Bards have a unique combination of abilities, making them extremely versatile. Essentially a bard is a cross between almost all the basic classes. The key function of the Bard is to sing songs on repeat, buffing or healing their party as they choose. They’re not the best damage class, but they’ll whittle you down as they mez you and run faster than light away.

Class Titles

the Minstrel

the Troubadour

the Virtuoso

Race Recommendations

Eusebian, Meroei, Valderain, Capriped, Anushi, Undead, Clockwork, Fairy

Statistics Recommendations CHA, DEX


Legend: AC: armour class; DR: Disease Resistance; CR: Cold Resistance; FR: Fire Resistance; PR: Poison Resistance;MR: Magic Resistance Tick: 6 seconds; DEX: Dexterity; STR: Strenght; STA: Stamina; AGI: Agility; INT: Intelligence; WIS: Wisdom; CHA: Charisma; ATK: Attack.

Bards have songs has spells and only some use mana, some repeat to the infinite until you use a new song or an enemy resist a damage song. You can use more than one song at time but only the last one used will repeat while the other will end with the corresponding message in chat that says:” ’s song has come to a close [NameOfTheSong], by finding a good timing between some songs, you can cycle between songs without waiting any time. For example 4 psalms have the duration of 12 seconds and a casting time of 3 seconds, meaning you can cycle between them without waiting.

At the start the player would be given 100$, with this money it’s advised to buy the tiny dagger from the weaponsmith then to get the low level spell(s) from the spell shop and buying the flute, drum, lute and drums, each of these give useful modifiers when held in the off-hand. After doing that you should be able to kill the low level mobs to get some equipment for your Bard class or other classes, it’s reccomended to sell the equipment from other classes so it’s faster to get the other spells for the bard class. After farming some money the other spells to buy are the Hymn of restoration and whistling warsong, both are useful buff spells at the start.

Bard learns the Dodge skill at lvl 10, this adds a chance to dodge an attack, at lvl 17 the dual wield skill, this adds a chance to attack with the item in the offhand together with the item in the main hand for higher damage, at lvl 24 the safefall skill, this adds a chance to negate totally fall damage, at lvl 58 the riposte skill, this adds a chance to automatically attack after being hit.

There are many strategies you can try as a bard, like buffing yourself and going yolo in a dungeon or buffing your group, you can charm mobs to make them battle instead of you (charm doesn’t work on bosses) you can even kite mobs by just running around and using aoe spells, this class is one that has the most choices on killing mobs and uses from little to no mana to do this.

At lvl 10 start searching for the lvl 10-19 bard shop buying the spells anthem de arms(atk speed +10%, STR+60), boastful bellow, disruptive discord and lucid lullaby(This last one will be effective to all mobs under lvl 31 and it’s useful to escape after using it, since mez will be eliminated from the target after hitting it). From the lvl 20-29 shop the spells Psalm of warmth(shield 19 dmg, CR+120 and AC+9), Psalm of Vitality(Shield 19 dmg, DR+129, AC+9), Song of the sirens(This is a useful spell that charms every mob under lvl 37 making it a pet, so after buying this spell you should buy the pet control orb), Consonant chain(decreases movement speed by 140% and atk speed by 40% of the target), Melliflous motion(a useful shadow step for bard, to stop the shadow step you have to type /effects and remove it from the list that appears), Pixie Strike(Mez up to lvl 45). If you are in a group then you should buy the chant of clarity(Regen of 2 mana every tick) and veracious concord spells too.

From the lvl 30-39 shop you should buy the spells Curtailing chant(Decreases MR by 29), Amplification(Increases singing skill by 15 and adds 28% of power to all singing spells), Song of sword dancing(DEX+40, chance to decreases 25 DEX from the enemy), psalm of cooling(Shield 19 dmg, FR+120, AC+9), psalm of purity(Shield 19 dmg, PR+120, AC+9), dissension(Mana-60, useful in pvp), verses of Celerity(Atk speed +20%, AGI+60, AC+16), chant of flame(FR-29), bewitching bravura(charms up to lvl 51), there are 2 similar spells chorus of clarity(regen of 7 mana per tick) and cantata of soothing(regen of 4 hp and 5 mana per tick).

