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February-March 2017 Patch Notes

* Added hitpoints above players head
* Fixed an issue with the /factionstanding command
* Added spell crafting items to mob loot tables
* Adjusted the way skill limits are looked up
* All class quests can now be triggered with no previous requirements
* Block break order has been raised to higher than towny
* Enabled questioner for towny
* The residents of Qylia now cast spells less frequently
* Monsters have found a more efficient way of manipulating ether to cast spells
* The special bow damage bonus should now work
* Monsters should now spawn more efficiently
* Mobs will not attempt to cast on targets that are greater than 10 distance
* The maximum level has been increased to 31
* Items can now contain special resist bonuses
* Spells cast by players and mobs can now be resisted
* Spell types now have a resist type and resist mod
* Updated to the latest spigot
* Adjusted the way some npcs determine if they will aggro an npc
* Resist gear now drops in Grimrock
* Grimrock loot drop chance has been doubled
* An issue affecting resists has been resolved
* You can now use the $itemlink variable in group messages
* Blaze rods, ender eyes and nether warts are now for sale in the Halls of Algar
* Offhand stats should now once again take affect
* Added Lost Cove as a start area
* New items, spell drops added to tutorial
* Added more loot to Lost Cove
* Adjusted factions in Lost Cove
* Added new boss to Lost Cove
* Some residents of Qylia can now bind players
* Players will be rewarded with a sword on choosing their class at the Lost Cove
* The chance of loot has been increased at the Lost Cove
* Some higher tier loot has been removed from the Lost Cove
* A new armour set has been added to Torm Waverider
* Jelran Ironbeard is now located in morheim docks

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