End the Patrols

End the Patrols

End the Patrols

Event Overview

Duke Vorndin tells the group his plans are nearing fruition. He has his own people dealing with patrols farther away from Ezro. The patrols consist of one or two Anushi plus several Bullywug warriors. He instructs the party to deal with the patrols closest to Ezro so that his own people are not spotted. He prefers the patrols are simply killed, but doesn’t really care how they are handled as long as they are absent for the foreseeable future.

The party goes to Ezro and sees the first patrol. The party is somewhat undecided on preferred tactics but the choice is made for them as the masked and cloaked Fran approaches and is attacked on sight. The party eliminates the first patrol with no losses.

At this point the party splits up. Fran goes off on her own and the remaining party members track down the next patrol. This next patrol has a pair of Anushi Citizens with them. This caused more disagreement on how to handle the situation. The party engages the patrol and is wiped, though they manage to take out all but one Bullywug in that patrol. The unconscious bodies of the party (except for Fran) are taken into the Hall of Elders in Ezro. The patrol that Fran was following is called into Ezro by a warning bell and Fran tracks them into the city. She ends up sneaking into the Hall to watch things unfold.

The party is interrogated at length by the Elders. They manage to dissemble sufficiently to cloud the truth in half truths and lies. The Elders are close to just letting everyone go because they have a war to worry about. That is when Fran (in a new disguise) reveals herself. She throws the party under the proverbial bus. She ends up trying to convince the Elders that the party is working with an Undead Duke. Ferox is allowed to go to Orc Watch to get the Egg Warmer she has stashed there to prove they are enemies of the Kenku. She arrives back as Fran is using her Backstab the Party skill.

The Eldersare presented with actual proof that they are aiding the war effort against the Kenkus, but their story still does not smell right. Combine that with the information coming from Fran and the Elders simply cannot let any of them go. They can tell they have stumbled on something larger than themselves and they are too busy fighting a war to handle an inquiry. They decide to send the problem up the chain to the Tanqarans. They plan to send the party to Tanqara using Denko as guards.

As part of sending the party away the Elders insist on Marking each of the party, including Fran. They refer to the mark as the Mark of Villainy. It is applied magically. The Elder drags their claws across the forehead of the victim using some sort of spell that heals the wound into scar tissue. It was explained out of game that anyone bearing the mark will be viewed as untrustworthy by any Anushi that sees the mark. If the mark is not visible then any nearby Anushi will feel uneasy around the person in question. The mark can be removed by an Elder or a leader in Tanqara. The entire party accepts their marks except for Scinthia the Dark Elf Necromancer.

When the party resists the Elders had finally had enough. They decide to kill everyone and send the bodies to Tanqara for resurrection and judgement. Most of the party escapes using a wizard teleport spell and Fran escapes using guile.

The party reports back to the Duke. He is furious. He exiles the party from his presence. He states they are not welcome back to his presence unless the party can prove themselves useful.

Ferox asks to speak with Vorndin privately. She appeals to him to be able to see Maalrin, the prisoner. He agrees and she goes to see the Mysmaal in the jail. He is nearing death from starvation. She cuts open her hand and lets him feed from her. The pair have a tender moment and she promises to help him.

Chat Log

2019:|Scinthia_NReth nibbles on a hard boiled kenku egg

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: hey scinthia what is it with you and eggs XD

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: theyre chock full of solinium

2019:|Cultist eyes the wizard warily

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: thats true but you seem……. addicted

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: because theyre chock full of solinium

2019:|Duradae_Olath glares at the cultist out of the corner of his eye

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe sits on the ground again, looking tired. She farts quite loudly then settles in for the meeting.

2019:|One_Eye grins

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Oh dear, is that a bug I see? Scinthia, would you please fix that for me?

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Bugs come before business.

2019:|Scinthia_NReth snaps her fingers at the firefly, trying to catch it

2019:|Duradae_Olath sighs, slightly bored, and sits down to study his spell book

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: heya guys, did I miss someting? ))

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: ah ok lol))

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Thank you all for coming.

2019:|Duke_Vorndin eyes the wizard with no small amount of distrust

2019:|Duradae_Olath calmly returns his gaze

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘I have a task for all of you.

2019:|Scinthia_NReth flips through her spellbook, trying to find a spare page for notes

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: what kind of task?

2019:|Fran just look around to notice who’s present

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘There are regular patrols of Anushi throughout this forest. These patrols have recently been bolstered by a number of Bullywug fighters.

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Normally I would not concern myself with such insignificant patrols, but the time draws near for my plans to come to fruition.