From the lvl 40-49 shop you should buy the spells anti-magic aria, dreams(mez up to lvl 53), psalm of mystic shielding(Spell shield 19 dmg, MR+120, AC+9, 5 HP regen for tick), chant of disease(DR-29), berserker crescendo(Atk speed +33%, STR+37, AC+16), desperate dirge, provocation(Atk speed+50%, STR+20, ATK+20), chant of frost(CR-29), melody of preservation(STR+10, Spell shield+10, HP regen of 14 per tick), chords of cessation(Decrease atk speed by 25%), shield of songs(Dmg shield+20, Spell shield+20), accelerating chorus(Movement speed +65%). If you’re in group with a caster class then it’s reccomended to buy the spell Elegy(INT+28, WIS+28) too.

From lvl 50+ you have to drop the spell from certain mobs.

Now some good lvl 50+ spells are Melody(stackable atk speed+5%), battlecry(stackable atk speed+15%), deftdance discipline, song of high sun(stun of 1 sec for npc and 0.5 for players, dispelling of buffs from the target and teleport them to their homepoint), Inspiration(atk speed +66%, STR+30, ATK+22), chorus of replenishment(HP regen of 18 and Mana regen of 19 per tick), warsong(stackable atk speed +25%), puretone discipline(sing +28), composition(stackable atk speed +10%, AC+13), assonance(decrease atk speed by 40%, 41dmg per tick), ancient: lullaby of shadow(mez up to lvl 59), Ancient:Lament( found on: Garudaavenger Garuda Rook PureFireAspect Undead_Minion) (effect HP regen of 22 and Mana regen of 23 per tick), song of the storm( chance to deal 75 dmg at each attack), wind of marr(HP regen of 25 and Mana regen of 22 per tick), warsong of zek(atk speed +60%, STR+60, ATK +29, AC+15), melody of mischief(39 dmg per tick and decrease atk speed by 45%), dreams of thule(mez up to lvl 62), psalm of Veeshan(dmg shield+15, All Resistance+80, AC+8), call of flame(increase spell damage by 1% to 15% and stackable atk speed+25%), call of the banshee( charm up to lvl 57), war march of the mastruq(atk speed+60%, STR+50, ATK +30, dmg shiled +20), echo of the trusik(stackable atk speed+25%, increase spell damage by 1% to 25%), dark echo(chance to reflect spellsby 50%), call of the muse(Increase spell damage by 1% to 15% and stackable atk speed+25%), vulka’s chant of disease(55 dmg per tick and DR-29), bellow of chaos(128 dmg), luvwen’s lullaby(mez up to lvl 70), cantata of life(HP regen 26 and Mana regen 24 per tick), yelhun’s mystic call( increase spell damave by 1% to 15% and stackable atk speed+25%), war march of muram( Atk speed+60%, STR+75, ATK40, dmg shield+25), verse of vesagran(Absorb 450 melee damage and 450 spell damage and increase base stats+10), storm blade(chance to deal 100 dmg each attack), eriki’s psalm of power(Increase spell damage by 1% to 25% and stackable atk speed+25%), chorus of life( HP regen of 26 and Mana regen of 24 per tick), vulka’s chant of flame(55 dmg per tick and FR-29), voice of the vampire(charm up to lvl 68), aura of the muse( Increase spell damage by 1% to 30% and stackable atk speed+25%), arcane aria(chance to deal 200 dmg each attack) ancient: call of power( Increase spell damage by 1% to 30% and stackable atk speed+25%).

Bards are great for roleplay, they can sing songs for people and are able to a lot of other great stuff.

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