Necromancers are the masters of death and undeath, and utilize fire, poison, disease, magic and corruption magics to overcome their foes. They also can summon undead pets.

Newbie Guide

So you’ve found yourself choosing necromancer. While it’s not the easiest class to play, it’s certainly an interesting one and will be beneficial when you go to solo opponents.

The first thing you’re going to want to do on any character is go through the quests in Destin. As you begin your journey, be sure to read all the signs and listen to what the NPCs are telling you to figure out clues about where you need to go and learn useful information. After you finish the quests, you should be about level 5 and ready to go from Destin to Haven. Before you leave, however, you want to make sure you have all your gear as Destin’s shops are a bit more organized.

Before you even buy your gear, it’s important to know what necromancers are good at so you can buy the spells you know for certain you’ll need. As a necromancer, your combat ability comes from your damage over time spells (DOT) both poison and disease, your instant damage spells, your pet summon spells, your self-shield and lifetap spells, and the spells that will buff your pet. Your pet is going to be your most important asset going forward so you want to be sure you can summon him before combat. Your DOT spells will deal a significant amount of damage as time goes on, so they’re good for long, drawn out battles. Your shield spells will keep you relatively safe for a brief period of time, though they cannot be used on other people; your instant damage spells are good for whittling people down quickly, but drain your mana just as quick. Another important spell you’ll want to buy is a spell to turn your hit points into mana.

As far as gear goes, I recommend spending your money on things that will be useful to you in the near future. While the water breathing, night vision, and invisibility spells are certainly neat, you have a limited amount of money and want to get the most bang for your buck. Thus, I recommend buying your low level pet summon spell (Cavorting Bones), your shield spell (Minor Shielding), your damage over time disease spell (Disease Cloud), your lifetap (Lifetap, takes health from enemies and gives it to you) and any other such combat spells you are able to afford. I also recommend buying a staff as your melee weapon and a shield (you cannot dual wield as a necromancer, so shields are the way to go for extra stats). Finally, after you finish acquiring your spells, you can store them all in your spellbook with /spellbook add to be retrieved at any time (this way your inventory isn’t filled with nothing but books!). A comprehensive list of spells are found below, but if you want to see what they can do you can always go to this website:

Once you leave Destin and arrive in Haven, you have two choices: continue to level up in dungeons or go out into the world to begin your roleplay experience. If you wish to begin roleplaying, there is a map of the world at to see a view of where people are and what towns they’re in. Keep in mind, your character will not actually have a magical map of the location of everyone at any given time so you’ll have to roleplay out finding them. In order to switch chats, do /ch local or /ch ooc. Local chat is used for roleplay and global is for general talking out of character. If you wish to emote, you can do /me (the things you wish for your character to do). Wandering around to find roleplay can be intimidating, but we don’t bite! And if you have any questions about how to roleplay, the community is more than willing to help incorporate you into their own RP in little ways to get you acquainted.

If you decide you want to level up a bit more before venturing out, the map is also useful for dungeon finding (although the low level dungeons will be around Haven for you to stumble into). A list of dungeons and their recommended level ranges can be found pinned on discord under the suggestions channel. If you need a link to join the discord, you can ask anyone in chat or type /motd . Once you find a dungeon you want to go to (at your level, Clan Grimrock or the Vampire Dungeon are probably the way to go), you may decide to make a party (healers are definitely underrated!). To do so, do /group invite name or /group accept. There are plenty of people leveling characters to join up with and older players are usually willing to lend a hand. If you’re going alone, no problem, your pet can certainly keep you company. As this guide has thus far been about how to arrive at this point, I’ll head straight into combat steps.

