Jucos Missive

Jucos Missive

Following the funeral of the Prince, the adventurers listen to the tales of a Bard who pleads with them to travel to Ezro

This event saw players meet with the Bullywugs of Pollywog Hollow on behalf of Ezros Overseer Juco and get them to agree to aid Ezro in a battle against the undead

Chat Text

2019:|Father_Branan rolls out a map and plots his finger across it

2019:|Father_Branan looks into his book and mutters a prayer to Enruel

2019:|Ray looks around the tavern watching carefully at the people inside

2019:|Reggie_Luthier sings a song in anushi about the heroic deeds of the late Prince. After a few minutes the other bard on stage starts arguing with Reggie about the lyrics not being respectful. The other anushi in the tavern start eyeing Reggie with mild hostility.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier frowns at the other bard, realizing the general feeling has turned against him. He steps off the stage and orders a drink.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier eyes Belle lasciviously.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Hello there, sweet face.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Your hair is like the softest clouds in a morning breeze.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: What sort of beverage does one as lovely as you drink?

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: My name is Reggie, by the way.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier continues trying to flirt with Belle to no avail.

2019:|Ray looks at the bard and chuckles then silently casts on him a spell

2019:|Father_Branan looks over and tuts then gets up and heads to the bathroom

2019:~Ray: The barkeeps and all the people seeing her or near her notice her casting

2019:~Father_Branan: is there no restroom in this tavern?

2019:|Syvis takes a sip from the bottle of wine and looks at the wood of the bar not payining any attention to the people around her

2019:|Father_Branan leans on the counter and sighs, tapping his fingers at the barmaid who appears to be ignoring him

2019:|Reggie_Luthier looks at the anushi bard with slight annoyance.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier mumbles something about his song being better.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier finishes his wine then heads back to the bar

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Another wine, if you please.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Thank you, good sir.

2019:|Ray looks at the barmaid and with a charming smile asks for a bottle of wine

2019:|Father_Branan turns his head to the bard on stage

2019:|Syvis takes another sip from her wine and starts looking at the people in the tavern

2019:|Father_Branan closes his eyes in silent prayer

2019:|Reggie_Luthier mutters, “Hmmm, that was actually pretty good. Could use a drum rhythm to sound like war drums though.”

2019:|Reggie_Luthier looks down to his decidedly non furry skin and chuckles once.

2019:|Syvis lets her eyes rest on the bard and decides to observe him for a bit

2019:|Father_Branan turns to flip through the newspaper rag on the bar, oblivious of recent events

2019:|Ray hears at the bard with attention

2019:|Father_Branan looks up, hearing a familiar place name

2019:|Reggie_Luthier looks around the place and the rather cool welcome he received here. He then thinks about his nearly empty coin pouch. He stands and goes back to the stage.

2019:|Father_Branan nods towards the bard symbolising his interesting in travelling in that direction

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Hey, friend. I’ll go. This place isn’t turning out to be that great for me anyway.

2019:|Ray thinks to herself {Why not, I don’t have anything more important to do}

2019:|Silternius gets up and slowly walks over to join the others. “As will I, I have been meaning to travel that way anyways”

2019:|Syvis silently gets up from the chair and walks towards the bard

2019:|Ray gets up and goes towards the bard “I’m interested in joining this quest”

2019:|Syvis drinks the last bit of her wine and puts the bottle back on the bar

2019:|Reggie_Luthier chugs the last of his wine in one go.

2019:~Father_Branan: i am looking for a place in the blackfeather, if i may travel with you, though im unarmoured, id appreciate to help

2019:|Reggie_Luthier eyes the cleric and shrugs.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: No problem, friend. I know that particular kitty. Met him a while back.

2019:|Silternius nods and looks at his new travelling companions. “Let us go, then.”

2019:|Father_Branan puts the newspaper rag down ‘So this prince…’ he points to the article ‘… sounds like a horrible thing happened’

2019:|Reggie_Luthier heads toward the door.

2019:|Syvis nods and waits for the other people to lead the way

2019:|Father_Branan picks up his pack of supplies and places them on his back, leaving the newspaper on the bar

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Oh yea, terrible. Really bad.

