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Patch Notes 16-10-2017

STR, STA, DEX, AGI, INT, WIS, CHA buffs can now be cast on players and will affect damage, hp, proc chances etc
NPCs will also cast these on themselves
Added Warrior, Cleric, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard loot to Clan Grimrock monsters
The traders of Haven are now offering all level1-10 spells
Haven is now the default spawn point for new players
Spells now use formulas to determine outcome beyond what is listed on the item (Spell: Lifedraw for example does -39 dmg instead of it’s displayed -27 and at higher levels -45dmg)
Many spell abilities have been updated with new values
Items should now update on pickup
Cha spacers have been removed from item info
Buff effects should now increase and decrease in scale dependent on their formula
Spells will no longer show their base value (as it does not reflect the true strength of the spell)
TotalHP spell effects should now apply
STA and TotalHP spells should now drop off a players health successfully after an effect has faded
Added the /pet back off command (stops a pet attacking something)
Mashim (worldboss) now respawns every 3600 seconds instead of 360 seconds
AA rank spells should now show properly
Targetting self spells should not require looking into the sky
Necromancer cold light spell had been fixed
Invis vs Undead spells added
Bane damage vs Undead added
Invis effects will drop when attacked
Level 20 to 30 spells have been added to the website
Temporary items have been implemented
Chat with npcs will always be treated as local chat
Players can no longer cast stun on themselves
It is no longer possible for players to heal enemies
SummonItem spells for mages have been implemented(edited)
Many new teleport locations has been added to wizards and druid spell lines
Pets have now learned how to cast spells
Added the /solignore command
Added the /faction command
Added the /title command
Added victory messages on the destruction of world bosses
Fixed bugs with languages
Stopped npcs from casting levitate on themselves
Factions now have opinions of other factions
Chat races are now shown in shorthand (see /who for full racename)
Chat race names now show the races alignment (Green = Good, Yellow = Neutral, Red = Evil)
/gender is now an alias for /setgender
All factions now reward ally/scowls titles
Players can now attack players pets if they attack them
Pet control orbs added to general merchants
Mez effects should now affect players
Added augmentation items
Mezzed players will now fall to the floor if flying
Reclaim Energy spells should now remove your pet and give a little bit of mana back
Level 1-40 spells added to the website
Some new mobs have appeared in the lost temple
Npcs will no longer aim spells at players they do not have line of sight with
Pets have been updated to try to target a little better
Npcs can no longer enter vehicles
NPC interaction should drop if you enter combat with an npc

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