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Changelog Nov 2016 – February 2017

* A new scribe has visited Kalgars Rest with some rare spells – Mixxit
* Changed the way mob health and damage is calculated – Mixxit
* The server allocated ram was changed from 2gb to 8gb – Mixxit
* Made changes to the way spawn groups initially spawn in chunks – Mixxit
* Made most admin commands now usable from the server console – Mixxit
* Mobs can now have a race and profession (future purpose) – Mixxit
* The residents of Kalgars Rest have returned from their holiday – Mixxit
* The goblin raiders of Grimrock have fashioned themselves some new clothes – Argo
* Exarch Baelin now has some free time to accept new members into the priests guild – Mixxit
* Some magical walls that were preventing access to certain areas have been removed – Mixxit
* Fixed an issue where item handins couldnt reward new classes – Mixxit
* Added Tier 1 Knight armor for GoblinWarrior – Tallstrength
* Added Tier 1 Exarch armor for GoblinShaman – Tallstrength
* Added Tier 1 Hunter armor for GoblinCaveRunner – Tallstrength
* Added Tier 1 Arcanist armor for ForgottenElement – Tallstrength
* Fixed flagging issues with exarch questline – Mixxit
* NPCS will now call for aid from their brothers if they share the same faction
* Some administrative commands have got more informative
* Adjusted the way npcs spawn
* Add some flavour npcs
* An additional Goblin Priest has come to assist the Greenskin clan
* Fixed an issue where speaking to a merchant with stacks of soliniaitems would cause a client to disconnect with a json error
* Warg bones are now found more favourable by merchants
* Non-classed players now have a maximum level of 10
* Players will now keep their levels when changing class
* Shop listings should now show a clickable link
* Some rare drop rates have had their chances increased by 4
* Quest steps now can use the ‘triggernoflag’ option to only trigger if a player doesn’t have a specific flag
* Quest steps can now award a player a class
* Quest steps can now require that a player has a specific level of positive faction with the npc’s defined faction
* Mobs with a faction that you are at level of SCOWLING or THREATENING will now attack on sight within 25 blocks
* Added /factionstanding command
* Added new Item creation tools for generating better statted class gear
* Fixed an issue where mobs would aggro without line of sight
* Added health potion to vendor / added support for custom potion items
* Adjusted Player No Entry zones
* Added Vale of Thaal region
* Added Silverlight Village region
* Added some new boundaries
* Fixed issues with NPC disguises
* Added npcedit option upsidedown
* Changed the way invisibility is applied to mobs
* Added /changespawngrouploc
* Added /copynpcsettings
* Added some new spawns/scenery
* Updated core libs to 1.11
* Added dynmap play.fallofanempire.com:8123/#
* Assigned abilities to Knight, Hunter, Arcanist, Exarch
* Renamed campaign2 to world
* Migrated spawngroups
* Updated website to filter out old classes
* Migrated Campaign2 to live server
* Migrated Campaign2 database to live server
* Add new class support to web services
* Added class hp and skill benefits to soliniaplugin
* Completed work on NPCBuy and NPCSell
* Added support for selling non-soliniaplugin items
* Added support for stacks of items
* Migrated creation calls to Entity classes
* Added merchant list container creation
* Added checking that merchant list containers exist
* Added caching for merchant lists and their items
* Added functions to retrieve merchant list items
* Added new commands /AddMerchantItem, /CreateMerchantList
* Updated EditNPC to check assigned merchantlist exists
* Added worth to items
* Added merchant lists to npcs
* Added merchant list definitions for items
* Added shop npc dialogue interaction
* Added stub for npcbuy and npcsell
* Refactored SoliniaData

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