2019:|Duradae_Olath eyes the duke with veiled intrest

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘I have my own forces handling the patrols far from Ezro. However, I do not wish for Ezro to discover my people at this time.

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘And so your task is to clear out the patrols that are closest to Ezro.

2019:|One_Eye grunts.

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Have you any questions?

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Are these common folk, mercenaries, trained guards?

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘These are trained individuals of varying professions. They are part of the official Ezroan guard, those that are Anushi.

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: and im guessing there is no specific way you want us to ‘clear them out’, we may do it in whatever way we see fit?

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘My preferred method would be through death. But as long as they are … unavailable for the next month or so I suppose that could also work. (He seems to feel this is a terrible choice and it shows on his face)

2019:|Duradae_Olath nods ‘good’

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Have you any other questions?

2019:|Scinthia_NReth snaps her spellbook closed, covering the area in a cloud of dust - ‘Death it is then’

2019:|Duradae_Olath glares a bit at scinthia

2019:|One_Eye shrugs.

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Well, then. Off with you.

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe sighs heavily, and gets up from the floor

2019:|One_Eye limps over to the edge of the tree and leaps off

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: thank you for your audience, duke

2019:|Duke_Vorndin Nods

2019:|Duradae_Olath sighs ‘guess ima jump too’

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Who want to kill? Who want to not kill?

2019:|Fran looks at Ferox and the rhyno then looks in the air like she’s reminiscing about the past

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i would prefer not to kill

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: Me kill

2019:|Fran then hearing the group talking about the guards returns back to look at them

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: umm whats he doing

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: we’re practically reducing their suffering by making it quick

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: they attacked first!

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: guess they die then

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i mean, they did attack first

2019:|One_Eye nods

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: ah ok that was ic lol))

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: i better get my meat sack

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Maybe they ready for war. Attack anyone who look like enemy.

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: but we look so adorable

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe nods at One Eye, then at her rhino

2019:|One_Eye chuckles

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: its quite possible, if so, it makes this more complicated…..

2019:|One_Eye looks at the wizard with a questioning gaze.

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: never mind, its nothing…

2019:|Duradae_Olath jots something down on an empty page in his spellbook

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: We go find next patrol.

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: I’ll go alone

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: if we separate we can find more enemies

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Alone?

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: we should be quick in doing this

2019:|Duradae_Olath attempts to purswade fran to stay as a group

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: I mean, my idea isn’t easily changeable, but sure))

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: lol))

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: lol I win xD))

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: jk jk))

2019:~Fran the Butcher of Qylia: wb))

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: whats that boy? you smell some people in the south?

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: i fear we are the ones patrolling the forest

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: i see more green things

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: We go

2019:|Duradae_Olath squints ‘looks like there are a few that are unarmed….’

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: how can you see that from ehre

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: they all look like dangerous mercenaries with no check on their power

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: What we wait for?

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i recomend against attacking, it looks like there might be citizens there

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: We attack now?

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: maybe you should check again i saw nothing

2019:|One_Eye looks to be taking more of a support role and isn’t pushing for any specific actions in any given situation

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Citizen. Me see.

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: see?

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: so we no attack citizen?

2019:|One_Eye shrugs. “In Orcy all orcy is for war”

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: im sorry but if they attack us like the last did i will kill whoever attacks me

2019:|Duradae_Olath sighs ‘look if you want to attack the guards go ahead, ill detain the citizens.’

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: Me attack guards gud

2019:|One_Eye shrugs. “Ok, we go.”

2019:|Scinthia_NReth waves at the guards ‘Hello!’

2019:|Scinthia_NReth gasps ‘That was a nice pet!’

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: :-D

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: I am doin a frustrate lol

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Me die too. Iz ok

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: Pet need be stronger..

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: a little debuff resistance

2019:|Scinthia_NReth feigns death

2019:|Scinthia_NReth remains motionless sept for her fingers which she uses to silently push leaves over herself

2019:|Traveling_Denko says ‘In need of a ride? Tired of walking? Denko Sisters Travel can take you there!

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: come on

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: just a little closer

2019:|Scinthia_NReth watches the spores consume the flesh, she licks her lips in pleasure

2019:|Traveling_Denko says ‘In need of a ride? Tired of walking? Denko Sisters Travel can take you there!

2019:|Scinthia_NReth ’s vision blurs into focus ‘Eugh, i guess that didnt work then’

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe sits up on the floor, and rubs her belly gently

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: five more minutes……….

2019:|Duradae_Olath sits up in alarm ‘wait why are we here?’

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Pslow get up here this instant!

