Funeral of Kaeden Shar

Funeral of Kaeden Shar

Funeral of Kaeden Shar


My appologies for my delay everyone, I was just paying my respects to the many family we have lost over the years

Now that the the King and I have taken some time to say goodbye to our son, we thought it would be only fair to let you all come and say your goodbyes personally.

It has been all these years, that you loving citizens have taken care of my family as they have grown in this city.

Those he would call his best friends, those that spent a moment entertaining him, served him through his life.

All of you paid a price in making my son a very happy prince.

You cannot understand how torn my soul is from losing my son like this, but I know Banarui has guided him safely through the Maw and into the Spirit Realm and he is watching over us now

The King and I both understand that some of you only knew of Kaeden after he had already passed.

I am sure, had he known you he would have liked you all very much.

I know deep down, as his mother, he would want you here after what you have done for him.

I will leave you all now to take a moment each with Kaeden and then the Highshaman will speak on behalf of the gods


I ask Why? If the spirits exist for an eternity, and we pass to the spirit realm. Then why this?

Mortality is just a moment for us, a blink of an eye in our true life to come in the realms beyond.

I have ask then, why are we brought here, to experience this mortality?

Why are we not always like our brothers in the spirit realm?

A good many of us will spend our time here and live, 250, maybe 300 years.

In our time we will learn many things about this reality, the peoples we share our homes with and even the enemies we meet.

Is it this time the spirit begins to bloom? Lessons learned to take with it beyond?

If so then Kaeden did not need any more lessons. He loved you all and you loved him.

He learned how to fight from the Jagged claws, to sing like the greatest of Utran Bards.

He knew the feelings he could have for another with his beloved Jaez

He crossed the blackfeather and saw the edges of the world And perhaps his final lesson at the hands of a world that can be brutal at times.

And perhaps his final lesson at the hands of a world that can be brutal at times.

Kaeden had no more to learn here, his soul is ready and the Banarui is waiting.

All of us that are blessed by the spirits learn what is needed.

That is we, the ones loved by the Spirits, are the only ones who can leave The Maw and enter the beyond.

So take a moment, pray for Kaeden as he makes his journey. Maybe he will be there for you when your time comes


The lights of the hall dim as you witness a younger anushi step forward from behind the tomb.

Though it is dark, you make out from reflections that he is covered in some sort of colourful powder and is wearing a type of ancient ritualistic garb.

They appear to be engaged in some sort of spiritual dance, bellowing out noises and making strange shamanistic movements that seem to represents the Princes journey through The Maw. He carries a torch in one hand which he flays around wildly adding an intensity to his performance.

He unsheaths a glowstone blade which lightens up the corner of the room where two other dancers, dressed as wild spectres, emergy with a type of percussion drum in hand which they bash rapidly.

The dancer and the spectres enter a strange confrontation, lights reflect across the corners of the room as the fire of the torch and red glow of the blade bounce off the surfaces of the chamber. With a fateful cry he leaps at the two spectres and they fall to the floor, raising his hands to the air he screams wildly.

The audience, wipe their tears and applaud and cheer

The dancers stand and bow, then face towards the tomb of Prince Kaeden and take a final bow before leaving

The queen stands and addresses

Thank you all for coming, I will leave you now to take any more time you need with Kaeden, we will then retire to the tavern for drinks and celebrate my sons life - you are welcome to come

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