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October-Early November Combined Patch Notes

t6 gear now drops in Sanctum
Resists and stats now apply from both hand and offhand items (exc STA)
Happy 5th of November everyone! Double experience and double drops are currently active for 48 hours, a new Npc is at spawn for a high level dungeon launched along side the Burning Man celebration
Show hit by messages in the action bar
Some messages have also been moved to the action bar
Warriors can now enter beserk mode on low health
Melee damage has been massively refactored
It is now possible for players to critical hit their damage
Added defense and offense skills
Mashim now drops an elytra
The discord ?loot command can now be used in game
Level 10-20 Shadow knight spells have been added to a Balrud trader at the gates
There is now necro,wizard,magician and enchanter lvl10-20 spells in the tower library at andyr
Level 10-20 cleric spells have been added to the temple of marian in andyr
Level 10-20 cleric spells have been added to the temple of kaza’thul in morheim
Level 10-20 magician spels have been added to the library in morheim
Level 10-20 Paladin spells have been added to the paladin guild in morheim
Level 1-10, 10-20 Ranger spells have been added to the olva sound ranger guild(edited)
Level 1-10, Level 10-20 druid spells ahve been added to olvasound ranger guild
A new high level dungeon has been added (The Sanctum of Scaled Flame)
Bow damage now shows in the action bar
Players should no longer accidentally root themselves
Npcs now know how to cast AOEs again
Spells now have recast timers
It is possible to right click to sit on stairs
Some creatures from Hallows Eve have made a permanent home in Solinia
A new boss has been added to the Halloween Dungeon
Some weapons now proc effects on attack
Fixed an issue with skulls
Added natural durability AAs
Removed chat colours from discord bot output
Added a new named mob to the halloween dungeon
fix currentmp spells not using formulas
remove creature requirement for stuns
make shields on 15% effective against melee
make shields not block spells
group teleport spell targets
support translocate spells
do not allow teleport spells on non-group members
Blaze rods now drop on fire elementals in funga
Added new loot drop items to basement mobs in the halloween dungeon
Level 50 mobs now summon
Add support for quest teleport targets
Allow self only spells always
Prevent spells of blindness type from hurting the caster
Enjoy Halloween Double XP and Double Drops until Tuesday October 28, 2017
A special halloween dungeon has been added at the Gates of Haven for Halloween! Speak to Hilda the witch! This dungeon is high difficulty with many nice rewards and limited time only
Cancel magic implemented (minor)
You can now give npcs items for quests
NPCs now award quest items
Quest Flags and Quests statuses implemented
Bard songs have been disabled
Damage now shows in the action bar
Hands are now classed as crushing weapons
Spawngroups now default to a 15 minute respawn
AE target should now also affect the target in question
Wolves should once again be killable
Wizard spells now drop on mobs that are level 20-30
Mez effects should now affect players
Added augmentation items
Mezzed players will now fall to the floor if flying
Reclaim Energy spells should now remove your pet and give a little bit of mana back
Level 1-40 spells added to the website
Some new mobs have appeared in the lost temple
Npcs will no longer aim spells at players they do not have line of sight with
Pets have been updated to try to target a little better
Npcs can no longer enter vehicles
NPC interaction should drop if you enter combat with an npc
Added the /pet back off command (stops a pet attacking something)
Mashim (worldboss) now respawns every 3600 seconds instead of 360 seconds
AA rank spells should now show properly
Targetting self spells should not require looking into the sky
Necromancer cold light spell had been fixed
Invis vs Undead spells added
Bane damage vs Undead added
Invis effects will drop when attacked
Level 20 to 30 spells have been added to the website
Temporary items have been implemented
Chat with npcs will always be treated as local chat
Players can no longer cast stun on themselves
It is no longer possible for players to heal enemies
SummonItem spells for mages have been implemented(edited)
Many new teleport locations has been added to wizards and druid spell lines
Pets have now learned how to cast spells
For Canadian thanks giving xp bonus until monday
The traders of Haven are now offering all level1-10 spells
Haven is now the default spawn point for new players
Spells now use formulas to determine outcome beyond what is listed on the item (Spell: Lifedraw for example does -39 dmg instead of it’s displayed -27 and at higher levels -45dmg)
Many spell abilities have been updated with new values
Items should now update on pickup
Cha spacers have been removed from item info
Buff effects should now increase and decrease in scale dependent on their formula
Spells will no longer show their base value (as it does not reflect the true strength of the spell)
TotalHP spell effects should now apply
STA and TotalHP spells should now drop off a players health successfully after an effect has faded

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