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Patch Notes 28-09-2017

Implemented Spell Resists (Poison, Magic, Disease, Cold, Fire)
Implemented Damage Shield spells
Implemented Disease and Poison Cure spells
Added pet target spells
Added the /pet command
Added Resist Buff spells
Added Resist Debuff spells
Updated to 1.12.2
Added Shadow Step to entity spells
Added the /trance command (meditating without holding shift)
You can now talk to NPCs that have something to say
Pets should no longer randomly attack vendors
Shops have now moved to a NPC chat command (/say shop)
Some large work is being done on AAs but are not yet available to earn (/aa & /toggleaa command)
Added support for group spells
Added Illusion spells
Added the ability to remove beneficial effects from yourself with the /effects command
Magic spells will now register their damage as magic
Shops will now display items in pages of 10
Spells which add weapon procs to all players attack should now function
Weapon procs will now have their chance to fire based on the players dexterity
Welcome back, Olvasound
NPC merchants will now sell you items you have sold them (with their enchantments reset)
Added double attack
Added dodge
Added riposte
ArmorStands no longer give money
See /skills for the levels you get the above skills at (melee only)
Certain classes have received the safefall skill (see /skills)
Paladin, Shaman, Shadowknight, Necromancer tier 3 loot has been added to Funga
Rogue, Warrior, Ranger, Cleric tier 3 loot has been added to Funga
Wizard, Magician tier 3 loot has been added to Funga
Enchanter, Bard, Druid, Monk tier 3 loot has been added to Funga
Paladin, Shaman, Shadowknight, Necromancer, Ranger, Cleric, Magician, Enchanter, Bard, Druid level 20 – 30 spells now drop in funga

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