Angel of Justice


Read them carefully. Know them well. Check back often

Updated April 5th 2015

Section I: X-ray
The following is directed towards people using the X-ray modification:
The punishment for using any sort of X-ray modification or X-ray texture-pack is PERMANENT BAN
Section II: Respect The Server
1. The use of hacked clients or illegal client modifications is NOT allowed (Such as Nodus, Huzini or Wurst), and under normal circumstances, will result in a ban.
2. You are permitted to use only approved passive mods which specifically includes Shematica, More Player ModelsV2,  Optifine and Tabby chat if you would like to have a mod added to the list please PM a staff member or make a post on the forums (
3. Spamming is NOT allowed under any circumstances. This includes even repeating a phrase rapidly/excessively, and the use of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and will result in a ban
4. Advertising other Minecraft servers is NOT allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
(Saying the servers name COUNTS, doesn’t matter if you DIDN’T say the IP)
5. The use of any kind of glitch/exploit is NOT allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
6. NO creating a town with an offensive name. Offenders will be jailed until such time as they agree to change it.
7. NO trading currency for any offsite purchases however selling online dollars to buy onsite things like ranks are OK. Offenders will be banned
8. Do not create traps or redstone machinery that causes excessive lag. (Use an off switch) Offenders will be jailed until such time as they agree to change it.
9. Building too close to a wilderness gate is not allowed. Building will be destroyed and any claimed territory will be removed without refund.
10. Leaving partially cut down trees floating in the air will commonly result in a temporary ban of 4 days. No floating scenery without a good RP reason
11. Auto farms of any kind are NOT allowed
12. Do not create eyesores. Unclaimed ugly mounds of dirt with windows in them or other such monstrosities will be deleted. Please create attractive and thoughtful builds. Ugly/unrealistic builds in towns may be subject to required modifications. Any of this and or unsightly open mining pits will result in a 2 day ban an admin or moderators will remove any unsightly builds without notification
13. Do not use non-fantasy RP skins. Donald Duck, Fozzey Bear and Head-phoned characters are not part of the servers’ lore. Offending characters will be banned
14. Do not use offensive words or phrases when choosing your RP, Town or Item name or when setting a characters title (if a king). Also make sure they are suitable for your race the server and your character. Names such as Snuggy Cupcake or Safeway Suzi are not suitable choices for this world.
15. Follow the servers approved lore. Do not create stories or events that affect other players without thoughtful consideration of the approved lore. Offending players will be jailed until such time as they recant their lore-breaking stories
16. Do not create offensive builds. Real Life Religious, Political, Racial, or Distasteful builds will be removed and the builder jailed for a length of time in keeping with the degree of the offence as deemed by the overseeing administrator. Offending players will be banned
17 During the course of an RP you may not claim to exhibit actual powers unless you can manifest them somehow in-game (i.e. with a command, magic item, spell. or ability)
Section III: Shops and Dispensers
1. Abusing any sort of glitch/exploit in the shops or auto dispensers is NOT allowed. Offending players will be banned.
2. All glitches/exploits found MUST be reported to staff immediately. Offending players will be banned.
3. Selling any items acquired by glitching, exploiting, spawning, command block  or duplicating will result in a permanent ban with little chance at an appeal.
Section IV: Respect The Player’s Creations
1. Griefing: the destroying of blocks placed into a structure by another player without consent is ILLEGAL and will be dealt with according to the number of blocks broken.
A building may NOT be modified without consent of the original owner. This includes adding to the building, as well as moving blocks. ((See section VII)) Griefers will be banned until such time as they appeal to an admin on our forums. Length of griefing bans will be determined on a case by case basis
2. The /all /g home commands and kingly tp spells may only be used in the wilderness or in the buildings of your own creation. If you want to set your spawns in a building that isn’t yours, you will need the owner’s consent. Offenders will be jailed on a case by case basis
3. A player is NOT allowed to claim land, by any method, which is owned by another player and/or town. ((See section VII)) Offenders will be banned.
4. If you are requested to leave an area which isn’t yours, you MUST leave as quickly as is possible. If you refuse, the owner of that area has the RP right to attack and kill you after giving you ample time to leave. ((See section VII))
5. If unprovoked, a player is NOT allowed to kill inside of a claimed area. ((See section VII)) A provocation is inciting anger or resentment in another character in an RP situation. Offending players will be banned
6. No player may kill another player without his or her RP consent (Meaning you must clear your intentions to fight somehow beforehand) Offending players will be banned
