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Changelog 04-06-2016

* Two new quests have been added
* Religion now uses shrines (signs – first line SHRINE OF, second line GODNAME)
* Some religions that used modifydamage have been changed to potion effects
* Loot tables are now more efficient
* A new dungeon has been added to the meroei region
* Quest flags have been implemented
* Quest items have been implemented
* NPC Chat interaction has been added
* Mage pets pvp and pet problems have been resolved
* A new trade area has been added to the meroei lands
* Gold is now the only item that can be sold at highguard
* There has been an increase in town upkeep for larger cities
* It now costs 500 to extend a town
* Town and nation banks can now only store 500,000 (same as player banks)

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