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: you would be wise to not detain a citizen of drithis

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Explain to me something right meow. Whyyyyy are your destrrrrroying our patrrrrols?

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe sticks a finger in her wound and then sticks it in her mouth

2019:|Scinthia_NReth looks towards the wizard

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: he speaks for us

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘I carrrre not of Drrrithissss. I carrre for only Ezrrrro.

2019:|Scinthia_NReth beams a grin

2019:|Ezro_Elder turns toward the wizard with anger in its eyes.

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Speak now, or be mulched into kibble.

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe rubs some spit on her wounds

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: oh great Ezro Elders, we did not mean to attack your patrols, it was just a case of mistaken identity, they attacked us first! me and my companions here were just on our way to lunathis

2019:|Fran looks at the scene and sighs {they really got captured…}

2019:|Ezro_Elder Hisses loudly with bared fangs.

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe nods. “We no mean to attack”

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Liesss! Ourrr patrols know friend from foe.

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: We only defend

2019:|Fran looks around the room trying to discern if there’s a spy of the duke

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: its true, we were just on our way to slay kenku

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘As do our patrols. We werrrrrre wise to increase the forrrrces watching over our Fire Wardens.

2019:|Fran sighs {there are too many persons here}

2019:|Scinthia_NReth offers a crushed kenku egg salad sandwhich

2019:|Ezro_Elder Seems to consider the Undead’s words.

2019:|Scinthia_NReth ‘oh my, wrong tongue, ahaha!’ she laughs nervously

2019:|Duradae_Olath facepalms and sighs….

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: oh look, more guards to back us up on what we said

2019:|Firefighter says ‘We came as soon as we hearrrrrd the warning bells.

2019:|Ezro_Elder Turns toward One Eye. “What say you, friend orrrrc?”

2019:|One_Eye shrugs. “We walking in forest, helping fight angry birdiez. Froggiez attack us.”

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘I see.

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘And arrrre you aware meow of the purrrrrpose of ourrrr patrols?

2019:|One_Eye shrugs. “Maybe yes. Maybe no.”

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: i know they are being attacked by the mushroom people, infact i saw one get taken into the dreadspore city just a moment in

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: ago

2019:|Ezro_Elder Hisses

2019:|Fran looks at them and smiles evilly under the mask, then turns toward one of the guards that came inside the building “go and tell the elder about it”

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Thisss iss a poor time forrrr this to occur, meow.

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe gently rubs her belly and remains quite, not wanting to say the wrong thing

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Warrrr with the walking sponge toys… it is quite amussssing, but quite distrrrracting

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Like a web blowing in the wind

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Orrrr waterrrr on the nose

2019:|Ezro_Elder Turns back to the group and asks, “Can you explain the fate of ourrrrr other Southerrrrn patrrrol?

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: The spores, they are spreading, you should send everything you have a dreadspore! Something is making them angry!

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe busies herself with something on the floor, avoiding eye contact

2019:|Ezro_Elder looks at One Eye and says with suspicion, “And why so many died of poison ….?”

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: its true, the dreadspore are rising, i saw an alarming amount in the forest

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe shrugs. “If poison..killer not with us. Me no know of anyone with poison.”

2019:|One_Eye shrugs. “Angry shrooms fight hard. Some use poison.”

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Pslow get up here this instant!

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Send for the witness.

2019:|Firefighter says ‘Yes, Elderrrrr

2019:|Firefighter says ‘CALL THE WITNESS TO THE HALL

2019:|Defender says ‘Riiiiight there. Theeeeey made patrol croooooooak.

2019:|One_Eye looks calm and unphased.

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Is this so?

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: well you did attack us…. we kinda had no choice

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: We defend..no attack

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘So your storrrry changes?

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: nope same story

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘So many liessssss I smell on you all

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: We defend, then mushyrooms attack froggies. We no friend with mushyrooms

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: they attacked us, we tried to defend, we keep walking, we get attacked again, then we wake up here

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: questions?

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘I think you are working with the birrrrrrds

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: for guards they make life very difficult for us, known allies, trying to rid you of your kenku threat

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: does it look like im working with the birds?

2019:|Scinthia_NReth opens her coat to show thousands of dead birds and kenku eggs

2019:|Ezro_Elder hisses loudly

2019:|Fran looks over the guards

2019:|Duradae_Olath whispers to one eye ‘who the hell is that?’

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe looks confused at the newcomer, watching them carefully

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: they might even attacked the kenku, but what if they get angry and start attacking ezro?

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: oh yes i recognise this old hag

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: I think they want to cause the fall of this city

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Is that sooooo?

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Then all of you shall stay herrrrre.