7. A building may NOT be created within 150 blocks or less of a town claimed area without the consent of the town’s owner. Punishment is set as a temporary ban and demolition of said building. ((See section VII)) Offending builds will be remove and claimed land will be unclaimed without refund.
8. The use of any open farm IS allowed, but all contents taken MUST be replanted. ((See section VII)) Offender will be jailed.
9. Buildings in a town may only be removed by their owner mayor and/or town assistant. If the owner of the building is banned, and has their appeal closed, or has been absent for more than 1 month, the mayor or town assistant may remove the building. A staff member will have to check if said player has been indeed absent for one month. Offending/abusing mayors/assistants will be jailed and fined $5000 payable to the victim.
10. Stealing out of unlocked chests IS allowed. Breaking the block directly above a chest to make its content accessible is allowed. Breaking any other block belonging to a player’s structure to get to the chest will be counted and punished as grief. ((See section VII))
Section VI: Respect The Player!
1. Swearing, cursing, or the use of vulgar language is NOT allowed. Offending players will be jailed for 1 day (cumulative per repeat offence)
2. Sexist, racist, or any other type of bigoted remarks are NOT allowed. Offending player will be banned.
3. Insults and name calling are NOT allowed, even in a jokingly manner. Offending players will be jailed for 1 day (cumulative per repeat offence)
4. Any other disrespect is forbidden, and will be dealt with accordingly. Offending players will be banned
We strictly prohibit the posting of harassing content, including but not limited to threats of violence. If a threat has been made against you which you feel may be credible, we encourage you to first and foremost contact your local police department.
5. Player v. Player combat in a HOUSE is allowed but only in an unclaimed wilderness area. ((See section VII)) Offending players will be banned
6. Attacking a player while standing in a PvP-disabled zone is NOT allowed. Offending players will be banned
7. The use of stacked potions in any confrontation is NOT allowed. Offending players will be banned.
8. The use of Ender Pearls to leave an official PvP area is NOT allowed. However, using them to escape combat in the wilderness is permitted. Further, Invisibility potions are not to be used in official PVP arenas/warzones. Offending players will be banned
9. A player is NOT allowed to attack another player from the spectate area in the PvP arena or any safe spawn area of an official PVP arena. Offending players will be banned.
10. Staff on duty ((Not in RP)) must NOT be attacked. Attacking them will result in punishment.
11. Lying to a staff member on duty about illegal activity is NOT allowed. Offending players will be banned
12. Tricking or luring a player into an area to have them killed IS allowed. This does NOT apply to teleporting to kill.
13. Scamming during an item trade IS allowed. Any other scam (e.g. services, dollars for donation trades) is NOT allowed. Staff members MUST NOT scam, but supervising trades is not part of their duty.
14. The possession of spawned items is NOT allowed for those who do not have permissions to spawn said items (non-donors, lower donor ranks that cannot spawn that particular item). “Borrowing” spawned items to place them for events is allowed. Offenders will be banned.
15. Do not ask the staff for special command executions, permissions, items or money (except in sanctioned event orientated tasks) Offenders will be jailed on a case by case basis.
Section VII: Rules of War ((All rules of war only pertain to nation members involved in a conflict with a clear enemy during a period of official Towny War))
1. A town is allowed to initiate war on another town without the consent of the other. However, either town may declare lenience and MUST pay $10,000 to the other town, automatically ending the war. ((Screen shots of transactions are advised))
2. Another war between the same two towns may NOT be started without consent from both town owners for at least two months after lenience is declared and the $10,000 is paid.
3. If rule #2 is broken, the result will be the loss of the town which initiated the war the second time.
4. During war, there will be NO penalty for griefing, building in sight of the enemy town, or claiming enemy chunks.
5. If the $10’000 settlement is paid, the war MUST be stopped immediately.
6 If rule #5 is broken, the result will be the loss of the town which continued any acts of war.
7. Each “war must be bid on by both sides to determine Time Date Place and Participants. Other items such as reinforcement numbers (returning to battle after being killed) or special agreements must be laid out in full BEFORE the Towny war is activated by an admin. All bidding and arrangements must take place in an open thread on our forums and be agreed to by both parties BEFORE the Towny war is activated by an admin. =========================================================================================== Section VIII: Elections
1. You may vote for yourself to be king or queen of your race.
2. You must be whitelisted to vote.
3. If a tie happens then it will be turned to the people of Solinia and it will be a worldwide vote.
Any broken rule MUST be reported to staff immediately
Using the following excuses for any rule infraction are not valid:
• “I didn’t know it was illegal.”
• “I am new to Multiplayer Servers.”
• “It was an accident.”
• “I am on my friend’s computer.”
• “It was someone else who did it.”
• “I only did it as a test.”
• “I only did it once.”
“I was only joking.”
“He said it was ok.”




