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Quest System Intro

Now that classes and races are coming along well I would like to begin the Epic Weapon Quests and to do that i’ve begun work on the NPC quest system

Currently the design works around npc interactions and can be triggered by the following

  1. You mention something the NPC is interested in when you are talking to them
  2. You hand an item to an NPC that they are interested in

Npc chat is activated by right clicking an npc to begin talking

You type a message and it searches the list of npc responses for that specific trigger word

Trigger word and trigger item example:

You type: Hello NPCA

NPCA: Hello, $name, I’ve heard rumours that the bandits have a hideout in the south of the Angel Isles

You type: What bandits?

NPCA: Some say the bandits come from a distant land called The Thundering Sea. I don’t know why they are here but if they keep attacking our farms we’re soon going to run out of supplies for our settlement and will have to return to HighGuard. If you could find a way of eliminating this threat we would be in endless debt to you $name

You hand in Head of the Lead Bandit to NPCA

NPCA: I knew you could handle this problem $name. It’s not much but I hope this weapon might be of help that our smith made

You receive Exquisite Hammerfield Sword

You receive a quest flag: HammerfieldHero

You receive a new title: the Hero

Flagging System

Some npcs will offer quests that require tracking information and to do this we will use a quest flagging system. The flags will mean that after completeing some quests new quests will open to you. By completing steps such as

killing x number of mobs

visiting an area

speaking to another npc

This allows us to chain quests together into long quests. Particularly since the Epic Quest system will be just that, long and epic it will require many steps and visiting many places

I am away this weekend, but the item handin and chat system has been completed, I just now need to work on flagging and then of course writing quests

Usually with implementing changes like this the hardest part is writing all the quests so maybe we can get the community involved

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