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The wizard profession is one of mastery over Arcane magics. This would include usually Fire and Ice and Magic itself Most wizards learn their practice from other masters who of the art and often are patrons of Mariana, the Goddess of Magic

Wizards are able to unleash exceptional damage on their foes but are extremely weak in combat, due to this reason they often travel with a party for which they are appreciated due to their ability to Translocate

Wizard is a caster class, this means that you are able to use strong magic spells wich can deal damage to enemies shield you or do other usefull things.

Combat: The main damage source of a wizard is their spells, they deal a certain amount of damage to your target when you finish casting them. there are 3 versions of the damage spell: the single target damage spells, these spells do damage to the npc you have as your target. The aoe (Area of effect) damage spell, these spells do damage to your target and the other players or npcs in the range. The dot (Damage over time) damage spell these spells do damage to your target over some time.

Wizards are able to use shield spells wich increase your hp and defences. You are also able to root your targets, this prevents them from moving but they are still able to attack.

The strenghts of a wizard are their high damage they get from their spells, the ability to shadowstep and the ability to teleport (This is only for the high levels)

The weaknesses of wizards are their low hp and melee damage, this makes them vulnerable to melee attacks. Shadowstep is a spell that teleports you to the block you are looking at with a set range increasing with the strength of your spell.


  • Root your target so your weakness cannot be exploited

  • Then destroy your target from a distance

Utility: As a wizard you unlock teleportation spells at high levels, these spells will teleport you / your group to a certain location on the map, this can be really usefull for travelling to dungeons or cities.

Roleplay: Wizards are magic users so make use of that in your roleplay. For example: they are able to create fire. They are able to use all their spells in roleplay, so you can become invisible, you are able to teleport and you are able to shadowstep. this can be fun to use in roleplay.

Spells See Spells

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