2019:|Duradae_Olath sighs

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘All of you including this mysterrrrious newcomer. Until these storrries can be verrrified.

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘You all stink of lies and dogs.

2019:|Scinthia_NReth wafts her coat about

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘And dead birrrrd

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i mean, i personally hate dogs but ok…….

2019:|Scinthia_NReth silently agrees

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe growls. “we tell truth. Me can no stay captive…”

2019:|Fran nods “if I were lying then why my actions helped testimony for what happened. but sure I’ll wait here, but I hope I can talk more with you dear Elder”

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘We do not trrrrust easily. When a strrrraanger appearrrs and claims to carrrrry catnip, we may take the prize, but we may also bite that hand

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: because we have an egg warmer? you are some random person?

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: Me have egg toastie. Just need go to Orc Watch

2019:|Fran nods “It’s perfectly normal having these thoughts, who would ever trust someone seeing them for the first time”

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: but we should be able to discern what’s real and what is not

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: on that point i agree with the stranger, so how can we make you trust us?

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Enough of this. The she orc may go. The rest must stay. If she can not return with the warmer as proof you will all be kibble.

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: may I whisper something to you dear elder?

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe looks at the group “Me return with egg toasty”

2019:|One_Eye sits down and makes himself more comfortable.

2019:|Scinthia_NReth mutters ‘Gah, i help kill your princes captor, rid the forest of kenku and now im here being held hostage, hah!’

2019:|Duradae_Olath nods

2019:|Ezro_Elder hisses loudly. “You keep your distance. I am not your mate”

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: do you have a book and a quill?

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: leave

2019:|Ezro_Elder points to the table nearby

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: is there a book and quill there?))

2019:|Fran looks at the table and nods, goes over to the table, takes the book and starts writing

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: may I have a real book so I can write on it? xD))

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Pslow get up here this instant!

2019:|Duradae_Olath yawns. ‘any food around here? fish maybe?’

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: Sent

2019:|Fran gets up and gives the book to the elder

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe enters out of breath

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: Me bring egg toasty

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe holds out the egg warmer in front of her

2019:|Ezro_Elder looks up from the page with alarm, then takes note of the egg warmer.

2019:|Ezro_Elder turns to the cloaked figure and asks, “You say they arrrrre responsible for the eggs, and they have a warmer to prrrove theirrrr claims. But this rrreduced attacks, not incrrreased them.

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘You claim they are inciting a war, yet these actions have give us the advantage meow

2019:|Fran smiling under the mask “but what if someone attacks them and they’re forced to move? they obviously would go to ezro or the bullywugs and you get seriously hit by this and then the third party can win the war”

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: they want to use the less energy if they can and win this war

2019:|Ezro_Elder considers for long moments

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: or why would they attack the patrols

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: you don’t need to see these people, they’re only a small part of an army

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: what third party? is there another group in this forest other than the kenku and the anushi and bullywugs?

2019:|One_Eye looks unimpressed. “

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: yeah the one that makes you accept the terms and conditions))

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: that’s the third party lol))

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Me be friend to kittiez long time.

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe nods. “we friends, no attack.”

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Blood Eye Clan help fighty many many times. Help find Prince.

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: Plus me bring egg toasty

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: then why is a patrol missing?

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: how should we know?

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: why someone turned with many injures and said it was you guys?

2019:|One_Eye shrugs

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: If me get attacked, me kill. We get attacked. We kill.

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Iz orcy way

2019:~One_Eye the Chieftain: Orcy way best way

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: if you’re friends of kitties, then why should they attack you?

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: Is self defend

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: it could be you, trying to frame us, oh mysterious figure

2019:|One_Eye shrugs. “Maybe YOU this third party….”

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe nods in agreement

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: she brings words, no evidence, just words

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: if I was the third party, I wouldn’t have warned the other patrol about this

2019:|Ezro_Elder watches the interchange with interest

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: I brought an entire patrol as evidence

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: to testimony about the attack on the first patrol

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: unless it was part of your plan to frame us

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Honoured Guest: But me bring egg toasty as proof

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: then let’s do this one thing

2019:|Fran looks at the elder

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: what entire patrol

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: yea you brought one guy

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: elder, can you ask to tanqara if the undeads are increased, or are trying to block the road in a strange way?

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: of course the undead has increased

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: because the third party are the undeads!

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: he told me this himself when he sent me to darnar

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘This is known. The undead arrre a thrrreat from Darnarrrrrr.

2019:|Duradae_Olath laughs super hard at the mystyrious figure ‘you think the undead are a ‘third party’? they cant even think for themselves hahaha!!’

