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May 2018 Update Wrapup

Hi all,

Updates since the the last general email update was 26/08/2017 have been kind of dramatic!

NPCs languages
Most npcs will now speak in their racial tongue, most of these are player languages but you can also learn unique languages you would not otherwise be able to aquire

Spell effects
Earlier in the year we saw new spell effects being applied to most spells with more to come!

2 New classes
The beastlord and beserker classes are now live!

Players can now gain /inspiration for voting for us to be used on new Armour, XP potions and more! We also added the ability to send inspiration to other players as a thank you or to award them for good roleplaying!

Spell reagents
Many spells now require reagents to cast, see the new tradeskill resource gathering system on how to aquire some of these and the /reagents command

Max level is now 65
The maximum level has now been increased to level 65 and AAs readjusted to assist balancing of content

Faster experience gain
Players will now gain experience faster the lower they are! (up to 6x at level 1)

Pets can now wear magical items! See the /pet equip command

New equipment types
Players can now equip new types of items (necklaces, rings, earrings, cloaks) with the /equip command!

Evil/Neutral/Good Emperors and Kings and /Traders
Alignment Empires can now control various areas of the map and enable npc shops in territories (see /trader and /plantflag). Swear /fealty to another player to allow them to become the King of your race or even Empire of your alignment!

Crafting and Harvest Gathering
We now have a global and territorial based mining, lumbering and fishing system in place which allows players to level in tradeskills (also see /craft) and gain unique items

Item rarities
Another major change this year was item rarities which automatically populated the world with Legendary, Mythical and Ancient loot – good luck finding them all!

New class titles
Classes now gain titles when they reach milestone levels (50, 55, 60!)

Experience hotzones
See the /hotzones to get todays special hotzone areas where double experience is granted for all within

Family trees
Players can now have spouses and children (see /setspouse and /setmother) this also grants Kings and Emperors relations special titles

Content Team
We now have a new content team! Welcome on board Belara, Dwegin, Joshuam158, Lilac, Silternius and Ulthirm! They are pumping out new content, quests and items daily! Thanks so much for your hard work!

Our map is has been updated to show territories and material zones: http://map.solinia.com/

All of this content is developed for fun and is open source at https://github.com/mixxit/solinia3-core feel free to use it!

As always feel free to visit us on Discord (our forum died a long time ago!) https://discord.gg/zsDJk3z

Many thanks


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