Solinian Code of Conduct

To ensure that all members are able to enjoy their online experience safely and freely, Solinia has established a Code of Conduct which all members (and moderators) are expected to follow.


Members agree to not use foul or offensive language. This includes swearing, racist or sexist remarks, or any other form of discrimination.

Harmful Behavior

Members agree to not engage in behavior which interferes with other players’ enjoyment of the game. This includes:

  • Griefing:
    • Disturbing other player’s property or items without their permission, including:
    • Breaking or placing blocks on other player’s property
    • Stealing items from chests owned by other players
    • Entering other player’s houses uninvited
  • Public Nuisance
    • Creating “traps” or placing dangerous blocks (fire, lava, etc.) in public property
    • “Spamming” the chat with repetitive or unwanted messages
  • Harassment
    • Killing a player, even indirectly, outside of designated PvP RP
    • Following, sending /tell messages, or otherwise harassing another player after they have asked you to stop

Server Abuse / Hacking

Attempting to gain unauthorized access to the server, otherwise restricted console commands, or using third-party tools to “hack” elevated privileges or unauthorized abilities will result in a citation. This also includes:

  • Item duplication glitches
  • Modded clients
  • Other glitches and exploits


  • All violations of this code of conduct will result in a warning to the appropriate parties. Repeat offenses will result in a warning and a message to the member’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • Solinia reserves the right to temporarily “ban” members when they seriously violate the member Code of Conduct, preventing them from accessing the server until their ban expires. The context and duration of the ban is left to the discretion of the moderators, and may range from one hour to one week. Donor Gift time spent “banned” will NOT be refunded.
  • Solinia reserves the right to permanently “ban” usernames when a user flagrantly or repeatedly violates the member Code of Conduct. Members which have been permanently banned will NOT be refunded for their donations
  • Solinia staff administrators and Solinia-designated volunteer moderators have the authority to issue warnings and bans as they deem necessary. Members retain the right to appeal the judgement of staff administrators and volunteer moderators if they feel that they have been unjustly treated. Appeals can be posted on our forums at

Suggested Conduct

The following are suggestions for interacting with other players. It would be great for everyone, regardless of rank, to take heed of these suggestions. However, for higher ranks, we recommend this even more strongly, and we might even go so far as to call this a “code of conduct” for the higher ranks, who have a responsibility to act fairly when representing the server.

  1. Be welcoming to new players, including guests. Attempt to get involved and help them in meaningful ways. Drop off some food or starter mats for people who have just gotten a pelot.
  2. Recognize positive behavior, especially good builds. Drop by and offer your compliments if they are due. Offer constructive suggestions if asked.
  3. When you see someone breaking some behavior rules, such as spamming, cursing, or using caps in chat, please politely correct them in private via /msg. Nobody likes to be called out in public.
  4. For people who have a tendency to ask lots of questions, politely redirect them to the website rather than simply saying “website.” If applicable, give them a general idea of where to look, such as the name of the page
  5. If you feel you must answer (or ask!) a question that is on the website or the Solinia wiki, provide an answer via /msg, or ask someone you know via /msg, rather than in global chat. We do not wish to encourage asking these questions in global, as this can send inconsistent messages to new players
  6. For clear or persistent rules violations, use your judgment. Masters and Elders, provide a clear warning via private /msg if it is warranted. When necessary, mute or ban appropriately, and without drama. For other ranks, please report rules violations via /pm, rather than any kind of public forum post. Public announcements of rules violations tend to have a negative effect on our community. PM`s are confidential between the submitter and admins.