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘So Darnar is a new seat of Undead powerrrr?

2019:|Fran nods

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: they have various dukes planning from various sides

2019:|Ezro_Elder looks between the two groups considering what to do

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: so if one gets caught the others can continue, still the one they’re working for is the one with the greatest chance to pull the plan off

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: this person brings no proof…… sighs

2019:|Fran looks around again to see if someone is missing

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: this woman is a lunatic

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: damn))

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Stay yourrrr words

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘I pronounce judgement

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Each of you will accept the marrrrrrk of villainy upon yourrrr brrrrows.

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: must it be our forheads……..

2019:|Fran raises a brow “even me?”

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘We have not a place to hold you even if I wished it

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Yes, even you

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: take us to tanqara then

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: they surely have a jail

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘We have not the feline power to escort you to Tanqara. We are, as you so aptly said, arrrre at warrrrr.

2019:|Ezro_Elder eyes the hooded figure. “Rarrrely is one so eagerrrrr to be put in a cage”

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: actually yes, take us to tenquara, we have alabies there who we have helped in the past, the could vouch for us

2019:|Fran looks at the elder and with a serious tone “because I know what war feels like”

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: and I know that sometimes one needs to sacrifice somethings to win a war

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: so if you don’t trust me lock me with them

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: but don’t leave them free

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: yeah and a cloak too))

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘We have no way to transport you to the capital.

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: then have us executed here, what point is us to travel a land where our only allies turn their back on us to a stranger

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: we can ask the denko company

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: they should be able to transport us there and I heard their guards are pretty strong too

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Perrrrrhaps

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: i cant belive i actually helped you anushi…….. does friendship mean nothing anymore……….

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: is friendship more valuable than other’s lives?

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘I shall marrrrk each of you firrrrst. Then you shall be taken to Tanqarrra. We arrre too busy with warrrrr to handle this

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: im sure the queen will have plenty to say when shown the evidence

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Bloodletter: indeed

2019:|One_Eye steps forward to accept his mark

2019:|Fran nods and steps forward too

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe steps forward and accepts her mark

2019:|Ezro_Elder ’s claws glow faintly with some kind of magic. THen he draws claws across the forehead. The wound heals instantly into off-colored scar tissue

2019:|Duradae_Olath steps farwards to, but not without hesitation

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Remove your mask to accept the mark.

2019:|One_Eye touches his forehead in curiosity

2019:|Fran nods, puts her back in front of the others and lowers a bit the mask

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe touches the mark and scowls, unhappy with the scar

2019:|Ezro_Elder applies the mark. But she seems to be sniffing you as they do it..

2019:|Fran smiles “do I smell nice?”

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Familiarrrrr

2019:|Ezro_Elder ’s expression does not change after saying Familiarrrr

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘next!

2019:|Fran lifts her mask back in the normal position and turns to the side

2019:|Ezro_Elder marks each of you in turn.

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: get your hands off me you disgusting betrayer!

2019:|Scinthia_NReth resists

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: when your life is basically you with a mask so it’s basically uselss the stylish effect of the mark xD))

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Betrayer?!

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘How have I betrrrrayed you….?

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: I have done nothing but help this city

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: i should never have decided to help these kittens…. *duradae mutters under his breath

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: now you wish to mark me, how dare you!

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Then accept your mark and go to Tanqara. They can remove it therrrre if you arrrrre innocent.

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: I am a Dark Elf, I would rather die than be branded by a lesser being

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘So be it.

2019:|Scinthia_NReth prepares to defend herself

2019:|Ezro_Elder Hisses loudly.

2019:|Duradae_Olath starts getting really pissed off

2019:|Fran looks at the situations and sighs

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: elder please call the guards

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: indeed

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Kill them all. We will revive them in Tanqara

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘including the masked one

2019:|Fran puts her hands in the air “I’m not opposing you elder”

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: atleast let me go ok

2019:|Scinthia_NReth smiles at Duradae ‘I am for once, glad you are with us Duradae, that teleport saved my life’

2019:|Duradae_Olath smiles ‘glad to be of asistance’

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: well you said smell and something else XD

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: it was a joke lol))

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: let’s return in there xD))

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: and that’s why I want to talk with the elder e.e))

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: showing him “hey they teleported see I was right”))

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: btw lol, I can return to the settlement of the undead since no one recognize me xD))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: sent

2019:|Fran noticing the group getting teleported she hastily says “wait elder! they escaped!”

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: ((the escaping party gets mobbed by anushi and they take many wounds, but they still manage to disappear

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: There has been a situation, Duke

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: It appears someone has been gathering information on your operations

2019:~Fran the Shadow of Rarahat: see! we need to notify tanqara as fast as possible!