1) Summon and buff your pet. Necromancers thrive on the usage of their pet to avoid any conflict that may go awry and risk killing them instead. While your pet is weak at low levels, your maximum level pet (Child of Rarahat) has 4000 HP and around 120 damage. Once you’ve successfully summoned your pet, you want to give him equipment with /pet equip. You can give your pet armor and weapons this way, but you will not be able to retrieve any of the items you give him, so only equip your pet with items you will not want later! Finally, once your pet is equipped, you want to buff him up before sending him to battle. To do so, you can use the spells Rune of Death and Protection of Calliav (at max level) to give him the best chance at survival. 2) Buff yourself. While you’re unable to spread the buffs to anyone else, there are certain steps you can take to help yourself. At max level, I use Greater Shielding, Shield of the Arcane, and Shieldskin (though there are many other spells you can use). I also recommend applying your +mana -HP spell in order to regen your mana to continue the fight (spells such as Arch Lich and Seduction of Saryrn).

3) Apply your damage over time effects. While you cannot have two of the same type DOT effects on one opponent, you can apply both disease and poison onto your enemy to whittle down their HP over time. While it won’t kill them quickly, 200 damage per tick certainly adds up!

4) Send your pet out/heal him. While your pet is smart in his own way, he’s not always the sharpest. For this step, you need to own a pet control orb. Shift left click to target your enemy and right click the orb to send your pet after the enemy. If at any point in time you find your pet in danger of dying, there are spells to bring his HP back up (at max level, Touch of Death). Keep in mind you’ll have to target your pet, detracting your attention from the enemy.

5) Use your instant damage spells. While there are many different spells you can use here, it’s best to maximize mana efficiency so you don’t spend your whole manapool on just one enemy.

6) Heal yourself if necessary. If you find that your pet has died or the opponent is focusing on you, don’t worry! You buffed yourself up and now you just have to use your lifetap (good thing we bought this earlier, no?). Simply target your enemy and right click and voila, if you don’t fizzle, you’re healed! I recommend Touch of Mujaki at max level. If you find yourself near-dead and want the chance to run away, there’s a little-known spell called Harmshield that will give you invulnerability for just a few seconds (enough to run like mad).

7) Whack away. While the enemy should be focused on your pet, this is your chance to put your staff to use and bury this guy. After this step, the enemy should be dead and you’ll come out victorious, of course.

Useful Notes:

1) Shadowstep is the name of a spell to optimize your travel, but you can also die of fall damage. Fly carefully, kiddos.

2) Gate is a spell that will take you to where your home is bound. Incredibly useful for avoiding a long return trip.

3) If you want to know where a spell is dropped, you can go to the conversations tab of discord and do ?loot name of spell.

4) Crafting gear is almost always better than found gear, but takes an incredible amount of time. Luckily for you, there are others who have maxed the skill to ask.

5) There are AAs (fancy word for a type of skill tree) that you can put xp into with /toggleaa or buy with inspiration (which you get from voting). I recommend waiting until max level to buy these, but then max out your health AAs, casting fury, and other mana AAs.

6) To gain inspiration, do /inspiration sites in game. Voting will give you the most consistent inspiration, but you can also receive it as a reward for building dungeons and other such things

7) Leveling is not the only way to have power in roleplay! Build a town, create connections, and have fun! It’s not all about fighting.

8) To buy higher level necromancer spells, you can travel to Highguard for spells up to level 29.

9) You can choose to specialize in a type of magic (alteration, abjuration, etc) with /specialise. For necromancer, I recommend alteration or abjuration (alteration for damaging spells such as DOTs and instant damage, abjuration for buffs and pet summoning). It really all comes down to what you use more often. Specializing will help you level up the skill faster and should thus fizzle less. You can specialize at level 20.

Class Titles

Level 51: the Heretic

Level 55: the Defiler

Level 60: the Warlock

Passive and Unique Skills

Riposte Level: 0

Doubleattack Level: 0

Safefall Level: 0

Specialise Level: 20

Dualwield Level: 0

Race Recommendations

Darkelf, Troll, Undead, Asuran, Mysmaal, Caerthian, Highhuman, Meroei

Statistics Recommendations

DEX and INT + anything with high health or mana

Gear Recommendations

Gear you find in dungeons can be really neat, but crafting is definitely the way to go. If you don’t feel like leveling crafting, you can always buy from someone or continue in the dungeons. Mythical is the best of gear, but also incredibly rare.

Spells See Spells

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