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Dungeon: Ruins of Isilar

ruinsofisilar1 The Ruins of Isilar

The Ruins of Isilar is a level 1-10 dungeon on the western coast of Angel Isles surrounding the Corrupt Vishim start area.

Once home to a fallen lord the Isilar ruins are now home to the Redscar Thieves deep within its vast network of sewers.

The Redscar Thieves Guild is made up of outcasts and degenerates of meroei society and is led by Alvin Bloodblade


Redscar Hunter

redscarhunterThe redscar hunters act as assassins for the Redscar Thieves Guild. The guild makes use of their hunters to eliminate their competition and unfortunate individuals who do not comply with the Redscar Thieves requests.



Redscar Rogue

redscarrogueThe Redscar Rogues make up the main workforce of the Redscar Thieves Guild. They hang around in taverns lightening the load of intoxicated patrons, break into heavily fortified locations to steal valuables and politically embarassing documents and generally any form of light footed shadow crawling work.

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