2019:|Ezro_Elder says ‘Yes we do. We will send a message with your body

2019:|Fran sighs “I tried to help you and you still don’t want it”

2019:~Fran The Moral: may I ask why?

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: ((At this point you are pretty much surrounded by anushi all clawing at you. They don’t really seem like they will listen to anything

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: ((go ahead and make your roll

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Naturally we did our best to confuse those that this woman was feeding information to

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: At the cost of our reputation

2019:~Fran The Moral: is the door locked?))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: ((I think normally it is but for the sake of this RP let’s say it isn’t.

2019:~Fran The Moral: nah I can always troll them lol

2019:~Fran The Moral: ))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: heh

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: (ok so it is locked and the guards have the keys

2019:|Fran tries to move out from the encircling

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: You reposition slightly, but take a nasty claw gash

2019:|Fran takes the hit and grunts “I guess I have to teleport to tanqara and talk with them about this”

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: You take another nasty gash between bits of your armor

2019:|Fran uses her hearth and becomes invisible and tries to move around the room to not get noticed by the anushi

2019:~Fran The Moral: heart))

2019:~Fran The Moral: itemlink))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: deception roll

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: They believe you used a spell to get away

2019:|Fran stays inside the room waiting for someone to exit and at the same time listening to what they’re saying

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: (you hear the cats complaining for a bit about everyone escaping. Make a perception check

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: (they begin going over the event amongst themselves. They seem to distrust everyone involved. They write up a message to be sent to Tanqara to explain what has happened.

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: another perception check

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: You notice one of the elders sniffing the air. You can see they are looking at the blood on the ground. Your blood. They seem to have noticed the trail after you turned invis

2019:~Fran The Moral: the guards are near the door right?))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: Yes, everyone has gone back to the positions you see here

2019:|Fran tries to steal the keys from one of the guards at the door

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: success

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: you also find a wad of catnip

2019:|Fran hastily opens the door and runs while shouting “I’ll go to tanqara, so don’t worry, next time be gentler”

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: say leave to the guard

2019:~Fran The Moral: I can’t lol))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: leave

2019:~Fran The Moral: I don’t have the modpack updated))

2019:~Fran The Moral: do you think I can stack this with the good group?))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: probably yea

2019:~Fran The Moral: like lol))

2019:~Fran The Moral: btw

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: haha so fun

2019:~Fran The Moral: I have many reason to do this :D))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: Cool. You are free to either keep me in the dark or explain to me what you have in mind. I’m good either way

2019:~Fran The Moral: keep in the dark))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: Sounds good

2019:~Fran The Moral: I’ll go with them too))

2019:~Fran The Moral: changing back the cloak tho))

2019:~Fran The Moral: wait a moment, gonna take my elytra))

2019:~Fran The Moral: I’m changed back))

2019:~Fran The Moral: I have the old cloak you used to know lol))

2019:~Fran The Moral: how much you rolled?))

2019:~Fran The Moral: damn))

2019:~Fran The Moral: my laptop died))

2019:~Fran The Moral: ah yes, you’re the 1320 right?))

2019:~Fran The Moral: you feel like I was familiar))

2019:|Scinthia_NReth glares at the woman

2019:|Fran looks around and notices Scinthia’s glare {maybe he recognized me} she prepares her elytra

2019:|Duke_Vorndin looks at the returning group with raised eyebrows

2019:~Fran The Moral: that I gave to Ray for the raid boss event sigh))

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘you look as if you have seen better days.

2019:~Fran The Moral: that mana regen 5 is godly))

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: yes, as i said a moment ago

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘By the marks on your brows it appears you have failed

2019:~Fran The Moral: like damn))

2019:~Fran The Moral: itemlink))

2019:~Fran The Moral: 5 of mana regen))

2019:~Fran The Moral: that’s a t3-4 raid boss battle))

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: someone knows of your plans duke he says with disgust

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Explain yourselves

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘I was counting on your efforts to succeed.

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe sighs heavily and sits, frustrated by everything

2019:|Fran looks surprised “really? damn the security here sucks”

2019:|Scinthia_NReth is about to say something then changes her mind ‘… Someone has been gathering information on your operations. Naturally we tried to disuade the anushi of this information in the best way we could. We have been somewhat tarred by this ourselves’

2019:|Duke_Vorndin looks disappointed and even a little disgusted

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘This is why I rarely look outside my own people for assistance.

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: We managed to stop two patrols, but they appear to have hired some very skilled fighters’

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Yes, and that is why I HIRED SKILLED FIGHTERS TO COUNTER THEM!