2019:~Father_Branan: i’m not familiar with this land, my first time so i am very sorry for your loss

2019:|Silternius nods slowly “I was at his funeral, it was a sad day”

2019:|Ray shrugs hearing the stranger and follows him {Finally some adventure}

2019:|Father_Branan looks downwards, awkwardly ‘i, am so very sorry’

2019:|Silternius points at Sylvis “as were you, friend, if my memory serves me right”

2019:|Father_Branan looks upwards at the bright sky

2019:|Father_Branan squints, covering his face from the overwhelming light

2019:|Reggie_Luthier begins strumming a song. The song is quite refreshing and invigorating.

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: I’m afraid my knowledge of these lands are still minimal, I travel mostly through alternative means and are not familiar with the roads. Does anyone else here know how to get there?

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Oh yea, I walk ALL the time.

2019:|Father_Branan rolls out a map, ‘well i picked this up in Arrr, it looks to be somewhere south of here’

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Just go south and follow the road.

2019:|Silternius smiles “Perfect! Lead the way then, friend”

2019:|Father_Branan nods ‘ah, looks like we have a guide’

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: This way

2019:|Silternius looks at the map. “excellent, let us go”

2019:|Father_Branan ’s face is invigatored by the overwhelming ease of the speed that he is travelling

2019:|Father_Branan scowls towards the undead ‘Enruel, give me strength to stay on our quest and not slay these abominations right now’

2019:~Father_Branan: eugh thats quite heavy rain

2019:|Reggie_Luthier quickly puts away his lute now that it is raining. He pulls out a flute instead.

2019:~Father_Branan: we should use the forest as ocver

2019:|Father_Branan lets loose a sigh of relief at the sight of the deep dark forest, ‘Enruel, we have made it, soon we will find that which you seek’

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Oh hey there Chief!

2019:|Father_Branan looks over at the polar bear so far from the tundra ‘Odd’

2019:|One_Eye rumbles and says in orcish, “Greetings”

2019:|Father_Branan looks shocked as it speaks

2019:|One_Eye is holding a thick parchment in his hands and seems to be trying to understand it.

2019:|Ray frowns not understanding the language

2019:~Father_Branan: a town!

2019:|Father_Branan looks nervously at the guard ‘Can we just go in?’

2019:|Syvis looks at the town and nods

2019:|Father_Branan notes the tavern ‘Ah great, remind me to go there in a moment’

2019:~Father_Branan: bind my soul please, kind soulbinder

2019:|Ray looks around the city

2019:|Father_Branan speaks to the guard, asking directions to Juco

2019:|Father_Branan smiles at the overseer, warmly

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Hello friend, it has been a long while.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Reinforcements?

2019:|Father_Branan starts eating a yoghurt as he leans on the banister

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Uh, that sounds … sort of dangerous…

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: I can help with morale. The rest though….

2019:|Reggie_Luthier nods in a way that says, “duh”

2019:|Father_Branan raises an eyebrow at the idea of undead

2019:~Father_Branan: Did you say undead?

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: What you mean, undead? Didn’t that get taken care of when that Arch Lich fellow was killed. Errr, rekilled?

2019:|Father_Branan puts his spoon down into his yoghurt

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: If you can arrange free room and board, oh AND booze, at the local tavern? I’m in.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: For, let’s say, three weeks.

2019:~Syvis the Vanquisher: ((was silt killing the undead on the way ic or ooc ?

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: And I want some stage time there too.

2019:|Ray thinks hearing the bard {yeah, we should choose a reward}

2019:~Father_Branan: If you seek to exorcise the dead, Enruel will gladly offer his aid

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Yea, I don’t really think the undead would be appreciative of my spectacular singing voice.

2019:~Father_Branan: perhaps it has drawn them out of their grave

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: My vocal cords are worth more than the gross domestic product of some nations I could name.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier sighs. “There is always another task.”

2019:~Father_Branan: Of course I am not much of a fighter, but undead I can aid with - however I have been sent here for a purpose, I may need something in exchange

2019:|Father_Branan looks baffled ‘That sounds… exotic’

2019:~JfL_Wng: Hey

2019:~Ray: they’re the builders xD

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Oh yea, those green slimey fellows?

2019:~Ray: ))

2019:~Syvis the Vanquisher: ((again lol

2019:|Father_Branan looks confused ‘What is a bullywug, if i may ask?’

2019:|Reggie_Luthier smiles. “Oh yea, that sounds like a much better idea than going out and fighting undead.”

2019:|Ray just hears them speaking and looks in silence

2019:|Syvis smiles “They are adorable amphibious people.”

2019:~Duradae_Olath: secruity?

