Rogues are a premier melee damage class outputting the most melee damage

Newbie Guide

The rogue is a dps class and has the highest melee damage,it can use both sword and bow, with deadly poisons that deals damage or debuffs(sword only); Rogues have another skill along normal slashing and that is piercing(later on it will have a penetration effect on the armour class).

At lvl 4 you learn dodge, 12 safefall (negates fall damage),13 dual wield (chance to hit with the item in the second hand),16 double attack, and 30 riposte (chance to counter the attack of the enemy).

The sneak works just don’t look at the mobs.

This class has few spells at the starter levels the first one you can buy it at level 1 and it’s throw stone, the second one it’s Elbow strike at lvl 5 and the third one it’s backstab at level 10.

These spells all deal damage to a target. Then we have

Focused will discipline at level 10, (in theory you can have only one discipline active but this feature isn’t added yet)

This spell heals you every tick but all these spells for me are not worthy to buy except for backstab, then you have at level 20 the spell sneak attack that adds the critical chance, the hit chance, the critical damage and the hit damage, then you have up to lvl 30 and one to lvl 40 2 others discipline

Resistant discipline that increase all the resistances of 20 and fearless discipline that increase the chance to counter fear spells

All of these spells can be bought from

  • Ezro [x:-2335;z:22]

Most of the spells are like sneak attack but with different modifiers, one of the most versatile skill a rogue can have is rogue ploy lvl 61 this skill can mez up to lvl 65 for 30 seconds.


There are various poison with various effects but mainly divides into 2 groups: Utility and DPS The utility poisons are:” messenger’s bane that gives snare (made with larkspur myrmidon’s sloth gives slowness(made with oleander quellious trauma makes you deaggro the mob hitted(made with muscimol fighter’s bane make clumsy the mob;(made with caladium warlord’s bane make clumsy and gives slow to the mob(made with laburum archer’s bane decrease the hit chance of the mob(made with privit monk’s bane reduces the dodge chance of a mob(made with delphinium)“.

The DPS potions are :” spider’s bite that deals damage(made with nigrivinter) and scorpion’s agony that deals damage and aggro the mob to you(made with gormar).

You can only have active one utility poison and one dps poison at time, but this feature isn’t added yet. The poisons have various grades that goes from I(1) to XVIII(18) the grade determines the chance to inflict the poison at hit and the damage too for the DPS poisons.

Grade vial material quality

( I ) Primitive Weak

( II ) Crude Grade E

( III ) Rough Grade D

( IV ) Coarse Grade C

( V ) Simple Grade B

( VI ) Unrefined Grade A

( VII ) Plain Grade AA

( VIII ) Unador-ned Concen-trated Grade B

( IX ) Refined Concen-trated Grade A

( X ) Fine Concen-trated Grade AA

( XI ) Etched Refined Grade A

( XII ) Embos-sed Refined Grade AA

( XIII ) Gold Embos-sed Purified Grade B

( XIV ) Platinum Embos-sed Purified Grade A

( XV ) Chronal Infused Purified Grade AA

( XVI ) Adorned Distilled Grade C

( XVII ) Ornate Distilled Grade B

( XVIII ) Stylized Distilled Grade A

Class Titles

51: The Rake

55: The Blackguard

60: The Assassin

Passive and Unique Skills

Bind Wound 70% bonus at level 51

Dodge at level 4

Riposte at level 30

Double Attack at level 16

Safe Fall at level 12

Sneak at level 1

Dual Wield at level 13

Statistics Recommendations

The main stats for rogue are STR AGI and DEX, STR it’s used to calculate the damage the rogue does, AGI to calculate the dodge chance and DEX for the bow damage, chance to weapon proc and dual wield.

Spells See Spells

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