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: I am not a fighter, with respect Duke, i did the best i could

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: fran decided it would be a good idea to split up…..

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: i voted against it but

2019:|Fran nods “I tought you could handle your work”

2019:~Fran The Moral: it seems you can’t even do that

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe rolls her eyes at the infighting, and rubs her swollen feet

2019:|Fran laughs at the lightning bolt “is this really magic?”

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: if i wanted to hurt you i could

2019:~Fran The Moral: pls take no offense))

2019:|Duke_Vorndin looks incredulous. “I sent you to do a task. A task I measured as appropriate to your abilities. And you decided to split … up ….

2019:~Fran The Moral: it’s just ic <3))

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: right? see the duke gets it

2019:|Duradae_Olath glares at fran

2019:|One_Eye looks embarrassed

2019:~Fran The Moral: well, I’m good at killing them alone, that was my old job and I’m good at that

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: However, interestingly they didnt even have enough manpower to take us to Tanqara

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘And how many patrols did you kill?

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: I believe their defenses are starting to run dry

2019:~Fran The Moral: well guys))

2019:~Fran The Moral: this is where I stake all of my luck))

2019:~Fran The Moral: expects the 120))

2019:|Fran smiling under the mask “I killed 4 patrols”

2019:~Fran The Moral: damn 10))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: (fran roll perception

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: (You see he doesn’t believe you. You even think you see him smile just a tiny bit before it disappears

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Is that so? Well done.

2019:|Fran sighs “ok… three, but the fourth one was nearly done”

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘That was a bit more believable. Of course you haven’t considered one thing. You are not my only … employees …

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Oh?

2019:~Fran The Moral: others too have been killing the patrols?

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe listens skeptically, but is patient with her words

2019:~Fran The Moral: btw, I’m always ready to run xD))

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘As I mentioned before, I have my own people handling the patrols farther from Ezro. I asked you to handle those closer to the city because you have better relations with the Anushi.

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Well, you used to have better relations. That was before you were marked.

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Our relations make no difference

2019:~Fran The Moral: did someone tell him about marks?))

2019:~Fran The Moral: come on guys keep a secret or two e.e))

2019:~One_Eye the Marked: (they are visible scars

2019:|Scinthia_NReth raises a finger ‘Actually im not marked’

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: those relations almost saved us, untill someone decided to tell the ezro elders about your planns

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: Though im sure i cant go back there

2019:|Fran looks at them on the forehead “and here I thought it was a new tatoo of the anushi”

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Your usefulness to me has been dramatically diminished.

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Me disagree

2019:|Duradae_Olath grumbles quietly

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Oh? Do tell.

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Someone give info to kittiez, if we get in gud favor, find spy, kill spy

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Work from inside

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: I know this spy

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: It take long, but worth effort

2019:|Fran looks at Scinthia “really who?”

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: well that makes it way easier laughs

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: I dont know who it was, I just recognised her. i thought maaaaybe it was that fighter girl at the tournament in lunathis, but hmm i dunno this one seemed to have a posture that showed age

2019:~Fran The Moral: the fighter is ailin…))

2019:~Scinthia_NReth: If i could only retrace my steps, maybe I can find out who it was

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Enough. Cease your meaningless whining.

2019:~Duradae_Olath the Marked: well all we have to do is look for an old hag with a nack for deception then….

2019:~Fran The Moral: and damn, don’t call me old _))

2019:~Fran The Moral: you hurt ma feelings))

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Spy hurt plan if live, find spy, plan go

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘You are exiled from my presence. All of you. Failure is unnacceptable. If you somehow manage to make yourselves useful again then I shall reconsider the exile.

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe sighs heavily, and stands slowly

2019:|Duradae_Olath glares at the duke with visible hatred

2019:|One_Eye shrugs

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe looks at the Duke for a moment longer, debating.

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Duke, me would like word with you

2019:|Duke_Vorndin looks as if he is about to say no, then nods in assent.

2019:|One_Eye walks down the stairs to stand just outside the cell (gotta stay up here to control the duke

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe waits for the room to clear

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘GO!

