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Nuchalnuth is a huge tropical continent located west from Alatyr. Route to Nuchalnuth was discovered by The Great Ocean Trading Company two months ago and was kept secret to outsiders. There were only 2 expeditions to Nuchalnuth, all unsuccessful. It is believed that Nuchalnuth is a home to ancient spirits that lived here since Mythological Age.

According to stone carvings found in Syndrallion, Nuchalnuth is divided into three main regions:

Skaranach Highlands – mountainous area, northern part of Nuchalnuth.
Jingara – huge plain area stretching from north to south in the eastern part of Nuchalnuth.
Metnalba – dense jungles and tropical islands in the western area of Nuchalnuth.

Skaranach Highlands
According to the wiki:

The highlands differ depending on what area you’re in. The eastern area, connecting to northern Jingara, is quite dry, though notably more hilly. To the West, however, the increasingly hilly terrain holds the clouds coming from the North, and the Western half of the Highlands is actually quite green.

Skaranach Highlands can be further divided into 2 parts – Eastern Skaranach (savanna) and Western Skaranach (heavy forested area similar to Alatyr but more warm (even with subtropical forests)).

Eastern Skaranach

Western Skaranach

According to the wiki:

Jingara is a region of arid, dry scrubland. The hills are low and rocky, and patchy grass sprouts like mangy fur from the landscape. It is the broad, south-eastern portion of Nuchalnuth.

In reality Jingara can also be divided into 2 main parts – northern Jingara and southern Jingara. Northern Jingara is a desert, southern – mesa.

Northern Jingara

Southern Jingara

According to the wiki:

Metnalba is very easy to get lost in. There are some rolling hills, and a mountain rising inexplicably from the depths of the jungle.

Metnalba can be divided into Western Metnalba (jungles) and Eastern Metnalba (tropical, rocky islands).

Western Metnalba

Eastern Metnalba

Notable Places

Natural Town

Source of the spiritual energy in Nuchalnuth. It resembles a town with houses and natural bridges between them. It is unknown whether these “structures” are really natural or they were build by some kind of intellectual beings.

Library of Cosmic Knowledge
Legends tell us about the ancient library where all knowledge in the universe is collected, stored and guarder by an ancient spirit called Nue. This library is buried somewhere underground in Nuchalnuth or it can exist in the spiritual realm on the higher planes of existence. Nue protects his knowledge from beings that want to use it to harm others or bring unbalance to the world. To enter the library you must first find it and then meet with Nue and gain his permission search for knowledge in his library, this is nearly impossible to achieve.

Tomb of the Ancients
Burial mounds used for many bodies of creatures that existed before The Dead Age. This place is probably located somewhere in Eastern Skaranach Highlands. This tomb is an ancient labyrinth that can be freely entered but cannot be exited without the proper artifacts.

The Underworld in Nuchalnuth is a very dark place located beneath mountains that separates Jungles of Metnalba from Skaranach Highlands. This area is isolated from the outside world, this means that it is very difficult to enter it. Not much is known about this place, maybe you can discover more yourself?

Alatyr vs Nuchalnuth

Nuchalnuth is the same size as Alatyr (maybe a bit smaller).

Nuchalnuth haves better caves (created by hand). If you spend the majority of your time mining go to Nuchalnuth.

Alatyr haves better The Underworld. It took me 2 weeks of hard work to create The Underworld in Alatyr, I still consider it to be my best location in Solinia.

Nuchalnuth terrain is more realistic and better textured.

Alatyr haves more different biomes (snowy forests, icebergs, forests, jungles underground), Nuchalnuth haves only tropical biomes, forests and mesa.

Alatyr mountains are bad (You call these silly hills mountains? Really?)

Nuchalnuth haves ultra realistic, natural mountains created using professional software. You cannot even compare mountains in Alatyr with mountains in Nuchalnuth.

-How big is this map?
-3 x 3km. Maybe a bit smaller than Alatyr, size doesn’t matter for me.
-What software have I used for this map?
-World Machine, World Painter, VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, Build Commands, Vue and Chunky for rendering.
-How long did it took for you to make it?
-2 weeks and many months learning World Machine.
-Will this map replace Alatyr?
-No, this is only an expansion.
-Is server powerful enough to double the size of our map?
-This question is for Optar.
-Will we use this map?
-This question is not for me. I have no power here.
-Where can I download it?
-It will be available on PMC even if it won’t be on our server.
-Will there be a video?
-Sadly, but no. Camera studio mod isn’t available for 1.7 yet and I don’t have a computer powerful enough to film something without this mod. Nuchalnuth soundtrack:

Important Information

Release date: TBA


PixelMech for the map she is making. She is also naming locations in Nuchalnuth.
Thorn for creating Nuchalnuth “on paper”.

I hope this map will bring more new and old players to the server. It also gives more room for another project planned by our dev-team.

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