2019:|Father_Branan looks outside into the thick darkness ‘Yes i hear crows are quite common here’

2019:~Duradae_Olath: security?

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Well, off we go, shall we?

2019:~Syvis the Vanquisher: ((i do have to go in like 45 minutes

2019:|Father_Branan asks for a moment

2019:~Duradae_Olath: aski

2019:|Father_Branan enruel give us strength in our convictions

2019:|Reggie_Luthier looks at the group with a mighty grin, strips off his clothes and jumps in

2019:|Silternius ties his cloak around himself and follows suit

2019:|Ray uses her illusion to float over the lake

2019:|Father_Branan squints ‘Is that a frog’

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: So this is the place.

2019:|Silternius looks around, “hmmm, I wonder who their leader is”

2019:|Reggie_Luthier puts his clothes back on.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: I don’t know. Probably in the biggest hut.

2019:|Father_Branan looks confused as he sneaks past

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Hey friend. Where can we find your leader?

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Oh, hello there.

2019:|Syvis walks straight to the leader knowing the way in this town

2019:|Ray sighs “I should really learn more languages”

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: He welcomes us and asks why we’re here

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Glad you asked friend.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: The Anushi down there in Ezro? They are in a tight spot.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: They need your help. The undead, you know.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: With the death of their prince they are worried they will lose the fight against the undead.

2019:|Father_Branan nods ‘The Gods favour those that rid the lands of that which should remain at rest’

2019:|Ray casts a spell to make the bullywug more friendly

2019:~Duradae_Olath: bank

2019:~Ray: is there a linguist here?))

2019:|Syvis smiles at the Bullywug leader “Because then you could end all of these problems.”

2019:|Ray frowns not understanding anything, turns towards the nearest person and says “I’m going to look around”

2019:|Father_Branan nods

2019:|Reggie_Luthier nods in agreement. “Yea, Undead don’t really go away unless you find the cause.”

2019:~Ray: wait a second))

2019:~Ray: ugh))

2019:|Father_Branan looks on, not understanding the response of the frog but understanding but tries anyway

2019:|Father_Branan says ‘the undead are unlike any race, I have seen what they do to lands, look only at the deserts and the ruins of what once was there, now all there is is death and a glimer of hope in an oasis of otherwise deathly quiet sands’

2019:~Father_Branan: dont let this happen to your spawn

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: That doesn’t sound good. Not at all.

2019:|Father_Branan nods, not understanding a word of the frog but seeming to pull off that he does

2019:|Reggie_Luthier grins. “You won’t regret it mister Froggy.”

2019:|Silternius smiles “He agrees, he’ll send help”

2019:|Ray returns sighing {Why no bullywug here speaks meroei}

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: So, time to head back to Juco?

2019:|Ray looks at the bard “so what happened?”

2019:|Father_Branan shrugs, i will look around town real quick

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Oh, we asked him to send help to Ezro. It took a bit of doing, but he agreed.

2019:|Silternius nods and smiles “Thank you friend, we must all work together to ensure these lands remain free from darkness. I will see to it personally that this assistance is not squandered

2019:|Silternius leaves the tent and joins the others

2019:~Ray: silt, can I roll perception?))

2019:~Ray: for the fake smile))

2019:|Father_Branan shows his priestly book at the %t

2019:|Father_Branan nods and smiles, they seem to appreciate each other for a moment - he places his hand on the shoulder of the frog and thanks him, leaving the tent

2019:~Duradae_Olath: security

2019:~Duradae_Olath: aski

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: So, ready to head back to tell Juco the good news?

2019:~Father_Branan: I believe so

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: Alright friends, It’s been a long day, let’s return and give the good news to Juco

2019:|Reggie_Luthier suddenly stops in the shade of the trees as a string breaks on his lute.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Hey friends, I just need a minute.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier starts replacing his string.

2019:|Father_Branan nods, he pulls out some bread from his pack

2019:|Silternius sits on the side of the road to catch his breath

2019:|Reggie_Luthier mumbles about how dark it is.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Thats better.

2019:~Father_Branan: Wow!

2019:~Father_Branan: it’s like a summers day in the vale

2019:|Reggie_Luthier continues repairing his string, but it is easier now that he can see.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier winks at the cleric as he sings a quiet song.

2019:|Syvis smiles happy she could help

2019:~Father_Branan: Hmm who is that

2019:|Silternius looks around at the figures advancing around them

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Hello there friends.

