrugs. “Maybe yes. Maybe no.”
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for sleightofhand. They roll: 320 [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: . [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: great so, how many options remain? [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Who Lord of the Summit? [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: dunno, hey, maybe theres an engraving in the dagger or the sheath? [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: nobles like to do that a lot [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower unsheathes the dagger and looks at it carefully [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Bathing. [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Me smelly. Time for bathing. [FAIRY]
  • Elen looks shocked and looks back
  • Prudence_Flower hides the dagger behind her back as the man approaches
  • Patricia_Dainty casts greater immobilize on the man
  • Prudence_Flower hides the leg behind her back as well
  • Petunia whispers to patricia so what do we do about him now?
  • Patricia_Dainty tries to calm the man down.
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for persuasion. They roll: 0+-1(-1)/20
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for persuasion. They roll: 4+-1(3)/20 [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: look man, you don’t talk shit about what happened here and we don’t slice off your head, got it? [FAIRY]
  • * Petunia makes a skill check for intimidation. They roll: 14+-2(12)/20 [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Stupid fucking fairies [ORC]
  • Patricia_Dainty casts his best poison spell on the annoying fairy [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: what did you do? [FAIRY]
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for athletics. They roll: 10+1(11)/20
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for athletics. They roll: 16+2(18)/20
  • Petunia stays behind waiting for the children [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: You listen. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: We from Ezro. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: We looking for person who kill that person. [ORC] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: calm down man, we’re actually looking for whatever did thi [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: You don’t know much about bodies if you think we killed a body that is bloated in water [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Take long time to get bloated [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: she’s insane don’t mind my sister [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Because you are stupid fucking fairy. You yell and scream like a o.. like a kitten. [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: please overlook it this once [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Pffft. [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty throws down a large pouch of Sol at his feet [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: i just told them you gone west while we hid your body, rest assured i could’ve killed them if we wanted it [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: We no hurt you… [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Or don’t. Me no care. We not here to kill peepul. [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty releases the root spell
  • Patricia_Dainty lets him go
  • Elen taps her foot ‘Well that, was, really discrete’
  • Patricia_Dainty shrugs [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: They no see face. [ORC] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: We better hope he doesnt blab before we get answers [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: We need to get out of here as soon as possible [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty agrees.
  • Patricia_Dainty heads off to the South East [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: lets head back to the bar, maybe some more people saw what happened [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower nods, and looks around to make sure no one sees them
  • Patricia_Dainty stops [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: actually what about the dagger? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty shrugs. [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Me take with us [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: prudence didnt had the time to look at it since he just spotted us [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: We look when safe [FAIRY]
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for medicine. They roll: 12+2(14)/20 [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Maybe enchanter mind slave Airy Doll. Make Airy Doll stab self. [ORC] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: How end up in lake? Blood in room..then to lake.. [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: actually when we think about it [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty shrugs [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: didn’t the fight start in his room? [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: how did they drag a body from there without being noticed [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Maybe wounded, and try to leave.. [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Maybe with necromancer? [ORC] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: maybe we should have another chat with that one innkeeper [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: She not very surprised about blood [ORC] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Pretty lady upstairs might have seen [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: he should’ve been there the whole time right? [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: how would he not notice the whole thing [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: We go back to inn. [ORC]
  • Elen nods ‘alright’ [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: right behind you [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Well, well well. Look who lie like a fairy…. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Tell we pretty sisters truth about blood. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Tell us now. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Tell us about murder. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Yes, we know you involved. [ORC] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: a murder happened right under your nose in one of your rooms and you didnt noticed it? [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: You see all go up , all go down stairs…. [ORC]
  • Prudence_Flower looks at Dialmo. “And you been here all two days too?”
  • Petunia whispers to patricia “how old do you think that body was?” [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Me hear the Lord of the Summit was here. [ORC] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: You sure not take murder serious. [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Me talk to your queen maybe. [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Fine. Is fine. Me talk to your supervisor since Karen not here. Me talk to Queen. [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower looks a bit nervous, but nods to back up Patricia
  • Vocalist_Dialmo plays a soothing song
  • Patricia_Dainty shrugs. “Maybe yes. Maybe no. You have more trouble very soon.”