2019:|Scinthia_NReth huffs ‘Well, i guess exile is better than death’

2019:|Duradae_Olath glares at the duke one more time before leaving 06/28/2020

2019:|Fran sighs “so we’re disposable like this eh” [10:50 PM]

2019:|Scinthia_NReth glares [10:51 PM]

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘What is it? [10:51 PM]

2019:|Fran looks at them “you’ really lost against the second patrol…” [10:51 PM]

2019:|Duradae_Olath mutters ‘this is why i hate people……..’ [10:51 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Me would like to know about prisoner..mysmaal [10:51 PM]

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Oh? And what makes you think I am in the mood to provide you with information? [10:52 PM]

2019:|Scinthia_NReth takes her anger out on a camp of kenkui [10:52 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe gently rubs her growing stomach. “Mysmaal is father..would help your plans.” [10:52 PM]

2019:|Fran looks at the tree and sighs [10:53 PM]

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘He can’t possibly be your father. You are a full blooded orc, are you not? [10:53 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: He is father of babies [10:53 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe continues to gently hold her stomach [10:53 PM]

2019:|Duke_Vorndin barely holds back a laugh. “Truly?” [10:53 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Yes. Is truth. [10:54 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Starvation is torture, mysmaal strong, can be helpful [10:54 PM]

2019:|Duradae_Olath decides to relive his anger on any living thing near him, all you see is an enormus column of lightning in the distance [10:55 PM]

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘He is not strong. This one is strong. (he gestures to Gaaaagh) [10:55 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe looks guiltily at Gaaaagh. “Me know, very strong. But mysmaal strong too. Can be of help.” [10:56 PM]

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘I am not convinced. He is broken. A husk of his potential. [10:57 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Because he need blood..you starve him, no strong when hungy [10:57 PM]

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘We do not have an abundance of living flesh if you haven’t noticed. [10:57 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Me give him blood [10:58 PM]

2019:|Duke_Vorndin says ‘Fine. You may do so. Once. Then you must go. [10:58 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe gives an awkward bow. “Thank. You kind, me work hard for you cause.” [10:59 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe makes her leave down the stairs [11:00 PM]

2019:|Maalrin moans softly [11:00 PM]

2019:|Fallen_Bulwark unlocks the door at word from the Duke [11:01 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe steps into the small chamber. “You..need to feed. So you..become strong.” [11:01 PM]

2019:|Maalrin blinks his eyes several times trying to focus on you [11:01 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: can’t … feed… [11:01 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Need to, you need to feed [11:01 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: so weak … [11:02 PM]

2019:|Maalrin coughs and convulses in pain [11:02 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe takes the dagger she had found, and cuts her palm, holding it out for Maalrin to take [11:03 PM]

2019:|Maalrin leans his head toward the blood and latches on with his decidely unpointy mouth [11:03 PM]

2019:|Maalrin drinks and drinks and drinks [11:03 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe winces a bit, but she sits on the floor next to Maalrin letting him drink [11:04 PM]

2019:|Maalrin the color of his skin changes slowly from the tone of the undead back to something closer to his normal pale [11:04 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe tries to pull her palm away, content with the color change. [11:05 PM]

2019:|Maalrin tries to hold onto the hand [11:05 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe allows the mysmaal to drink a bit more, then pulls her hand away [11:05 PM]

2019:|Maalrin tries again to maintain his grip, but is still too weak to manage it [11:05 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Was..that enough? [11:05 PM]

2019:~Fran The Moral: then idk [11:06 PM]

2019:|Maalrin looks at Ferox with eyes that can finally focus. [11:06 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: For now. [11:06 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Good. You..do not need..to starve. [11:06 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: Tell that to my jailors [11:07 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: I work hard..to get you out. Then we will talk. [11:07 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: … thank you … for everything … [11:08 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: You are not slave..you are a friend, and much more. Me..I will take care of you. [11:08 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: I do not understand your loyalty to me. After everything I have done. [11:09 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: That talk is..for another day..Me..I show kindness. Beatrix teach me about that. [11:10 PM]

2019:|Maalrin ’s face falls at the mention of his fang-puller. [11:10 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: I show you kindness, even if you did not show me same. [11:10 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: You … are not like the rest of the clan. [11:11 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: No. I am not. But that no..does not make me less orc. Just different orc. [11:12 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: Orctress.. [11:13 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: Kindness is not bad sometimes. Just like fight not bad sometimes. [11:13 PM]

2019:|Maalrin is clearly overcome with exhaustion and is beginning to fade into sleep now that he has had sustenance. [11:13 PM]

2019:~Ferox_Ragashe the Marked: You sleep. I will get you free. [11:13 PM]

2019:~Maalrin the Fangless: Orcs are bad. All except you [11:14 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe smiles a wide goofy grin, and leaves the cell so Maalrin can sleep [11:14 PM]

2019:|One_Eye squeezes Ferox’s shoulder comfortingly then turns to go down the ladder. [11:15 PM]

2019:|Ferox_Ragashe the smile turns prideful, and she follows One Eye down the ladder [11:16 PM]

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