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: hello friends

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Nice … robes…

2019:|Father_Branan mutters something to enruel

2019:|Syvis turns around and lets out a high scream as someone in robes with a weapon suddenly appears behind her

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that, friends.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier shakes his head like he doesn’t understand.

2019:|Syvis looks at the person hidden beneath cloaks and slowely walks backwards

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: I’m afraid I don’t speak creepy cloaked figure.

2019:~Father_Branan: they appear to be sacrificing someone!

2019:~Ray: I’m invsibile))

2019:|Reggie_Luthier sings a strange new song.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier stops his song with a disappointed expression.

2019:~Father_Branan: augh!

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Hey, stop that!

2019:|Father_Branan mutters ‘Enruel hold them still!’

2019:|Silternius stretches forth his hand and begins conjuring a torrent of flame from the ground

2019:|Syvis runs away from the cultist trying not to trip over the roots

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: is everyone alright?

2019:|Father_Branan looks around in the dark

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: You know it didn’t have to end this way, friend.

2019:|Father_Branan feels about for his book

2019:|Reggie_Luthier looks sadly at the bodies around them.

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: is everyone alright??

2019:|Reggie_Luthier sings a soothing song

2019:|Syvis runs into the shadow of a tree and curls up in a ball trying to hide herself as she gets flashbacks

2019:|Father_Branan the darkness came back during the attack

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: hey

2019:|Ray nods “so this is what happened…”

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: friend, it’s ok. They’re gone now

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Usually I would just run from enemies like that, but not when they are attacking my traveling companions.

2019:|Father_Branan looks at the bodies ‘Why would they do this to us? What had we done?’

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: you can come join us, we need to head back to safety. it’s not safe in these woods

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Yea, let’s head back.

2019:|Reggie_Luthier shouts, Come on Syvis. Time to head back.

2019:|Syvis slowely looks up and says in a scared voice “Are they gone ?”

2019:~Syvis the Vanquisher: Are you sure there aren’t any more hiding in the branches of the trees ?

2019:|Father_Branan nods ‘We are safe, The Gods will always protect those in need’

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: the outlaws and vagabonds roaming these woods need not reason to attack. Perhaps they wanted our money, or they thought we were delivering good to ezro, it almost sounded like they were cultists trying to obtain a sacrifice for some evil purpose

2019:~Syvis the Vanquisher: Are you sure there aren’t any more hiding in the branches of the trees ?

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: they mentioned something about wanting our bodies as hosts

2019:|Silternius shudders

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: let’s continue on, no good will come of staying here

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Don’t get me wrong, I’d have let them use my body for any number of fun things. But not like that. No siree.

2019:~Father_Branan: a good idea, it is dark here and i am not familiar with this place

2019:~Father_Branan: you seem to know this place quite well, are you a tracker?

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: I dabble, yea

2019:~Father_Branan: we are lucky to have you

2019:|Silternius looks at the priest and is grateful for his divine abilities, wondering which deity has such influence in these lands

2019:|Ray thinks back to the battle {my charm wasn’t good enough}

2019:|Father_Branan smiles ‘Who can know how far the influence of the God of Secrets can go? Perhaps there is no limit’

2019:~Syvis the Vanquisher: ((i have to go in like 15 minutes

2019:|Father_Branan points ‘You appear to have dropped some jewelry’

2019:|Silternius smiles in amazement. Enchanter’s mind trick? perhaps. More likely a divine connection. fascinating.

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: Too right, we were. We did it!

2019:|Reggie_Luthier looks entirely too self-satisfied.

2019:~Father_Branan: this forest needs more lighting

2019:~Father_Branan: we were jumped by some strange people in the darkness

2019:~Reggie_Luthier the Companion: They froggies said they would hop right on over with some ‘o their best fighter types.

2019:|Syvis walks to the corner of the room and puts her back against the wall constantly looking through the windows to make sure no more cultists are left

2019:|Silternius sees Syvis acting nervous by the window

2019:~Ray: nice))

2019:~Silternius the Vindicator: It’s ok, they’re gone now, you’re safe.

2019:|Father_Branan does not feel hungry for once in his life

2019:|Father_Branan places a map on the table of Juco, ‘as you promised, i am looking for a place of fungus’ please mark it for me

2019:~Father_Branan: thank you

2019:|Father_Branan smiles

2019:|Father_Branan smiles and nods to people ‘i hope we can meet again’

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