  • Patricia_Dainty eyes Dialmo suspiciously
  • Patricia_Dainty grunts quietly.
  • Prudence_Flower approaches carefully [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: …. [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower nods. “Did anyone follow them?” [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: You know the Faded live? [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Where [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower whispers under her breath “South east…” [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Anything else you can think of? [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: shop [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty grunts. [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: You see Airy Doll come back? [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower nods [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Maybe we go check church [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Church..yes [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty clears her throat [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Hello. Me Patricia, and these my sisters [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower gives a not so dainty wave
  • Sir_Windstrom hicks [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: We looking for someone. A Aryan Doll enchanter that was stay at Tavern during the storm. [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: We hear he come to church [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: hi [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: shop [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: You know where elf go? Me give you drink from plane of nature if you can know [FAIRY]
  • Sir_Windstrom holds his hands out, imitating tasting the drink with his mouth [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: You see where stranger go after storm? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty hands over the drink
  • Sir_Windstrom eyes are fixated ont he drink ‘Hmm?’
  • Sir_Windstrom takes a sip ‘Oh thats a kicker alright! What taste!’ [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Where stranger go after storm? [FAIRY] [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Anyone watching him? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty looks confused. [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Greenblood: Then where he go? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty nods
  • Prudence_Flower looks a bit lost in thought, trying to piece things together [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: huh tracks [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: damnit its wet theyre fading quickly [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: here [FAIRY]
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 0+1(1)/20
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 5+1(6)/20
  • * Petunia makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 12+1(13)/20 [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: hm? what is it [FAIRY]
  • Petunia picks up it
  • Petunia attempts to read it carefully in order not to break it like patricia [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: it looks like its part of that book [FAIRY]
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for arcana. They roll: 20+1(21)/20
  • * Petunia makes a skill check for arcana. They roll: 5+1(6)/20
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for arcana. They roll: 16+-1(15)/20
  • Patricia_Dainty checks the qaraf out of the page [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: What it say? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty explains what he finds to everyone [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Chieftain: Look like map shows across the lake [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower nods, and looks towards their destination
  • * Patricia_Dainty makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 7+1(8)/20
  • * Prudence_Flower makes a skill check for perception. They roll: 12+1(13)/20 [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: It spirit door? [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty shrug
  • * Petunia’s spell fizzles
  • Patricia_Dainty touches the door
  • Patricia_Dainty looks impressed with the door
  • Prudence_Flower looks a bit taken a back, her mouth hanging open a bit [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: it looks too friendly [FAIRY] [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: it actually scares me [FAIRY]
  • Petunia keeps his distance from the door
  • Patricia_Dainty turns to the Dark Elf. “Well, we found a ‘lead’” [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: Yes, it seems so [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty looks between the elf and the door expectantly [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: This gud enough lead for dark elf lady? [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: I shall report what you have found to Lady Xuul [FAIRY]
  • Elen considers the doorway for a moment, ‘For now, we shall keep this to ourselves’ She casts a strange spell which tightens the roots of the tree around the door, it slowly dissapearing from sight ‘If we are to enter the Plane of Nature, we will need a
  • Patricia_Dainty nods. “Good.”
  • Elen larger force’ [LFNORCBST]~Prudence_Flower the Honoured Guest: Larger force? [FAIRY] [LMNORCSHM]~Patricia_Dainty the Chieftain: She mean she want me to cast spell on us to make us big. [FAIRY] [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: The Capriped do not take kindly to Orcs and those of our kin [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty snorts. “Orcy best.”
  • Prudence_Flower farts loudly
  • Patricia_Dainty belches
  • Elen nods ‘Yes, you have done very well’, she looks at the newcomer ‘all of you. I will return to Drithis and report what we have found. Perhaps more can also be found at this summit that was spoken of’ [LMNDEFWIZ]~Elen: alas, i must now leave, till we speak again adventurers [FAIRY]
  • Patricia_Dainty waves bye bye [LMNLIDSHM]~Petunia the Vipers Bane: see ya, elf lady [FAIRY]
  • Prudence_Flower burps loudly

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