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Solinia Plugin Progress Report

Considering i started this plugin on the 11th of April I thought i’d give a bit of an update on the status of it and how things are going. I’m suprised just how much code i’ve written in the time since i’ve also been making changes in game at the same time. Overall i’m pleased with the progress and I hope you are enjoying the extra features the server now offers. There is endlessly more I could do and I still have my core goals to complete such as the remaining races/class combinations

Anyway, I figured the site hasn’t had an update in a while so I thought i’d post this!

OOC and IC Channels

This is pretty much done for me and was one of the earliest things I worked on, i would like to add in the future the ability to change channel to group since when I am playing with a friend prepending /g a lot is kind of annoying


I think languages are done as far as I can see, it’s probably the least used feature which is a shame, personally i’d love to remove common tongue but I think that would be too much for our player base but I really do think it would add to the roleplay when you meet foreign races


This was bugged for a while due to the way I split the string but now it’s working as intended

Dice Rolls

This seems to be functioning? Not sure this is used much, I was hoping it would be important part of meta gaming beyond the mechanics of the system


Gender itself is working but I would like to add some restriction systems around gender, ie only female can equip something or use certain abilities. Not on my list of priorities right now and might never make it in the plugin


The core of this is working and seems to be pretty stable, there is some nices to haves like dropping the group when all members have left and being told when you on your own so you dont talk to yourself

Group experience also seems to be working which was an additional feature I added, maybe I can do more with this later on with buffs to a group only (ie teleportation would be this instead of area of effect)


There are alot of races disabled right now but the races I’ve enabled are working fine from my understanding. Racial passives however need some work after modifying the ability/effect system


This needs some work, currently its very simple title system set by an admin but I wanted to have achivement titles so I will come back to this

Skill & Spell System

Well this was definitely the most complex system, it’s had alot of work and seems pretty good on performance. It’s constantly evolving so what can I really say about it, there are a ton of types of spell effects which I could never cover in this post but I hope you are enjoying them and how I am distributing different types across varying classes

Skills themselves are not getting as much love as abilities right now outside of slashing and archery and meditiation but I will definitely be revisiting them, currently I’m working on adding crushing for the new monk class


Class configurations seem to be working well, class only abilities and armour seem to be good, racial class combinations are in and working. Now it’s just a matter of adding more spells for the rest of the classes that are to be added

More soon!

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