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You may have noticed me frequently restarting the server this weekend to work on a new plugin to replace the old unmaintainable disaster that was RPChat/RPItems. I thought i’d use this place to document the changes so you can test them out in game and give me feedback

Ideally the ‘Solinia’ plugin will cover a lot of the original features of RP Chat and be more db driven so Optar can go ahead and modify/add new races without me having to make a ton of code changes every time he wants to make a new feature.

Honestly, these days it’s not often I feel like working on minecraft but when I do it’s a real pleasure to see you all in game and being so dedicated to a world that must have been started 4 or 5 years ago!

Core Features

These are the main features of the Solinia Plugin

OOC and IC Channels [90%]

Players can change between localised area chat and ooc global chat using the /ch ooc and /ch global command

I would like to add quick chat /say and /ooc commands to make it easier to switch

Languages [0%]

Once the chat system is complete, implement racial languages in local chat, this requires on the Skills system

Emotes [99%]

Allow localised emotes with the /me or /emote command. This currently has a slight bug with comma symbols due to an array transformation

Dice Rolls [100%]

Players can roll in localised chat with the /roll <maxnum> or /dice <sides> command

Gender [100%]

Players can tag themselves in chat messages with [M] or [F] using the /setgender command


The grouping system will allow players to join together in a private party, sharing experience and allowing private chat together

Races [90%]

Players can change their race with the /setrace command. This allows players to pick the server defined public races. Additional races can be assigned using the /forcerace command by an Operator

Titles [50%]

Titles can be assigned to players using the /settitle command. This allows a player to display their title in chat messages in gold text

Skill & Spell System [0%]

Skills and spells are passive and active effects that players can perform such as teleporting, speaking a language, casting a spell or executing a melee attack. Most spells and skills are class or race specific except a few such as languages

Classes/Professions [5%]

Players can assign their profession which will allow them to perform various spells and skills. Players can only select one profession to specialise in which promotes grouping. A player can increase their ability in a profession by performing spells, skills and actions

Addon Features

The addon for Solinia Plugin is the main reason I began working on the revamp, but i will explain more on this later

Company System [5%]

Companies are similar to guilds and are formed by outside parties. Each town can choose a specific company to join which will provide various benefits and rewards for completing tasks. All companies compete against each other for resources and political influence

Task System

The task system is a mechanism for company leaders to assign tasks to their workers (towns) – as a task is complete, the company will benefit as well as the worker

Resource System

Companies are able to complete their endeavors by utilising resources which are harvested by their workers (towns)

Trade System

The main focus of a company is to generate profit. To generate profit, companies turn Resources into Goods which they sell

Goods System

Companies are able to design new items via the goods system which they produce from blueprints aquired from resource and using the materials harvested in resources. These goods are then sold on the market to players. New items that have never been created before can flood the world using the goods crafting system

Research System

To create new goods, resources are used to power research. Each item of research that is unlocked progresses the companies ability to manufacture goods

Political/Promises System

To reduce costs and increase profit companies can use their trade power to influence towns to their bidding. Companies use the Political system to make Promises to Towns who join their company. These promises may include guaranteed supply of materials to wage a war, loans to power a cities expansion or technological ‘buffs’ to increase a towns efficiency. Promises last as long as the term is made and cannot be cancelled by the company. The necessary resources are put aside during the start of the promise until the term completes or the town disbands from the company

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  2. Varen 13th April 2016

    This is amazing, dude.
    Kudos to you for doing this, Mixxit!

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