Magicians are masters at summoning and this includes summoning food and water, weapons and armor, and all sorts of useful utility items. They can also summon powerful elemental beings to serve as their pets.

Class Titles

the Elementalist

the Conjurer

the Arch Mage

Newbie Guide

The magician is a magic class that is based on the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. All of their magic is based on one of these elements, for example their elementals. They are the strongest summoning class, this means that they summon strong elemental beings to serve them.

Combat: The main damage source of magicians is their elemental, you have four types of elementals: Fire : Fire elementals have low hp and defense stats, they compensate this with their high damage output. Their ability is a ranged damage spell. Water : Water elementals have normal hp, defense and damage stats. Their ability is a ranged damage spell. Earth : Earth elementals have high hp and defense stats, their damage is low so they are used as a tank. Their ability is a root, this immobalizes the enemy target. When you use this elemental you should use your own damage spells aswell as the elemental to kill an enemy, otherwise it will take a long time to kill an enemy. Air : Air elementals have low hp, defense and damage. Their ability is a stun, this immobalizes the target and stops them from attacking you or your pet for the duration of the stun.

The second damage source is their damage spells : They have 2 types of damage spells, AOE and single target spells. Their single target spells deal damage to the enemy you target, single target damage spells are used to fight one npc at a time, for example bosses. Their AOE spells deal damage to all or a couple of enemies in the range of the spell, AOE spells are used to kill a group of enemies. if you are for example getting chased by an angry group of orcs AOE spells are great. The damage of these spells will be less than the single target spells so don’t expect to oneshot a group of enemies as you might be able to do with a single target spell when you use it on a single target.

Magicians also have some buffs for themself or elementals. here is a list of the buffs an magician can use : Damage shield : This is a shield magicians can cast on the given type of target, this spell will reduce the damage taken from attacks and deal some damage back to the attacker. Shields : This is a normal shield magicians can cast on the given type of target, it will give you some HP and will reduce the damage taken from attacks. Buffs for your elemental : These are buffs you can only cast on your elemental, they increase the damage your elemental deals, give them more HP, give them higher defense, make them attack faster, give them special effects on their attacks, increase the HP regen etc.

Magicians wear leather gear and use a staff as a weapon, you can get this gear from dungeons but it will take some time to find a full set of gear of your class since the drop rate of gear for your own class is lowered, so the fastest way of getting gear is buying if from other players or doing dungeons with players with another class. If you don’t have any money and you can’t find anyone to play with you can always craft your own gear.

Utility : Magicians aren’t only for combat, they have other amazing abilities. They can summon Food and water, this will save you and your allies a lot of money. They can summon items that give buffs like invisibility, night vision and even flight. They can summon armor wich will decrease the damage you take, and they can summon jewelry wich gives you buffs to your stats. They also are able to summon strong weapons that have special effects on their attacks. They can also summon ender chests and shulker boxes for their allies. The only downside to the items magicians summoned is that they last untill the next server restart or untill you disconnect, so you summoned an entire set of equipment it is all gone if there is a server restart or if you disconnect.

Some important things : If you want to summon an elemental you will need a reagent called malachite, you can find this while mining or you can buy it from an jeweler. If you equip gear on an elemental with the /equip pet command you can’t get it back. Link to spell list :

You are now ready to play as a mage, if you have any further questions you can always ask other players or staff.

Have fun playing !

Race Recommendations

Any high intelligence race

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