Paladins are both plate-wearers and tanks. They are a hybrid of clerics and warriors.

Newbie Guide

Paladins are the ultimate Knight and derive their power from the Light Gods that they worship. The profession is generally a long pilgrimage as a squire under the tutelage of an existing Paladin

Paladins are sworn by oath to protect and spread the words of their Gods. Due to this devotion they are often blessed with healing magic and the power to slay Undead

Paladins are bitterly opposed to Shadow Knights who they are often at war with

Passive and Unique Skills

Dodge at level 6

Riposte at level 30

Double attack at level 20

Disarm at level 40

Meditation at level 12

Pray from Level 1

Bash from level 6

Spells See Spells

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